The Orange County Vietnam War Memorial has been two years in the making and is now scheduled for it’s dedication ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 10. This Memorial to the Orange County soldiers who died in Vietnam is a totally private undertaking. It was partially funded by sales of the book “28 Men Fell.” Remaining funding of the project came entirely from private donors. It was constructed utilizing deep discounts from many local vendors and 95 percent volunteer labor and equipment.

The Orange County Vietnam War Memorial is unique from other Vietnam memorials in several ways:

• Individual laser engraved granite plaques for each of the 28 men who died from Orange County. Each plaque has the man’s picture, brief profile and manner of death in Vietnam.

• Original Vietnam War scene murals painted by our very talented local artist, Tom Windham.

• Flying the flag of the extinct Republic of South Vietnam alongside the Stars and Stripes. This is as it was done at military installations in South Vietnam during the war. The yellow and red bars are the basis of the Vietnam Service Medal worn by all those who served there.

The dedication ceremony is scheduled to include remarks by a distinguished retired Sergeant Major who served three tours in Vietnam, the Texas Military Team, a brass band, 21 gun salute, taps and full flag protocols. It is intended as a final tribute to the 28 local men who died in the war of the baby-boomer generation.

The Orange County Vietnam War Memorial is located in the Vidor Lions Club Fields of Freedom Veterans Park – one mile East of downtown Vidor on the I-10 service road.

Workers installed the individual laser engraved hero plaques and ran up the flags for the first time at the Orange County Veterans Memorial, located in the Vidor Lions Club Fields of Freedom Veterans Park.