A local Orange citizen is upset about the impending demolition of what he refers to as an “historical asset” to the community.

Chuck Peterson recently let his feelings known about the former Texas Travel Information Center, also referred to as the Log Cabin, to the Orange City Council. The cabin is currently located near the Orange Animal Shelter located at 808 Simmons Drive.

The Texas Travel Information Center was built in 1936 and was privately owned and was donated to the city in 2004. It was previously at various locations before the final stop in Simmons Drive.

Peterson has offered to have the cabin moved to his property at the corner of Green and Simmons Drive. But, he admits he cannot afford to pay $2,000 for the cost of moving it or for the needed renovations.

The cabin was damaged in 2005 by Hurricane Rita and again in 2008 when Hurricane Ike came to town.

Structurally, the cabin needs repair since one side of the roof is down, Peterson said.

‘Yes, it needs a lot done,” Peterson said. “But, it’s a major historical piece.”

Patterson said it would be a good idea to use hotel/motel tax money for the repairs.

‘It is repairable and removable,” Patterson said.

He suggested after the repairs are done to spray it with chemical which would preserve the wood for many years.

According to Peterson he is not the only citizen who wants to see the cabin repaired. He also thinks the repairs can also be done through private funding such as contributions.

“There is enough people in this town that could have contributed to restoring it,” Peterson said.

However, according to information received from Jay Trahan, director of Economic Development, Hurricane Rita in 2005 caused extensive damage to the structure followed by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The city explored several options for restoring the structure, but it was determined the damage was too severe. As a result, the City Council at the June 25th meeting directed staff to move forward with the demolition and with the recommendation that any logs that are salvageable would be saved and possibly used in a future project. The demolition has been scheduled for the week of July 15.

In addition, the city continues to work on beautification efforts by addressing properties with code enforcement issues, and by the future planting of additional crepe myrtle trees to complement those already planted on 16th Street, Green Avenue and Simmons Drive.

In closing, Peterson said, “Anything made by human hands can be repaired by human hands.”

The Texas Travel Information Center was built in 1936 and was privately owned and was donated to the city in 2004. It was previously at various locations before the final stop in Simmons Drive. During Hurricane Rita in 2005 the cabin received extensive damage to the structure followed by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The city explored several options for restoring the structure, but it was determined the damage was too severe. As a result, the City Council at the June 25 meeting directed staff to move forward with the demolition and with the recommendation that any logs that are salvageable would be saved and possibly used in a future project. The demolition has been scheduled for the week of July 15.