The first royal baby of the Facebook, Twitter age arrived Monday, July 22, 2013. The future monarch, Prince of Cambridge, is the third in line to the throne. If he ever becomes king, it will be far down the road. Approaching her senior years it doesn’t look like the Queen is preparing to give up her crown anytime in the near future. After her, the monarchy passes to Prince Charles, who would someday pass it on to the baby’s father, Prince William. The new prince weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. He arrived at 4:24 p.m. London time, to parents Will and Kate. I don’t know why the boy’s arrival is such a big news item. Every broadcasting and cable channel in the United States went live and stayed there for hours, plus digital content, Twitter reported two million tweets, as many as 25,300 per minute. It’s for sure, this new heir to the throne won’t be raised like his ancestors. On Tuesday the young parents appeared, showed the new prince to the world, then William jumped in a Range Rover and drove his family off. He will share birthdays with actor Danny Glover, singer Don Hanley, Sen. Bob Dole and locally the new prince shares a birthday with Jeff Anderson, Lois Dickey, Rocky DeCuir, Keazie Cappel, Charlie Caples, Jeff Longlois and Page Dohmann. All good Orange County royalty.*****Now I’ve recorded the new birth for history, I best move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



We were sorry to hear about the death of Ange Hebert, age 80, who passed away Saturday, July 20. Funeral service was held Tuesday, July 23, under the direction of Broussard Funeral Home at Wesley United Methodist Church of Beaumont, interment at Hillcrest Memorial Garden in Bridge City. She and Tommy were married 61 years. Ange was the second city secretary at Bridge City, following Mrs. Pat Brandon. She served from 1974 through 1987. Even though she and Tommy moved to Beaumont in 1981. Daughter Sherry Tisdale and husband Bobby live in Bridge City. Their other daughter Resa lives in Beaumont. To Tommy, daughters Sherry and Resa and their families we send our condolences. She was a wonderful lady. May she rest in peace.



Even though Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t admit being a presidential GOP nomination candidate, in an interviewed on one of the Sunday news shows, he didn’t deny it either. He has scheduled an active speaking tour starting with Iowa and already has raised money with speeches to GOP donors. The chances that Cruz could be a serious contender for president are zero. His appeal is limited to Tea Party voters. He has alienated fellow Republicans. He has no charisma which is necessary for a presidential candidate. Unlike Sen. Marco Rubio, Cruz has no solid Latino base. In Texas, in 2012, he received only 34 percent of Latino vote, plus he hasn’t made any friends with Latinos since going to Washington. He introduces bills that hurt Latinos. Cruz has the grassroots on his side but it will buy him about what it did Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain. Cruz doesn’t play well with the middle. He voted against Hurricane Sandy Relief, the violence against women act and even against John Kerry’s nomination. While these positions might appeal to the extremist, they won’t get Cruz support among moderate and independent voters. All presidential elections in the end are decided in the middle. Besides that, he has publicly mocked his fellow GOP lawmakers, including Sen. John McCain. Cruz is smug and condescending. He’s been described as a jerk and having the personality of an oyster. So far, he doesn’t register in national polls. Rubio is the preferred choice with 19 percent, Paul Ryan, 17 percent, Rand Paul, 15 percent, Cruz doesn’t show up. However the Canadian-born Cruz will not face the “Birther” issue. A Tea Party friend of mine insisted to me Ted Cruz would be the next U.S. President. I didn’t argue but I put my thoughts on that in this little space. Remember Cruz is too extreme, too uncompromising and too unlikable to garner a national following. He has no shot at becoming president. To believe otherwise is not being realistic and just wishful thinking. That’s my take so don’t be e-mailing me, it won’t change my speculation.



Seven Years Ago-2006

Morphew E House Inn, 205 College, offers historical bed and breakfast. Owned by Monti and Kelly Morphew, the home was built between 1893-1898 and offers a truly special experience. (Editor’s note: Monti and Kelly still operate this unique bed and breakfast. Ideal for honeymooners, business travelers, or a great get away. Next time you have out of town guest; instead of booking them in a motel give them a real treat at the Morphew Bed and Breakfast.)*****Between five and 6,000 citizens are being killed a month in Iraq. Not by terrorist but in a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis. (Editors Note: We never hear about Iraq anymore, about who came out on top in the aftermath of Bush’s war.)*****Barbara Wingate Marshall, 78, died July 19. Services were held Monday, July 24. ***Willie Mae Curtis Longlois, 85, of West Orange, died July 18. ***Donald Roy Parker, 77, died July 20. ***Jean Broussard Morgan, 91, died July 19. ***Ada Manuel Williams, 97, of Bridge City died July 22. ***L.L. “Mike” Manshack, 88, died July 18. The native of Shelbyville was owner of Manshack and Sons Construction that he started 61 years ago.*****Justice of the Peace Judge Derry Dunn, after having knee surgery, was back at his J.P. office one week later. He doesn’t miss much work, in fact, in 19 years as an LCM educator, he didn’t miss one day of work. He had perfect attendance.*****Jack Pulliam celebrated his 81st birthday July 19.*****John Curtis Brimm graduates from Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, then was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corp.*****Four Bridge City High cheerleaders and their coach Michelle Huff attended Cheer Hawaii U.S. A. Camp in Oahu, Hawaii. They are Taylor Miller, Heather Gisclair, Kylie Simoneaux and Ciarra Jackson. *****Orange County couple Earl and Ruth Davis are in Israel. Every time they hear a siren they head to the bomb shelter. It’s part of life along the Sea of Galilee. The Davis’ retired in Orange seven years ago and moved to Israel where they run the Galilee Study Center. They are the parents of WOS teacher and writer Meri Elen Jacobs. (Editor’s note: I wonder if they are still there.)


37 Years Ago-1976

Duponter Paul Hale and Orange businessman Davis Cooper in hotly contested race for Orange mayor. *****Jo and Ace Amodeo will be married 12 years come August 1. Dennis and Lynn Hall will mark nine years on July 31.*****Wayne Morse, who along with Chief Roberts, is on a diet again will celebrate his birthday on August 2. (Editor’s note: I bet those two old boys would like to recall those days 37 years ago.)*****Crystal Wingate has accompanied her daughter Julie Garcia, 14, to the National Cinderella Teen Beauty pageant in Dallas. Roy stayed behind to cook, baby sit and mind the house. *****Steve Worster, until now a confirmed bachelor, has fallen into the same trap the rest of us have. He announced he would wed Ann Broome on Aug. 27. She is a beautiful East Texas girl from Waskom. *****Judge Graham Bruce fulfilled Att. Charles Sexton’s wishes. Charles had wished for a full day of peace and quite in the county jail to settle his nerves. Well, when Charles acted up in court, Judge Bruce said, “Lock him up.”*****Ken and Judy Wyatt return from a vacation in California. *****Louise Green named city editor at Beaumont Enterprise. *****Jackie Kennedy Onassis turns 47 on July 28. *****Lynn Hall has a birthday coming up this week. *****Danny Brack had a skiing accident over the weekend. *****Bridge City Mayor P.M. Woods is in Houston undergoing medical test. *****Jackie Harmon buys up a tract containing several buildings between 5th Street and 10th Street. The sale involved the Orange Newsstand, attorney’s offices and so-forth. *****The Frank Fincham’s will soon open a delicatessen in downtown Orange. *****Margaret Morris, pretty daughter of Karen and Wayne Morris, was involved in an accident and required plastic surgery. She will need more surgery in three months. *****Mark Dunn covers the Jimmy Buffet and Steve Fromolz concerts for The Opportunity Valley news. Cal Stakes goes along to take photos.*****The property on highway 87, by Patillo Road, is being cleared for Bill Boren to build a warehouse for his drywall service.*****Charles “Pete” Lieby and Jennifer Pausson are wed.*****Bridge City youngsters receiving degrees this week from McNeese are Charles L. Miller, Mary Loid Foster, Patricia Faircloth and Jimmy Dan Roberts.



Ralph Rucker, Margie Stevens, Renee Newson, James Rucker, Judy Batchelor, Lee Harris, Madge Fontenot, Marie Burns, Marsha Brown, Glenda Dickey, Gerald Chandler, Misty Cappel, Mutt Eason, Ryan Kimbrough, Bobby Batchelor, Evelyn Toney, Allison LeLeux, Larry Wingate, Laura Berman, Lisa Simmons, Amber Helm, Blaze Montange, Marie Slaton, Bruce Perkins, Doug Richter, Helen Philen, Joseph Whitehead, Paula Richey, Amber Lingo, Ty Manual, Regina Cameron, Allison Donnell, Angela Rhodes, Chaelynn Wilson, Chris Abshire, Garret Birmingham, Cynthia Helm, Florence Pelham, Hannah O’Grady, Jeff Fruge, Lisa Faulk, Nancy Bourgeois, Rev Leo Anderson, Rollie Allen, Art Miller, Bonnie Sipes, Joe Majors, Laurie Davis, Lisa McCall, Paula Schenider, Ronda Hale, Troy Hillsten, Chris Lopez, Conner Godwin, Daniel Faircloth and David K Boileau.



Our friends Peggy and Richard have opened their second location of their popular restaurant “Peggy’s on the Bayou.” The new location is at 18017 Hwy. 62 South, near Hwy. 105, next to the large “Buckshot” Winfree home. For now their hours will be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but will be open for breakfast soon, with earlier hours. A grand opening is being planned for later in August. Peggy invites you to come out. She will be there to greet you. Same great food.*****Let me apologize to a lot of folks including loyal readers David and Susan Cooper for not running the crossword puzzle the last two weeks. David, a nice guy, is the local customer service technician with AT&T.*****Thanks to our buddy Jesse Domingue, who while traveling through Cajun Country, thought about us and brought back a loaf of thick, crusty, French bread. We missed him when he dropped it off and have been wondering what he’s been up to since retirement.*****Last week, Donna Scales was helping daughter Jackie move. Husband Jimmy got out of it because the dog got sick and he volunteered to take it to the vet.*****David Self Tractor, in Buna, has really been  moving  tractors to Orange County folks. Last Saturday we ran into one of our Mauriceville readers, James Cagle Jr., who was purchasing a great big tractor from George. He’s Constable David Cagle’s cousin. George, David Self Tractor manager, says his mom, at age 83, is still the Shelby County judge’s secretary. He says after all the years the courthouse can’t open without her. That’s a great story.*****No one ever gives a thought to the work a constable does. Believe me, it’s plenty. There is very little down time. One day last week, Constable Mark Philpott thought he was all caught up when in three hours 21 papers to serve came in. He served 19 before going home. If you miss a day, the backlog stacks up. Also, constables serve their court duties and have many evictions in a month. Like Philpott, they also escort funerals. It ain’t no free loaders job.*****Lyndi, the manager at Bridge City Exxon Mobile on Texas Ave. and quite a cupcake herself, makes those great cupcakes with special filling. What a talent. Lyndi has that special whatever. She often has guys stuttering or tongue tied. I like the big cupcakes she makes on Friday.*****Our friends, Sue Simar, got one eye fixed last week and will get the other fixed later. With one good eye, she can see that Tommy is not as handsome as she thought.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays this coming week. On Wednesday, July 24, our sweetheart and Harry’s nurse, Margie Stephens celebrates. Margie is grounded after Harry had knee surgery last week. He came home Friday and is doing well but the therapy is tough. Rehab is not for sissies. ***Also celebrating on July 24 are the Rucker boys, Ralph and James, Renee Newson, Lee Harris and Madge Fontenot. ***On July 25, Glenda Dickey, sister of author Sylvia Dickey Smith, is a year older. Also Gerald Chandler, Penny’s friend, Ryan Kimbrough and the Farmer’s Insurance agent Larry Wingate ages another year. ***On July 27, the Beltone man and amateur photographer Ty Manuel, son of the late Dick Manuel, celebrates on this day. Also on this day Lisa Simmons, Bruce Perkins and Marie Slaton also celebrate. ***On July 28, it’s Blaze Montagne’s 14th birthday. Hard to believe. The first grandchild of the Johnny Montagne’s son of Heather, it seems to me that he started school just a couple of years ago. In just a few years however, he’s experienced a lot of life hanging out with his grandfather Johnny.***Also celebrating this day are Allison Donnell and Chaelynn Wilson.***On July 29, school teacher Lisa Faulk celebrates, also our friend of near 60 years, Dr. Joe Majors, reaches another milestone. The doctor and Mary moved to College Station a few years ago. Joe was a pioneer Bridge City dentist and Rotary Club charter member. My guess is Joe is 80, maybe plus. On this day also the late Rev. Leo Anderson would have marked another birthday. “Rev” died way too young.***On July 30, celebrating are Ronda Hale, Conner Godwin, Daniel Faircloth and Lisa McCall. Happy birthday to all and best wishes. Please see complete birthday list.*****Orange County native, coach Bum Phillips, is due to go home to Goliad from a Victoria health facility this week. He’s been laid up this past month.*****Henry Bailey, son of Rob and Sue Bailey, has written a book titled, “The Secret of Indian Island.” The book was edited by our own Nicole Gibbs and Penny Leleux will be doing the review. I’ve just started the book.*****Tina Turner, age 73, celebrated her marriage Saturday to 57-year-old German music executive Erwin Bach at her Swiss lakeside estate, near Zurich. Among the 120 guests were David Bowie and Oprah Winfrey.*****Atlanta Falcon kicker Matt Bryant, Bridge City native, was in town last week. Matt has been selected as one of the Falcons team captains.*****Helen Thomas, 93, the first woman to serve in the White House Press Corp, died last week. The journalist had covered ten presidents. She backed down from none of them. We may never see her likes again. *****Let me remind you of a great place to get a good sandwich. My favorite is chipped beef, on a sour dough bun, at Muddy Waters Marina, on DuPont Drive, next to Sneed Shipyard. Ike and Linda serve good food, breakfast and lunch. Eat there or order out. Bring four of those chipped beef back to the office, the employees will love you.*****Among several bills Houston area congressman Steve Stockman voted against last week were assurances that students with Autism and other disabilities will receive a normal education and a background check to prevent the hiring of individuals convicted of sex crimes in schools. I don’t believe he has ever voted for a bill that will become law.*****George P. Bush seeks to follow grandfather George H. Bush, uncle George W. Bush and father Jeb Bush into politics. Bush, 37, is part Latino and is running for Texas Land Commissioner. He is a unique blend of Republican royalty and Hispanic heritage. His mother Columba is from Mexico. That will help in a state that inevitable demographic see it sliding towards a Democratic leaning state. I say probably in two election cycles. *****A Sunday report says justified homicides have gone up since “Stand Your Ground” laws. If Trayvon Martin would have been of age to carry a gun, he could have shot George Zimmerman because he felt threatened by Zimmerman following him. Give credit to President Obama in personally talking to the nation last week and probably preventing a lot of violence. Peaceful demonstrations were held in 100 cities. History will record that personal appeal with no tele-prompters or written speeches. By the way, Charles Barkley has made more sense then anyone else I’ve heard about the Zimmerman case.*****Mark your calendar for the big Super Bingo, Friday, Aug. 2, at Cotton’s Corner Bingo, in Vinton.



Pastor Gaspard was presenting a children’s sermon him. During the sermon he axe da chillun if dey knew wat da resurrection was about. Axeing questions during a sermon is sometime crucial but at da same time, axeing chillums questions in front of a congregation can be very dangerous. 

Brother Gaspard axe da young’uns if dey knew da meaning of da resurrection, dem? 

“Tee-Not” Dartez raised his hand and Pastor Gaspard called on him.

“Tee-Not” said, “I know me dat if you got a resurrection dat last more dan four hours, you suppose to call da doctor.”

(Editor’s note: It took over ten minutes for the congregation to settle down from their laughter and for worship service to continue. From the mouth of babes often comes surprises.)



Well, I’ve come to the end of another column and will tie up loose ends. Big news out of Orangefield is that coach and athletic director Josh Smalley has landed a big fish to coach his girl’s basketball team. Former University of Texas Pan-American coach, Dennis “Denny” Downing, a successful coach and native of Enid, Okla., will take over the Lady Bobcats program. A small time boy, Coach “Denny” found just the place to his liking. He won’t find better fans either.*****I’m sure during my long life I’ve witnessed this before but I don’t recall. It’s someone dying on the same day of their birth. John W. Lee, 38, who was recently murdered by his stepson, was born on July 19, 1975 and died July 19, 2013. Some years down the line people will look at his marker and think it was a printing error.*****Happy 53rd anniversary to Lynda and T.D. Permenter and also congrats to little brother Bobby and Barbara Permenter on 51 years.*****As I rushed to close out this column our friend John Smith, the attorney, stopped by dressed in his workout clothes. I just shut down. I enjoy visiting with Jack that much. He always has a couple of good stories, plus the Orange native knows a lot of history. I learned that Barbara Mulhollan was his childhood next door neighbor and that he and attorney Sharon Bearden grew up like brothers and are still that close.*****Anthony Weiner, candidate for New York Mayor, sticks it out again after resignation from congress. He admits guilt but won‘t quit the race. Will New Yorkers elect him? Time will tell.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet Wednesday at Novrozsky’s and back to Robert’s next. It’s a great opportunity to visit with down-to-earth folks and also have a great lunch. Everyone is welcome.*****Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover, support our family of advertisers and tell them we sent you. Take care and God bless.