Officers with the Orange Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between July 16 and July 23:

July 16:
Traffic arrest/possession of controlled substance, 400 Old Hwy. 90 E, Vidor
Assault, 18017 S. Hwy. 62, Orange
Credit card abuse, 5650 N. Main St., Vidor
Fraud, 7844 Juanita St., Orange
Missing person, 1170 Central Dr., Vidor
Death investigation, 235 Self St., Vidor

July 17:
Burglary of motor vehicle, 180 Shannon Rd., Vidor
Theft, 3932 FM 1078, Orange
Theft, 8137 N. Linscomb, Vidor
Death investigation, 190 greathouse St., Vidor
Disturbance, 7641 Head St., Orange
Disturbance, Little Cypress Dr./Little Cypress Baptist Church, Orange

July 18:
Assault/family violence, 4050 Lakeview Cutoff St., Vidor
Traffic arrest/suspicious vehicle, Four Oaks Ranch Rd., Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 2870 Call St., Vidor
Possession of controlled substance/public intoxication, 205 Border St., Orange

July 19:
Disturbance, 4061 Ella Ln., Vidor
Burglary of building, 4295 W. Sutton, Vidor
Theft/205 Border St., Orange (2 reports)
Credit card abuse, 6009 Fawn, Orange
Threats, 4457 S. Hwy. 87/Mobil Estates, Orange
Disturbance, 14286 IH-10 W., Orange

July 20:
Child abuse, 7210 Hwy. 12., Vidor
Criminal mischief, Zavalla Rd./Mauriceville Municipal Utility District, Orange
Assault, Regina St., Vidor
Assault, 18017 S. Hwy. 62/Norton’s RV Park, Orange
Credit card abuse, 1071 North St./Texas Star RV Park, Vidor
Suspicious vehicle, 3710 N. Tram Rd., Vidor
Death investigation, 1880 Evangeline Ln., Vidor

July 21:
Disturbance, 2455 Hwy. 1131, Vidor
Disturbance, 17782 FM 105, Orange
Disturbance, 360 Sawmill St., Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 18430 S. Hwy. 62

July 22:
Theft, 5638 S. Patillo Rd., Orange
Theft, 4849 Turner Rd., Orange
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 1515 Ogden Dr., Vidor
Disturbance, 5599 JB Arrington Rd., Orange
Disturbance, 4450 Revere Ln., Vidor
Burglary of habitation, 2843 Dewitt Dr., Orange
Sexual assault, Isabell Dr., Orange