It’s come on another week; late July is hot and dry. Back in April I predicted we would have a very hot summer with little rain because of our area being dominated by a high pressure dome. I said then the down side would be miserable heat, with little moisture, the upside would be no fear of a hurricane coming our way. High pressure acts as a shield against a major Gulf storm. As bad as we hate our stuff burning up it’s a good trade off. Let’s hope a high pressure continues to dominate 60 more days, through September, and we would have dodged the vast destruction of another hurricane that year after year threatens our coast. We choose to live here because of all the many benefits. We’ve had many destructive storms in my lifetime. I’m sure we will witness others; it’s our way of life. Some have tornados, floods and fires; we deal with sweating out the arrival of named storms. Don’t complain too much about the hot and dry because high pressure is our friend. We need it to hang around until October. *****Best get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


We were sorry to hear of the death of Claude Thompson, 94, who passed away at his home July 27. A graveside service was held Tuesday, July 30. He was the father of coach Cornel Thompson. We send our sincere condolences to Coach Thompson and his entire family. Please see obituary.


My problem with President Obama and the Congress is that they haven’t passed a real jobs bill. If Congress would have passed the jobs bill two years ago our country would be booming. It’s a crying shame that Congress would kill job creation and improving the economy. When the President came into office we were losing 800 thousand jobs a month. It’s much better but a far cry from what it could be.


United States consumers again bare the blunt at the pump with way too high gasoline prices. First Big Oil said the reason for the escalating gas prices was the high demand in Europe. Next they said it was because refineries were shut down for annual maintenance. Now they say it’s because there isn’t enough pipe lines to carry the raw oil to the plant. I’m not buying any of it. It’s vacation time, parents taking children on traveling trips, and oil companies are making more profits. The U.S. is producing more oil and gas than ever in history. Before 2001, gas never reached $2 a gallon, since 2003, it never has been below $2 per. That item alone is hurting consumers more than any other. Oil stocks and profits continue to rise. Government needs to step it up.


14 Years Ago-1999

It’s 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning on this late July day. Tee Bruce is on KLVI radio with his Cajun show playing a peppy song for A.J. Judice. At 7:30 a.m., Rev. Leo Anderson comes on KOGT radio, followed by Rev. Dewitt Rainwater. Roy and Neighbor Cox sit at the spool table, under the Hackberry tree, at the Creaux’s Nest. Roy complains about how messy the bird is, scatters his food all over the floor. It’s a nice morning, 69 degrees and a slight breeze. Sherlock Breaux starts another weekly column. Cox’s garden made a good crop but it’s all but done, only a few cucumbers remain.*****In her column Vickie Parfait recalls the life of Virgie Mansfield Scales, born in 1912, in Duncan Woods, Orange County, Texas. Her parents Bosie and Metina Mansfield were Orange County natives and early pioneers of the area. Her paternal grandfather, Dr. Guy Mansfield, was the son of Dr. Sylvester Mansfield, the first M.D. in Beaumont. Virgie said in the column, “We were rich compared to most. I never knew there was a depression.” Virgie is 87 years old. She is the sister of former county commissioner Asa Mansfield. (Editor’s note: Today Ms. Virgie is 101 years old and has quite a life’s story.)*****H.K. “Knox” Clark had prostate surgery last week. *****Amber Dunn is working at the Louis Dugas Law Firm trying to decide if she wants to be a lawyer or a doctor. (Editor’s note: One summer working for Louis made up her mind. She chose the medical field. It took 14 years to become a specialist. Today she is an anesthesiologist in Youngstown, Ohio. She says, “Thanks to Mr. Dugas, I made the right decision.”)*****Jeff Wright is the new baseball coach at West Orange-Stark. He also is the tight end football coach.*****A 40 year old Bridge City woman, Peggy Costen, is in Methodist Hospital in Houston after suffering a stroke July 14. She is paralyzed from the armpits down. In 1971, Peggy retired from her position as a liberian at Bridge City High School. She and husband Robert are members of Second Baptist Church. They have two daughters, Stacey Crumpler and Tina Stanton. (Editor’s note: That was 14 years ago. I’m wondering if Peggy ever recovered are what became of this good lady?)

34 Year Ago-1979

Sheriff Ed Parker receives a state award at a ceremony in the jail. The Orange County jail, completed Sept. 30, 1978, is the only jail in the state to meet all standards. The jail also has a full-time nurse. *****Gary Worster, 21-year-old son of R.B. and Louise, brother of Steve and father of one son lost his life in a motorcycle/auto accident Thursday, Aug. 3. Gary was a BC football star recruited by Lamar. *****Judy Peabody is sales manager at Bickham Lincoln Mercury. *****Fanny Beaty is seen scooting around town on a yellow moped. *****Joe Kazmar makes a 200-yard hole-in-one at the DERA Par 3 17th hole with a #5. *****Rush Wood is selected sports information director at Lamar U. *****John Smith, co-owner of Smith Lee Olds-Cadillac-Toyota, is jogging and dodging food. He’s lost several pounds and can get in last year’s jeans.*****Sammie Perkins and son Chad both celebrate birthdays on Aug. 6.*****Juliette Patton and daughter Janet both celebrate birthdays this week.*****Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lackey celebrate their eighth anniversary. They have three children, Tommy, Timothy and Terry. *****A big day is coming Aug. 13. That’s Janet and James Fontenot’s anniversary. (Editor’s note: I’m not sure which one that is but it’s 34 more today.)*****Vickie Drake is engaged to Frank Brown, son of Edgar and Betty Brown. Frank, who has a doctorate, is now teaching at the University of Texas. The couple plans a December wedding. (Editor’s note: Frank is now at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where the Browns live.) *****Frank Manchac Jr. will wed Laura Ann Pachar on Aug. 18. Her uncle, Neal Miller, will give the bride in marriage. *****Karen Leslie Smith becomes the bride of Mark Hryhorchuk. Both attended Texas A&M. *****Bill and Patsy Nacol leave BC for Lafayette. They are opening a jewelry store there. *****Doug Ballard is home from the hospital were he was treated for spinal meningitis. *****Neal Bond has surgery and is still hospitalized. *****Lou and Arval Hebert have new twins, Michael and Anna. Mason Hebert is the proud grandfather.*****Top Country songs are #1, “You’re the Only One” by Dolly Parton; #2, “Coca Cola Cowboy” by Mel Tillis; #3, “Suspicious” by Eddie Rabbit; #4, “Save the Last Dance for Me” by Emmylou Harris; #5, “Family Tradition” by Hank Williams Jr.; #6, “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Johnny Cash.*****Carol Storvinon is a good poet who has been publishing some lately.

79 Years Ago-1934

Julius David, only 15 years old, made a hole-in-one at Sunset Grove Country Club. He made it on Number 12, using a 5-iron. *****W.L. Shepherd contests the election returns in two boxes. He was defeated by Charles Cottle in the tax assessor’s race. *****A reward of $5000 is issued for the arrest of John Dillinger’s Five Mad Dogs. They are John Hamilton, Charles Floyd, “Baby Face” Nelson, Homer VanMeter, Richard and “TallmanGalatas. *****Funeral services are held for Arthur S. Bancroft, 82, Orange County pioneer.


Jane Duchene, Anthony Bowman, Kimberly Sieck, Laci Braus, Mary Bradford, Mildred Hudson, Nancy Lancaster, Wayne Sanders, Zeb Lowe, Brittany Newman, Debbie Moerbe, Judy Chandler, Marie Pittman, Catherine LeBlanc, Megan Vogt, Melba Flippen, Ruby Parks, Tana Thompson, Yvonna Boehme, Megan Leleux, NaNa Foster, Joyce Dubose, Nathanishe Foster, Sherri Christiansen, Stump Weatherford, Travis Fields, Ayden Sanders, Chloe Halliburton, Cody Hollis, Debbie Desper, Joe Elam, Diane Bechard, Diana Tally, Elizabeth McBride, Glenda Delano, Lacey Monceaux, Marilyn Snider, Pat Beardin, Ruth Stone, Bob Gephart, Dena Cox, Ethel Hicks, Frank Wiegreffe, Pat Brandon, Jean Ousley, Jarrod Vogt, Jeannette Edwards, John Harrington, Kody Fisette, Vickie Wells, Ann Collins, Cetha Haure, Claire Williams, Frances Reid, Katelyn Defrates, Mike Shahan, Lucille Richey, Arleen Pryor, Micah Satir, Sylvia Bickham, Nan Briggs, Paul Jagen, Garhett Bonneaux, John Holm, Mike Preston, Mitzi Peoples, Pam Boehme, Randy Hickox, Sarah Fisher, Sleepy Smith, Sonya Villanoueva, Anita Decker, Jill Rowley, Melanie Braus, Gladys Ousley and Clare Calahan.


Congrats to Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Trent Manuel, place kicker, who has been offered a full ride scholarship at McNeese. He is a senior at LC-M. Trent has worked out with pro-kicker Matt Bryant. Dad Ty and the family have reason to be proud of this young man. Best of luck with the Bears this season.*****“Neighbor” Cox had been batching it for a couple of weeks but Ms. Ginny, with daughter Karen Duplichain, who will stay for a few days, is back home. Cox couldn’t be happier. His bride of 65 years on Oct. 2, and his baby girl are home. It’s better than Christmas. He said the Lord never intended for him to be a bachelor. *****A few inquires have come in asking about our friend Don Harmon. Well, he’s still fighting the battle. Some days are better than others but full recovery still has a long way to go. Your prayers would be appreciated. Please put him on your prayer list. *****Our buddy Jimmy Dillon, who recently had kidney transplant, numbers are constantly getting better. His wife Renee says the folks in Houston said, “The kidney acts like it was made just for him.” That’s great news. Jimmy is one of the great guys who deserves a break.*****Karen Jo said she visited with Judge Janice Menard who says her sister Mildred Lemoine is getting stronger every day. She said her mother always said, “Take your life one day at a time and put a smile on your face.” Judge Janice said she never thought she’s quote her mother as much as she does. Mildred has come a long way from the critical list. We pray for her continued improvement. *****Our prayers are with Lou Raburn today. Joe was in very grave condition and was called home Tuesday evening. May God bless him. *****The Bridge City High School classes of 1963-1964 will hold a class reunion Sept. 22 through 25. For more information contact Vincent Hannegan at 735-2033. (Editor’s note: You guys are soon going to be senior citizens.)*****It’s hard to believe 34 years have gone by since Gary Worster, 21, was killed in a motorcycle/truck accident on Thursday, Aug. 3, 1979. His parents, R.B. and Louise Worster have since died. Gary’s only sibling, brother Steve, still lives in Bride City, the town he made famous. Gary also left a son who is probably in his mid 30s today. The speed of time is mind boggling. *****After staying away for eight years, Oprah Winfrey will appear on the David Letterman show Aug. 1. Only her second time. It signals a burying of the hatchet after a 16 year feud. *****St. Mary’s Catholic School, in Orange, has a new principle. Donna Darby is looking forward to the new school year. She and Craig have two boys, Coy, 8 and Clay 5. Mrs. Darby has been in education 14 years and has two Masters Degrees in administration and counseling. She also is a licensed professional counselor. Our congratulations and best wishes. *****A few local folks celebrating birthdays this week. On July 31, Laci Braus, Mildred Hudson, Marie Pittman, Nancy Lancaster and Wayne Sanders all celebrate.***On Aug. 1, Melda Flippen, Catherine LeBlanc, Ruby Parks, Tana Thompson, Megan Leleux and NaNa Foster are all a year older.***On Aug. 2, a nice lady and longtime friend Joyce Dubose racks up another year. Also on this day she and John mark 45 years together. Joyce can tell you what it’s like to live with a workaholic. Congrats and best wishes for many more healthy, happy years.***Also on Aug. 2, a good guy, Judge Roy Derry Dunn, Pct. 2 Justice, marks another step up the ladder of life. He will celebrate by kayaking with his two boys down a fast, northwest river. Ms. Jane buy insurance on the guy. ***Also celebrating this week is the lion tamer, Stump Weatherford, who was fortunate enough to marry Dayle Gunn a few years ago and she hasn’t run him off yet.***Chloe Halliburton also marks his birthday.***On Aug. 3, Elizabeth McBride, Joe Elam, Glenda Delano, Lacey Monceaux, Dena Cox and Evelyn’s mom, Pat Brandon, first Bridge City secretary celebrate. On Aug. 4, John Harrington, a Jack of all trades, the Mayhaw man and Doug’s cousin celebrates. They are two different peas in the same pod. John is as ultra conservative as Doug is liberal.***Also celebrating Aug. 4, is Kody Fisette, Ann Collins, Claire Williams and Jeannette Edwards.***Celebrating on Aug. 5 is everyone’s friend, Dr. Mike Shahan, president of Lamar Orange. He was much younger when we first met him but Doc has aged well. ***Also marking this day is Nan Briggs, Sylvia Bickham, Arleen Pryor, Mitzi Peoples, Paul Jagen and Mike Preston.***Aug. 6 is a special day for two of Orange County’s older characters, Sleepy Smith, the real estate man, admirer of beautiful women and one of the pillars at McDonald Baptist. ***Joining Sleepy is the singing troubadour Robert Carpenter, writer of songs, who never saw anything he wouldn’t bet on. Also joining those two duds is pretty Pam Boehme, Anita Decker, Sarah Fisher and Melanie Braus.*****Henry Ford, the man who changed America, would be 150 years old on July 30. He was born in 1863. When Ford’s Model T first hit the streets in 1908, America was rural, a nation powered by horses and steam. On the first contentiously moving auto assembly line, in 1914, a Model T came off the line in 24 seconds. When the last Model T came off in 1927, 15 million had been manufactured. Henry Ford made America a smaller place. Bill Gates and the internet made the world an even smaller place. Who will control the universe? Happy birthday Henry. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. A great bunch of community minded folks breaking bread and sharing their thoughts of the day. Next week, the Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s. Everyone is welcome. No dues, no speeches. *****By the way, does anyone know what became of Yank Peveto, Phillip Welch and Cochise? *****We got an email yesterday from longtime Bridge City educator Joe Chenella. He sent a picture taken at A&M of a big poster with the picture of Taylor Swift and the words of her song, “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back TogetherBig XII. Joe says “Aggie’s feel pretty strong about SEC. *****If you ever picked cotton, not pulled bolls, you are at least 70 years old. The cotton picking machines came in the 1950’s and the cotton sack was put away for good. Judge Pat Clark said he picked cotton in East Texas one summer. That convinced him to get an education. Roy writes about those August cotton picking days in South Louisiana in this week’s Down Life’s Highway column, dedicated to Annie Hargrave, who asked for it.*****If you haven’t tried Peggy’s Off the Bayou, the second location for Peggy’s on Hwy. 62, you won’t find a better burger anywhere. Peggy is also famous for her gumbo and down-home Cajun cooking. If you are near Norton’s R.V. Park it’s a great place to get lunch or dinner.*****Mickey Litton Tompkins, longtime court reporter and everyone’s sweetheart, retired last Friday from the 163rd District Court as Judge Powell’s court reporter. The daughter of Moe and Helene Litton could write a book about the things she witnessed in her long career. Not only in the court room but also as Rep. Wayne Peveto’s right hand in Austin. During those years she met the real political power brokers. She also got to know a young, upcoming politico, Karl Rove, who later became President George W. Bush’’s brains. I don’t know what her plans are but she has our best wishes and luck at whatever the future brings.


Clovis Landry, him, was speeding from Church Point to Eunice, when a peace officer turn on his siren and bubble and pull Clovis over. 

Clovis, him, he jumped out of his car and he say, “Officer, me, I can explain.”

Officer Broussard said, “Jus be quiet, you, I’m going to let you cool you heels in da jail until da Chief gets back, him.”

Clovis, he’s nervous, him, he says, “But Officer, I jus wanted to say….”

“I tol you to shut up and be quiet. Now for sure you going to jail,” said Officer Broussard.

A few hours went by and da officer, him, looked in on his prisoner and said, “It’s lucky for you, Clovis, dat da Chief is at his daughter’s wedding. He’ll be in a good mood, him, when he gets back.”

Clovis, him, he speaks up, “Don’t count on it, I’m da groom, me.”


I’ve received several inquiries about what I think of the local political musical chairs being played. It’s early and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say in time. My longtime friend Kenneth Young, who is the Godfather of the conservative movement in Orange, was Republican when Republican wasn’t cool. Members were so few they could meet in a closet. Ken says for the first time he will be voting against some candidates running under the Republican banner. “Liberals in sheep’s clothing,” he says. “Hypocrites” his words not mine. My thoughts are that local government has nothing to do with national or state political parties. Locally, on school boards, city government, port, drainage district, county government, it’s who has the best interest in the citizens and who the voters believe will do the best job. It’s not if they like are dislike Rush Limbaugh or Barack Obama. Some folks are in for a big surprise. The straight party voting of the last election, a vote strictly against President Obama, won’t happen again. He’s done; he’s history on the ballot. Greg Abbott, who is getting heat from his own party, will be at the top of the ticket. Believe me, he won’t create much excitement. Half the voters that turned out in the last election to vote against Obama will not return to the polls. If Sen. Wendy Davis runs for a statewide office other than governor she will stop a lot of straight party voters. The whole switch deal is foolish. We have some good local office holders who ran under one brand and have changed their brand but they are still the same.  Here’s a point of interest. I know some Democratic office holders that never voted for Obama ad I know some candidates running as Republicans that were early supporters of Obama, even against Hillary. That’s what Kenneth Young was talking about. I say when it comes to local government it doesn’t amount to a can of beans because neither local party has anything to do with national or state government. Vote for the best candidate regardless of party. That’s what local government is all about. Both national parties do a bad enough job running the nation. We certainly don’t need either one’s policies in local government. The Republican congress has a 12 percent favorability while President Obama is below 50 percent. Keep local government local; don’t buy into the trap of national politics. Judge the candidates, not which banner they are running under. *****Well, I said way more this early than I intended to. We have some great office holders in this county, Democratic and Republican, and it concerns me that they are forced to choose in order to get elected. There’s something bad wrong with that. Well, I’ve got to get out of here. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless