Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s office responded to the following calls between July 23 and July 30:

July 23:
Attempted theft, 7828 Garrison Rd., Orange
Suspicious vehicle, 4295 W. Sutton Dr., Vidor
Cruelty to animal, 1085 Concord St., Orange
Theft, 483 Boone Rd., Vidor
Suspicious person, 4570 Meadowbrook St., Vidor
Death investigation, 14161 Mansfield Ferry Rd., Orange

July 24:
Welfare concern/death, 1240 Randy, Vidor
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 4574 Elk Dr., Orange
Possession of controlled substance, 100 Morrell Blvd., Orange
Disturbance, 1100 Aery Rd., Vidor

July 25:
Burglary of habitation, 5890 Church House Rd., Orange
Disturbance/family violence, 2690 Barbara St., Orange
Fraud, 715 Spoonemore Rd., Vidor
Cruelty to animal, Claiborne Park
Burglary in progress, 150 N. Merlin, Orange

July 26:
Runaway, 222 Gum Hill Rd., Bridge City
Death investigation, 1915 FM 1078, Orange
Burglary of building, 469 W. Freeway Blvd., Vidor

July 27:
Death investigation, 3418 Beadle Rd., Orange
Criminal mischief, 1975 Main St., Vidor
Shooting, 6490 Chandler, Vidor
Debit card abuse, 1658 Bluebonnet St., Vidor
Assault/public intoxication, 3332 Stuart Dr., Orange

July 28:
Burglary of habitation, 302 Strapper St., Bridge City
Assault, 3695 Monroe St., Vidor
Disturbance/burglary of building, 2565 Caney Creek Rd., Vidor
Disturbance/assault arrest, 1335 Concord St., Vidor
Assault/family violence, 3630 Fishhook Rd., Orange

July 29:
Burglary of building, 5830 N. Main St./Northstar Children‘s Center, Vidor
Runaway, 9420 Old Hwy. 87, Orange
Sexual assault, Texas City
Theft, 2309 N. Oilla Rd., Orange
Death investigation, 150 Northwood Dr., Vidor
Missing person, 500 E. Freeway, Vidor