H.W. “Chief” Wilson, coach at Bridge City from 1962 to 1973, died Sunday at age 86. Chief and his Cardinal squad played for the state championship in 1965 and won it in 1966. A player he developed, Steve Worster, became an All American high school player and also All American at the University of Texas. Chief quit coaching after his 1973 season. He felt strongly that this was the team that would return Bridge City to a state championship. Only one team from each district could advance and West Orange beat Bridge City in the last game of the season. Bridge City had a 14-14 tie with Jasper and that tie knocked the Cardinals out of the playoffs. B.C. had done the same to undefeated West Orange in 1972. The pay back hurt. Chief took a job created for him at B.C. for a few years. On a personal note, we knew Chief well away from football. I’m not sure if Chief was a journalism student at SFA but he loved the newspaper business. When it wasn’t football season Chief would occasionally hang out till about 10 p.m. on Monday night at the Opportunity Valley Newspaper and watch us put the paper together. It was quite different in those days than it is today. We printed on Tuesday morning.

It was no surprise to me that Chief requested no obituary or visitation, just a simple funeral to be held Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2 p.m. in College Station. It is typical Wilson, simple, no frills. His death however, affects more people than Chief could have imagined. Mark Dunn, who was a three year player for Coach Wilson and was on his last 1973 team, says Chief started the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in area high schools. I believe there are still a couple hundred former players left in the area, including many off the state’s championship teams. Jim Crossland, coach at LC-M, and Chief had coached together for Bum Phillips at different schools. Bum and Chief were teammates at SFA. Crossland also was fond of newspapers and for several years wrote a column for the OVN. He joined Chief and introduced the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at LC-M.

Chief Wilson was a quite man. A native of Orangefield, he played high school football at Stark High and often walked home to Orangefield after football practice. Don’t miss Gabe Pruett’s feature story on this good man. He and Steve put Bridge City On the map.


The United States Congress is on vacation this week. Before leaving they accomplished absolutely nothing besides wasting time again voting to repeal the health reform law. They simply chewed up valuable hours they could have put to better use. Unless the law is defunded, they will block a measure to keep the government operating after Sept. 30. That’s a delusional threat doomed to failure. Also as a matter of public relations, a Republican induced government shutdown would spook the financial markets, hurt a still fragile economy and a GOP inspired shutdown would wound the party’s brand. A new poll shows the Republican led congress with a low eight percent approval. For all their demands for repeal, congressional Republicans have never produced a creditable alternative. The congress should have been working to improve the Affordable Care Act rather than wanting to shut down the government. Sen. Ted Cruz and his dozen allies are desperate to stop reform before it goes into effect Oct. 1. Because once the people find out it’s not the freedom-robbing boogieman they have been selling, it will be too late. Obama Care might actually become popular. Even though the law is far from perfect, it’s much better than doing nothing. Obama Care will insure that 50 million people with no health care will be covered. The “doughnut hole” for six million seniors will be closed. The law protects people with pre-existing conditions, plus 17.6 million children. Under Obama Care parents can keep their college age and young adult children on their insurance until they reach 26 years of age. It’s been proven in the long run that Obama Care will actually save money. Ted Cruz and about a dozen of his followers and the 60 Tea Party members in congress, including Sen. Steve Stockman, are pushing to “defund or else.” Republican Rep. Tom Cole says “Shutting down the government will cost the Republicans the majority in the house.” Sen. Richard Burr–R says, “It’s the dumbest idea I had ever heard.” Sen. John McCain–R declared, “Most Americans are really tired of those kinds of shenanigans. It’s the wrong way to run a government and very dysfunctional.” When the congress returns they will have only nine days to raise the federal debt limit or cause a government shut down that will hurt everyone from the soldier to the senior citizen, who lives on monthly checks. Time will tell if the radicals will engage in hostage taking attempts.


The U.S. should be hit by two hurricanes this season according to a new forecast released last week. One of the hurricanes should hit the east coast and the other somewhere along the Gulf coast, anywhere from Florida to Brownsville. On average the east coast gets hit every other year, the gulf coast once every year. The forecast comes from a new computer model, “The Hurricane Genesis and Outlook” dubbed “HUGO Project.” In addition to the seasonal outlook, the new model system will also predict the track and intensity of any incoming hurricane five days away from landfall, much the same as the National Weather Center does now. However, the HUGO model system will provide specific data on likely storm surge and inundation as a hurricane approaches, including time, location and likely water depth along the coastline. My belief is that if a storm enters the Gulf it will make landfall to the point of least resistance. It’s sucked into where the lowest pressure is. High pressure blocks a storm. For that reason I don’t see a hurricane coming to our part of the Gulf this season.


6 Years Ago-2007

Tony Houseman beat cancer for over 10 years. Surgery and pain didn’t stop him. He never complained. Tony finally lost the long battle and died Friday, Aug. 3. *****Longtime Bridge City resident Fay Romero died last week. The race horse owner donated her body to science. *****Rose Ouzts has been appointed postmaster in Bridge City. She has 22 years experience with the postal service. She and husband Al have bought a new home in Little Cypress.*****Ann Segura is hoping residents and businesses will join her in supporting the military, especially those serving in Iraq, by displaying yellow ribbons like the one she has wrapped around the tree in her front yard. She and Jimmy had two boys serve in the military. (Editor’s note: I miss Ann but I’m sure she’s keeping the angels entertained.)*****Ashlyn Begeron, age 8, of Bridge City, was recently crowned Little Miss Southeast Texas.*****Sheriff Mike White fires jailer John Veillon after allegations that Veillon pushed a male inmate following a verbal altercation.*****Michael Bertrand, age 27, of Bridge City, was shot in the chest by a stranger on West Cordrey Ave., in Orange. He was treated at Baptist Orange for the bullet wound that turned out to be non-life threatening.*****On Saturday, Aug. 4, Berry Bonds tied Hank Aaron’s 755 homerun record against former Lamar pitcher Clay Hensley, who was sent down to Triple A right after the game. At age 32, A-Rod has 500 homeruns and will surely make a run at the record. (Editor’s note: Not so fast, A-Rod’s latest problems may ban him from baseball.)*****Pitcher Tom Glavine, former Atlanta Brave, now with the New York Mets, records his 300th win this week.*****Three Texas boys are inducted into Pro-football Hall of Fame. Oilers Bruce Matthews, Thurman Thomas and Cowboy, Michael Irvin.*****Former 2002 Bridge City grad Samuel Adams graduates from Texas A&M Aug. 10 with a Degree in Applied Math Science. In September, Sam will be embarking on a three month adventure to feed the hungry in Rwanda. Meanwhile he is giving speeches at churches. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of him.)

37 Years Ago-1977

The largest square foot Radio Shack franchise store opens in Northway Shopping Center. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Meyers, first began business in Orange with Meyers Steel Company. They later added the Horseman’s Store to their list of businesses. Opening the store will be Dale Belt, Jo Anne Alford and Jack Looney. *****Grand city elections Saturday will determine two council seats. David Claybar is unopposed in his bid while incumbent J.D. Stanfield is being opposed by Kim Craft. *****On Aug. 13, Mr. and Mrs. Kimbel Peveto will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They are Richard Corder’s in-laws. *****Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Brister celebrate their 50th on Aug. 15. *****Janet and James Fontenot mark their wedding anniversary this week. (The longtime Orange couple now lives in the Austin area.)*****Louis and Beth will host the Monday Munch bunch.*****Word from Nashville is that Don Jacobs has sold one song and has a shot at selling two more.*****H.D. Pate, Commissioner of Bridge City Sand-Lot Baseball, has announced the rules for the second annual softball game between Sen. Carl Parker and the B.C. Rotary Club. Proceeds will benefit the Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center.*****Doris Land, baking champion, baked a five-tier cake that measured over six-feet tall for the 55th anniversary of Orangefield First Baptist Church. Ingredients included three dozen eggs, 15 boxes of cake mix, 25 pounds of powdered sugar, three pounds shortening, a pint of vanilla flavoring and a half-pint of butter flavoring. The large cake weighed slightly over 100 pounds. *****Lewis and Mildred Lemoine have moved to Victory Gardens, in Bridge City, from New Orleans. Mildred is the sister of Charles Gauthier and Janice Menard. (Editor’s note: Mildred has been in bad health but is home and improving.)*****The new chairman of the Bridge City Day events and parade will be insurance man, Bill Nickum. John Hill, Potentate of the El Mina Shrine Temple’s parade unit, will be parade marshal.


Tessa Bailey, Rodney Hanks, Don Lyons, Kimberly Sensat, O.C. Gunstream, Nathan Parish, Darlene Dearing, Dwight Thacker, Katie Allen, Fred Brent, Jim Finklea, Billie Carter, Clarice Miller, Dennis Powell, Cody LaRose, Doug Richey, Paige White, Jada Montagne, Edie Anthony, Ken Hartley, Joe Allen, Joe Parkhurst, Leslie Smith, Max Powell, Timmy Bryd, Bill Loyd, Bill Smith, Bree Anne Collins, Louise Kent, Susan Eby, Olivia Satir, Morgan Taylor, Rene Danna, Deborah Bayliss, Jared Sleeman, Jennifer Babin, Chris Bailey, Hal Brown, Ricky Manuel, Melissa Cox, Ken Phelps, Lyn Goodwin, Monty Eshbach, Wade Estes, Terry Walles, Aaron MacCammond, Ada Bridges and Andrew Glover.


Last week right at press time we learned that former Bridge City Councilman Joe Raburn had passed away, we were able to get his passing in this column but that was all. Joe was a good man; community minded and came into the life of Lou when she really needed someone. Joe was the perfect mate and friend to Lou and her family. Joe was laid to rest last week. His obituary appears in this issue. Our condolences to Lou and her family and Joe’s many friends. *****All Orange county Justices of the Peace have been attending special legislative classes in League City. Judge Derry Dunn attended first and manned the fort while Judges Janice Menard, David Peck and Rodney Price were in school last week. For Judge Menard it was her 30th attendance at Justice of the Peace school. *****The problems keep mounting for rich, spoiled Aggie quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel. He’s had trouble keeping his nose clean and his mouth shut. Now he could be in real trouble with an NCAA investigation for accepting money for his signature at the National Championship game. Such a shame, such a waste of talent. *****Alex Rodriguez “A-Rod” has vowed to fight on by appealing his 211-day suspension from major league baseball. This will allow him to play while the suspension is on appeal. He blew the chance to be a true American hero, in the same category as the greatest baseball players of all time. Frankly, I’m an A-Rod fan and I hate to see such a great career flushed down the toilet.*****The Dallas Cowboys defeated Miami 24-20 in the Hall of Fame game Monday but don’t get your hopes up too high. Romo will still be protected by one of the worst offensive lines in the league. *****Tiger Woods won the Bridgestone Invitational championship with a par 70, finishing 15 under 265, seven shots better than Keegan Bradley and Henrik Stenson. Tiger has 79 PGA tour wins, second only to Sam Snead, with 82. *****A revelation that affects us all and society as a whole was published in the Houston Chronicle Monday. The report finds that fathers are not sticking around to raise their children. Dad’s flying the coup has increased nine fold since the 1960’s. The decline of marriages affects children most. The report says dads fair better than moms financially after divorce. The child’s upbringing is affected also. Divorces have been around since I was a child but it is constantly escalating with children involved. *****Support for Weiner goes soft. Polls show he has dropped to last in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York. He’s been given a second chance and blew it. I don’t know why he continues to stick it out in New York. He should just zip up and fade into the sunset. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week. Robert’s next. Donna Scales entertained the group last week with some of her stories. Brandy Slaughter, Christy Kourey and Shirley Zimmerman couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone is always welcome. *****The last paragraph of Roy’s Down Life’s Highway column last week was omitted. The staff apologizes, however the entire column appeared on our website, *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day this coming week. Don Lyons, Rodney Hanks and Tessa Bailey mark birthdays Aug. 7.***O.C. Gunstream, Darlene Dearing, Billie Carter and our buddy, coach Dwight Thacker celebrate.***It’s a special day for Jim Finklea, who turns 89, on Aug. 8.***Also celebrating on that day is 163 Dist. Judge Dennis Powell.***Aug. 10 finds Judge Joe Parkhurst celebrating, along with Leslie Smith, Bill Smith, Bree Ann Collins and Louise Kent.***Aug. 11, finds Olivia Satir, Morgan Taylor and Deborah Bayliss celebrating.***On Aug. 12, retired county clerk deputy Edith Webb and Jennifer Babin celebrate.***August 13, our friend of many years, the MetLife man Clint Landry, father of coach Chad Landry, marks another year up the ladder of life.***Joining him is our friend Monty Eshbach, Aaron MacCammond, Ken Phelps, Melissa Cox and Lyn Goodwin.***Also on this day our Georgetown buddies, formerly from Orange, James and Janet Fontenot celebrate many years of marriage. If I were guessing I’d say 57, but I could be wrong. Happy anniversary to them and a special happy birthday to all. Please see complete birthday list.*****David Self and Ross Smith are going all out to keep Orange County consumers at home. They are not only making improvements to their physical dealership but are becoming a volume dealer for both new Fords and certified pre-owned automobiles. Give them a chance to save you some money and help our local economy at the same time.


Clarence Robicheaux comes into Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill, walks up to da bar and orders a bourbon and soda. After a few minutes he needs to go to da rest room him. 

He don’t want no body to steal or drink from his glass so he wrote a note and put it next to his drink. The note say, “Me, I spit in dis drink, do not drink!”

While he was gone Sostan Boudreaux wrote a note him too and put it next to da drink. Wen Robicheaux return him, he find da note wat said, “So did I.”


I visited with our friend Doug Harrington by phone today. He claims to be doing fairly well after having open gall bladder surgery. He was hospitalized for a month. That took a toll on his legs so motivating is difficult still. He and Regina are expecting another granddaughter in October. *****I feel for the boys who hit the practice field this week. Football is tough but it’s no picnic for band members wither. We will be covering a lot of Orange County football and are glad to have Gabe Pruett on board. He’s one of the areas best sports writers. I could prove that but in time you will see it for yourself. His brand of writing is unique. He’s knowledgeable and pays attention to detail, plus he’s doing it became he loves sports. Stay tuned, it will be a great ride for all of us. *****A special thanks to our family of advertisers for their sponsorship. Please patronize them when you can and thank them for bringing you this paper. Gotta go, take care and God bless.