“Back in business and ain’t it grand.” Those words were put together by Janis Siegel for the Dick Tracy movie starring Warren Beatty.


Little Cypress-Mauriceville Battlin’ Bears

First let me say a huge thank you to both Mark Dunn and Roy Dunn for wasting no time in getting me back to where I truly belong, behind a computer writing about Orange County sports. No more than four hours had gone by when I had agreed to put some stories together for The Record were these words flowing like a fine wine, or a Sprite for those of you who are under 21.

So are you ready for some high school football? And we never ever forget our girls on the volleyball courts, mainly because even though I know she loves me I have always been scared of BC Coach Becca Peveto.

Now lets get started talking some sports.


Bridge City Cardinals

It is hard to believe football season officially kicked off this past Monday with teams hitting the practice fields for every player’s favorite words, two-a-days.

I spent an hour or so at Bridge City High School with the Cardinals and it was business as usual with your hometown Redbirds.

Coach Cris Stump was his usual self with jokes about freshmen and throwing a joke at yours truly for waiting until afternoon to visit the team.

Stump’s Cardinals looked to be in pretty decent shape for the first day of practice yet there was of course the one glaring injury everyone in Texas seems to talk about when talking about the Cardinals.

Running back Ashton Hunter will miss the football season due to a knee injury but don’t think for a minute Hunter was not ready to help out on Monday.


Orangefield Bobcats

Hunter was at practice and assisting the coaches as much as he could. It was good to see and talk to Hunter because a lot of players become injured and basically that is the end of it. Hunter seems to be using his time wisely and is still trying to do anything he can to help Bridge City reach the playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs this year will be the first year the 3A level will take four playoff teams to the postseason.

This can be both a good and bad thing for us in the media. It should bring quite the dogfight for the final two playoff spots in District 21-3A. We of course are taking Silsbee and West Orange-Stark to finish first and second in the district standings.

Third and fourth in my predictions will be Orangefield and Bridge City, meaning three Orange County teams will make the playoffs out of 21-3A.

We will highlight Coach Josh Smalley and Orangefield next week.

This week though we are taking it slow and getting back into the groove of actually writing sports. There will be a lot more to read over the coming weeks and I can guarantee you both The Record and myself are looking forward to one of the best football seasons we each have had in years.


West Orange-Stark Mustangs

As I wrap up this introduction piece I want to also take the time to say thank you to those who have reached out to me over the last couple of weeks. I came to realize how many friends I made through the years and your kind words are more than appreciated.

Now I will live up to my part and bring readers my sometimes unique perspective on high school sports in our area.

Check out this week’s feature on the Cardinals and get ready because football season is here and I have not been this motivated in many years to bring all the stories to you readers.