Dr. Brant Graham, West Orange – Cove CISD Director of Special Education, traveled to Ghana, Africa this summer with a team of educators from Louisiana College.  They conducted Professional Development Seminars for teachers in three cities, Suhum, Kumasi, and Accra.  

While there, Dr. Graham met with Okroase Presbyterian Primary School.  Okroase Presebyterian Primary School and West Orange – Stark Middle School will begin an education partnership this school year as “Sister Schools” through the Opportunity Education Foundation.  This program will allow the middle school to reach out to teachers and students in this developing country by sharing ideas and fostering cultural understanding.

This is the second consecutive year for Dr. Graham to participate in the program.

“I am humbled by my time in Africa. In the midst of so few resources, there is joy along with the hope of opportunity, through education,” he said.

West Orange – Cove CISD Director of Special Education Dr. Brant Graham presents a West Orange – Stark Middle School Stallion t-shirt to Juliana Atua, Head Mistress of the Okroase Presebyterian Primary School. The school, located in Ghana, Africa, will begin an education partnership with WO-S Middle School this year.