The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors congratulate Dixie Glass for receiving the Quarterly Beautification Award from Keep Orange County Beautiful. J David Derosier of KOCB presents the award to Patrick Thibodeaux, owner of Dixie Glass in recognition of the excellent landscaping installed with the new building on Mac Arthur Drive.

In addition to beautiful landscaping, and because the replacement of glass is a major issue after a natural disaster, Dixe Glass’ new facility on Mac Arthur Drive was designed to withstand 140 mph winds and sits five feet above the flood plain.  They have their own generator as well as the ability to house workers during a natural disaster.  Major commitments to beautify and to provide service to the community.

The mission of KOCB is to educate and engage Texans in Orange County to take responsibility for improving their community environment.  For more information, go the website for Keep Orange County Beautiful (