After 41 years in the banking business, Billy Burrow is retiring and a reception to celebrate his accomplishments is being held.

The reception will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. August 29 at Community Bank of Texas located at 3300 Edgar Brown Drive.

Although, he won’t be punching time clock, he will still work as Advisory Director. In his new position, he will talk to business owners to see if the bank can help meet their banking  needs for loans and deposit services. Burrow will also attend quarterly meetings and maintain his status as a stockholder in the bank.

“This will keep me in the loop,” Burrow said.

The 1967 Lutcher Stark High School graduate began his banking career in 1972 at the First National Bank of Orange. The bank was part of a buy-out in 1973 and became First City Bank. He remained there for 22 years before going to Orange Bank for five years. He would work with Carlos Vacek three times during his career.

Burrow would become an integral part of opening the bank First Bank and Trust, which later became SouthTrust and Wachovia,  in Orange, where he remained for five years. Before his retirement he was the senior vice president and commercial lender at Community Bank.

During his career in banking, the most challenging thing was the, “regulations, regulations and more regulations,” he said.

“These days they are geared towards banks having to police the industry,” Burrow said. “But, banks just want to be in the community and earn a fair rate.”

But, while making a name in the community,  he and his wife, Pam, raised two children, Amy and Billy III. The couple is proud grandparents to Carson and Cooper.

Burrow has been involved with various organizations such as the Jaycess, Rotary Club, American Red Cross, Chamber of Commerce where he served as chairman or president. He was also past chairman of the Ambassadors Club, past ambassador of the year and lifetime ambassador. Over the years, he has served as advisory director for two banks. Burrow also served as a board member for the Retail Merchants Association, D.A.R.E.,  and member of the Orange Lions Club, Orange County Livestock and Rodeo Association, Masonic Lodge No. 126 A F and AM, LC-M Strategic Planning Commission and First Baptist Church. In addition, Burrow was the Sabine Chapter DU vice president/executive committee and past Sportsman of the Year. He remains active in the Rotary Club and is lifetime member of the NRA.

Burrow will not waste any time and will eagerly begin his retirement with a trip to New Braunfels. He and his wife, Pam, will go to one of their favorite places, Gruene Hall to enjoy some really good music and good times. Gruene Hall, which was built in 1878 by Henry D. Gruene, is located in the historical town of Gruene, Texas but now is a part of New Braunfels. Locals bill the club as “the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas.” The famous dance hall is credited with starting the original music approach that has made Gruene Hall an iconic music venue of some once small time bands which later found their way into the spotlight. But, they return since this is a favorite of many people from all over to come for the fun and stay for the music.

His love of hunting will follow after the New Braunfels trip where he will go dove hunting and later elk hunting in Colorado. Burrow is also planning a trip to Canada for moose hunting but not before he makes an important trip to Cabella’s for supplies. A trip to hunt white tail deer is also in the works. Most of the time he brings home the meat from his adventures. From the meat, sausage and other treats are often made. In preparation for his next hunt, he also makes his own cartridges.

Burrow has traveled the world to partake in the sport he loves. He has traveled to New Foundland, Argentina, Africa and more.

But, not everything Burrow shoots is an animal of some kind, he also enjoys skeet shooting.

No matter what Burrow is doing,  banking or hunting, he dives into it full force and gives it all he has got. For all involved, they have the opportunity to reap the benefits, including Burrow himself once in awhile.

Billy Burow, after 41 years in the banking industry, will retire. A reception is  from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. August 29 at Community Bank of Texas located at 3300 Edgar Brown Drive.