Fifty years ago prior to Aug. 28, 1963, a bus load of Golden Triangle citizens loaded up and headed to Washington for Dr. Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington.” Busloads and trainloads of pilgrims spilled into Washington from throughout the states. On that bus from Orange, Texas were three citizens, civil leader Velma Jetter, James Zay Roberts, who had marched with King, and Essie Bellfield, a young lady and mother of two young daughters. The trio didn’t know what to expect. President Kennedy had quietly deployed 4,000 riot troops, with 15,000 paratroopers on alert. All liquor sales were banned in D.C. for the first time since Prohibition. Hospitals were put on alert. Major League baseball was postponed, not one but two games. The March for jobs and freedom achieved worldwide acclaim with four simple words from Dr. King, “I HAVE A DREAM.” Dr. King had not planned to say those four words but strayed from his prepared text when someone shouted “give ‘um the dream speech.” He had opened his address by quoting Lincoln, then said, “I still have a dream, it is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” The rest is history. The three Orange residents returned home and quietly followed Dr. King’s non-violent lead. Today Bellfield is the only living member of that trio. Essie went on to become the only Black mayor of Orange and is now serving on the city council. On a personal note, I have known Essie all of those 50 years. What I love about Essie, my dear friend all those years, is that she is not radical, plus she is a walking, talking chamber of commerce. She doesn’t hesitate to boost her city. She really believes she lives in the best place on earth. She is quick to blame her own people when the need arises. She says, “Too often young Black men stray away from what Dr. King intended for our people.” Essie doesn’t have a racist bone in her body. Often we visit about our childhood and the times before LBJ’s Civil Rights Act. She’s a true ambassador, not only for her people but for the good of all people. If she could, she would make all hate go away. She loves everyone. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Last week we lost two friends, two good men. Ruben Stringer, 79, died Aug. 12. Over the years Ruben had visited us often. He always was a booster of The Record Newspapers. The longtime Ag teacher was a strong conservationist and member of the Soil and Water Conservation District Region 9. Ruben always clipped out the stories we ran on preserving nature and our world. He nominated us for a state award that we were chosen for. We’re proud of that and proud to have known this good and decent man. *****Charles Anthony Cessac was only 48 years old when he passed away Aug. 15. Service was held at St. Henry’s Catholic Church in Bridge City on Monday, Aug. 19. We have known his beautiful mother Phyllis Green many years so we had known Charles most of his life. I feel for this nice lady, losing her only child is a terrible burden to bear. Charles was fortunate to have two great ladies in his life. His wife of 26 years, Gina, is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She and Charles have three boys, Anthony, Collin and Andrew. No one could have loved anyone anymore than Gina loved Charles. He was also special to his stepfather Danny Green and step-brothers Troy and Slade Green. To Phyllis, Gina and their family we extend our sincere condolences. We also held Charles, who we called “Charlie,” in high esteem. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.


7 Years Ago-2006

Construction will begin soon on the new Orange County Fire District ESD2 Substation in Orangefield. Fire Chief Scott Barnes said the metal structure will be located on Hwy. 105 next to K-Dan’s.*****Tom Foreman was named Orange County Airport manager.*****Stump Weatherford has trimmed off 75 pounds, shaved his head, is wearing a Jeff Bagwell goatee, form fitting shirts and is now a devoted Catholic. I wonder if Dayle had anything to do with the big change. *****The life of Colin Powell, a full-scale biography, is due out in October. (Editor’s note: I wonder if anyone protested CNN and NBC showing it like they are doing with the Hillary Clinton bio. Which is scheduled to be out later?)*****Living legned Percy Sledge performs at the Texas Longhorn. In 1966 Sledge cut his first record, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” The deep southern soul song has been used in movies and became a favorite song for weddings. Tina and Ray Cotton are owners of the Longhorn where Texas and Louisiana meet. *****Joyce Poche’ Bernard publishes a story on “The Old House at Poche’ Bridge.”*****Charles “Pud” Gunter, 62, died Aug. 18. ***Charles “Chuck” Regel, 60, died Aug. 15. ***Joseph Edward “Ed” White, 86, died Aug. 16. ***John Robert Lawrence, 41, died Aug. 18. ***Emma Jane Colburn, 83, died Friday, Aug. 18, she was a longtime teacher. ***Robin lea Middlebrooks, 24, died Sunday, Aug. 13. She was a lifelong Bridge City resident. *****Football season has come around in Orange County. At West Orange-Stark, Coach Dan Hooks is taking it easy after being tackled during practice right after two-a-days began. He is scheduled for surgery later this week. He is attending practice and was at the Mustang/Barbers Hill scrimmage on the sideline in his cart. The Stangs won 33-7. DePauldrick Garrett scored three touchdowns. *****Second year coach at Little Cypress-Mauriceville is Todd Moody. The Bears have 18 starters and 22 lettermen returning. They will run a “Wing-T” multiple formation. *****The Bridge City Cardinals will feature Johnny Dishon at quarterback. *****AD and head football coach at Orangefield is Blake Morrison. The coach has brought in some new coaches, Josh Smalley came from Bridge City and will coach quarterbacks and is offensive coordinator; Coach Darin Fletcher came from LC-M; Jeff Bennett, who comes from Nederland, will coach Junior High and will be head baseball coach. *****Grant Encalade caught a bull red that weighed 23 pounds and was 40 inches long while fishing in Sabine Lake. *****The Orange County Commissioner’s Court says no to new hires. The court rejected several request, including a request from Sheriff Mike White for 16 new employees.

 37 Years Ago-1976

The Bridge City B&PW names Angelina Garza as member of the month.*****Darla Gisclair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Gisclair, received a degree in education from Sam Houston and is now teaching in Southeast Texas, 50 miles from San Antonio. *****Bridge City band booster officers are Mrs. Darwin Rothering, president; Mrs. Grover Browning, Mrs. John Haynes and Mrs. L.E. Huckabay vice-presidents. (Editor’s note: Notice that 37 years ago a woman’s first name was seldom used, she was referred to as Mrs. So-and-so. That’s not the norm today. Most often it’s Ms. Shirley or whomever.)*****The Bridge City High football coaching staff is Braton, Stuebing, Hollier, Head Coach Griffin, Gillis Miller and Litton. The training staff is Thad Angelle, Bobbie Moore and Ted Townes.*****West Orange cheerleaders are Diane Collins, Sandy Allen, Janet Brown, Leisa Landry, head cheerleader Beverly Mitchell, Susan Sullivan, Amy Sandlin, Sharon Jones and Cindy Carr. The LC-M drill team leaders are Capt. Connie Gunn, Karen Francis, Melony Smith, Hollis Parker and Sabrina Frey. *****Bridge City cheerleaders are Nancey Gauthier, Donna Jeansonne, Kim Young, June Nezat, Kim Daniels, Tish Bratton, Melissa Harmon and Terri Medley.*****Mauriceville Junior High cheerleaders are Janet Rougeau, Melanie Plunkett, Donna Franks, Stacee Williams, Jeanette Yawn and Janice Johnson.*****Donald Sharpe, 32, becomes new Kroger store manager. A native of Deridder, he has been with Kroger for 11 years. He has managed at five other stores from Morgan City to Brownsville.*****Fain Holbrooks and Coy Charrier open Orange Appliance and automotive at 402 Green Ave. Chamber members Pete Sterling, Jim Trotter and Mayor Paul Hale did the honors at the opening ceremonies. Mrs. Coy “Leona” Charrier cut the ribbon. *****The Bridge City Optimist Club 10 and 11-year-old all-stars play in a major league baseball tournament in Port Arthur. Team members are Darrin Hearn, Paul Simmons, Jimmy Smith, Jeff Faults, Terry Lyons, Kevin Laughlin, Wendell Isom, Bryan Whitson, Frank Angelle, John Edgerly, Kerry Hearn, Jason Richard and Kevin Malagarie. Managers/coaches are Owen Richard and Harold Hearn. *****A new 1976 Chevy half-ton, V-8 pickup, full loaded at Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green in Orange, will set you back $3,873, a Malibu, 4dr. Sedan, loaded, only $4,673. *****Tim Leiby will celebrate his birthday August 27.*****J.K. Conn has a mangy, old hound that hangs around his store he has named Roy Dunn and says the dumb dog is too dumb to be insulted.


Davis Jones, Julianne Longlois, Helen McCardle, Olga Graham, Kimberly Hubbard, Shirlyn Findlay, Alexandra Wild, Meri Ellen Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Evelyn Hughes, Brian Sheppard, Connie Forse, Jason Delano, Corey May, Mae Rollins, Michele George, Pat Gunter, Ron Hopperton, John-David Walles, Kebble Free, Ryan Moreau, Zach Jeter, Ben Ezell, Angie Caples, Lynda Rector, Carol Cupe, Marlene Merritt, Debbie Adaway, Amber Juneau, Donnie Couthran, Ricky Sheppard, Dot Hudson, Dan R. Hooks, David Montagne, Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Milton Briggs Jr., Ron Cowling, Scott Deppe, Shanley Hubbard, Trevor Schaffer, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phelecia Rucker, Bree Fontenot, Donna Scales, Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire, Sheryl Guillory, Sydney Eby, David Green, Frank Beauchamp, Jaycie Dardeau and Nina Birdwell.


Everyone’s friend, banker Billy Burrow, will end 41 years in banking Aug. 29. A retirement reception will be held at Community Bank (the round bank) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., on Aug. 29. Carlos and all the folks at the bank invite you to come by and say goodbye to Billy who is headed to the green pastures of retirement. May they be happy, healthy years.*****A big surprise was the quick departure of Darlene Zavada from Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau. I thought Darlene had done a good job and brought great projects to Orange. With the tunnel boat races soon coming up the timing surprises me. Her leaving the job she has been on for over 10 years had to do with the escalating of job stress. She had planned to retire in January but had open heart surgery and her health and stress made her go into retirement early. We wish her the best.*****To those folks wondering what had become of Eddie Sutton, we found him. He’s incarcerated at the Orange Villa, on Third Street, room 105. He’s doing pretty good for the shape he’s in and invites his friends to visit him.*****We met a very nice couple Saturday at Farmer‘s Market. Debbie and Patrick, from Cottage Cuttings, 1315 Bancroft Road, have some of the most beautiful, healthy plants anywhere. You can reach them at 903-539-5971, on the web at cottage cuttings@gmail.com or see them at Farmer‘s Market, Big Lots parking lot in Orange, on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning. We were having bad white fly problems and they were most helpful on how to fight the problem.*****On Aug. 26 Keith Olberman will return to ESPN 2 at 10 p.m. Olberman has been off TV since his messy breakup with Al Gore’s Current TV, which has now been sold to Al Jazeera, which went on the air this week. Olberman is smart and very gifted. Last month ESPN lured Nate Silver, remember him, he’s the guy who predicted the last presidential election correctly down to the last vote and Electoral College numbers. These two heavyweights will help ESPN fad the new FOX sports network, which launched Saturday. Olberman had a long run at MSNBC, which ended nasty, but Keith is credited with elevating MSNB to rival FOX. He also brought Rachel Maddow to MSNBC as a guest host. Today, she’s a popular regular. I’ll be watching Keith on ESPN 2 because it will be a sports show not to miss. *****A few good folks who will be celebrating their special day in the next few days. On Aug. 21 Debbie Fusilier’s lovely mother, Helen McCardle, celebrates. She shares a birthday with singer Kenny Rogers, who turns 75.***Also a special friend, former deputy sheriff, the late Tucker Clayton, would have been 92 on this day and our editor Robert Hankin died unexpectedly on this day in 2010.***On Aug. 22 some interesting folks celebrate birthdays. Our buddy Johnny Montagne, once a world ranked boxer, has mellowed into his granddad years and the only thing he wants to fight is fish on Lake Sabine and maybe shoot an occasional buck at the deer lease. ***Our friend Meri Elen Jacobs, Journalism teacher at WO-S and regular contributor to The Record, celebrates a birthday on Aug. 22, as does Evelyn Hughes, a nice lady, the bride of Art Hughes and also Mike Johnson, house builder and son of Pat and Charlie Johnson, celebrates. This would have also been the birthday of the late radio personality Bill Clark. ***On Aug. 23, Skipper’s eldest, Keble Free, celebrates. The hairstylist and former boxer is getting awfully close to becoming a senior citizen. *** Koby Bryant will turn 35 on this day also. He’s been a pro about half of his life, right out of high school.***Aug. 24 is a very special day for a special lady, Marlene Merritt, the longtime bride of Sheriff Keith Merritt, is always a joy to be around.***Celebrating their wedding anniversary on this day is city council person Teresa and coach Frank Beauchamp. Frank also celebrates his birthday a few days later, on Aug. 27.***Another athlete Cal Ripken Jr. turns 53 Aug. 24.***Aug. 25 is the big day for our friend Dot Hudson, a beautiful lady, sister of the late constable Parker Thompson. Also on this day Coach Dan Ray Hooks takes another step up the ladder of life. A life filled with stories of success. ***On this day also David Montagne, son of the late Democratic Chairman Bob Montagne celebrates. We remember him as a young teenager on many campaign trails. ***Track star Bree Fontenot celebrates also as does Pinehurst councilman Ron Cowling and Milton Briggs Jr.***On Aug. 26, a great gal, Parks Director Donna Dorman Scales, who keeps Jimmy in line, celebrates.***This also would have been Dr. Howard Williams and his late wife Elizabeth’s wedding anniversary.***Please see complete birthday list. Happy birthday to all. *****John McCain has never seen a potential war, besides the one he was held captive in, that he didn’t like. No wonder he and Sen. Graham are favored by the weapons manufactures. If it was up to McCain and Graham, the U.S. would be involved in three wars. *****What’s hurting the economy and Wall Street worse than anything is Congress threatening to shut down the government. Don’t believe any other spin.*****Peggy’s Off the Bayou, at Norton’s RV, on Hwy. 62, will host Santa Claus Saturday, Aug. 24, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Bring the kids so they can get their special treats. On a more sober note, Peggy is scheduled for surgery on Aug. 27. Her surgery has been postponed twice before so hopefully this time it will be a go. Best of luck. *****We spoke to our friend Glenda Dyer, who lives on a farm out of Nashville. She says it’s been the worst rainy season in years, a lot of towns have flooded out. Thankfully they are high enough to dodge high water. We could use some of that water. Glenda has promised to write a special story that will be of interest to Orange County folks.


Sostan Breaux and Kirby Joe Comeaux were having a couple of beers at Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill after dey got off of work dem. Da conversation turned to what dey would be doing over da weekend.

Sostan says, “Me, I’m going to Baton Rouge to pick up da kids from my ex-wife, den I will try to see my girlfriend. She tinks I’m a stalker; Well, she’s not exactly my girlfriend yet.”

Comeaux, him, says, “Well, me I’m going to Lafayette to see my girlfriend. I’ve been getting it on wit her and her twin.”

Sostan axed, “Mai Comeaux, how can you tell dem apart hanh?”

Comeaux answer, “Well, her brother’s got a mustache him.”


We’ve come on a full moon. Often weird things happen and the crazies come out when the moon is full. Lately there has been a rash of tire and wheel burglaries going on at car lots. It’s an expense to the car dealers not covered by insurance because of a $1,000 deductible. It should be a law that you can shoot anyone caught stripping cars at car lots. Business people being ripped off by thieves is frustrating and expensive. Hopefully the law will start busting some of those thugs. *****Speaking of car dealers, David Self Ford has been moving a lot of new and pre-owned cars under their new volume program. Their prices are unbeatable. Brandy says, “We’re making a lot of customers happy and business is good.” Visit them before you buy and save some green.*****If you’re looking for a great steak, you can’t beat a custom cut, expertly prepared steak from Robert’s Meat Market and Steak House. Particular steak eaters choose Robert’s when they are hungry for a  juicy, tender steak.*****Now that it has been proven that Sen. Ted Cruz is a native born Canadian, which according to our Constitution, to be President of the United States one just needs to be natural born, meaning a child born to an American mother. Ted’s father was a Cuban citizen, might still be. While living in Canada they voted in elections. Were they citizens of Canada at the time? No big deal because Ted’s party will never nominate him but if they did, he would be the first president not born in the U.S. In fact, if he wanted to he could run for Prime Minister in Canada where he’s a native son. The “Birthers” have gone underground on this one which shows how they pick and choose issues. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton faced the same issue.*****One thing all Tea Party members, from the congress to the court house. do is just say ‘NO’ to everything. That’s their solution to everything. Nothing reasonable about that.*****Well, I’ve come to the end. Thanks for coming along. Look us over, shop our family of advertisers and read us cover to cover. Have a nice week and maybe do a rain dance. Take care and God bless.