St. Mary Catholic School is honored to share a special donation made by one of their previous students, Holly Thompson. She did not hesitate when asked to show off her artistic skills to enhance the newly remodeled St. Mary School office, with the artwork “Enter to learn: exit to serve” message. The message of the art work says it all.

Holly is one of many former students that have given back to their alma mater by donating their time, skills and talents. St. Mary Catholic School takes pride in teaching values, respect and service to others.  The mission of St. Mary Catholic School is to ensure learning for all students within the framework of Catholic Christian values, to help students grow in a manner consistent with their needs, interest and abilities, and to prepare them to live in a changing world as self-directing, caring, responsible citizens.

The staff of St. Mary Catholic School strives daily to provide this environment and feel that Holly is one of the many success stories of this mission statement.   Holly’s art work will be finished off with baby pictures of former students on one side of the art and current pictures of these students on the other side to model the message of entering and exiting.