County officials recently made a disgusting discovery on Baily’s Fish Camp Road.

According to Donna Scales, Orange County Parks Director, an unknown person had dumped a large amount of dog feces along the waterway across from the second pier. County workers cleaned up the mess and hauled away more than four five-gallon buckets full of the feces. It is believed this person also left behind a red, plastic gas can containing an assumed flammable liquid.

It is not a health violation to dump the dog feces, Scales said.

“My concern is, it’s in the food chain,” she said.

Many people, including children, frequent the area for fishing. There are also people who may keep their catch for a future meal.

But, the latest thing dumped is not the first. In the past, there are other items such as mattresses, furniture and household garbage. One recent addition to the waterway was a wheel chair.

Another problem on the popular waterway is fisherman who sane for bait. They take what they want and leave behind the rest. As a result, there are dead bait fish everywhere which causes a foul odor and an unsightly mess. It is a violation of the law to do this, according to Scales.

Some people are doing more than leaving things behind. Others have taken a trash can what was once attached to a pole. The trash can was there for people to use instead of leaving their garbage behind on the ground or in the water.

Orange County officials are asking the public for their help in finding out who is responsible for these actions. Scales encourages the public to get the violator’s license plate number and take a picture of the person committing the act.

To make a report, people can call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 409-883-2612, Game Warden Phillip Ledoux at 281-842-8100, or the Parks Department at 409-745-2255.

A county worker cleans up more than 20 gallons of dog feces that was dumped along the waterway on Baily’s Fish Camp Road.