The latest, a mass shooting, leaves 14 dead and a dozen more wounded in a Navy yard in D.C. Aaron Alexis, the shooter, was killed at the scene.The 34-year-old had lived in Fort Worth for several years. The law says he acted alone. The Navy yard is the latest in a string of multiple slayings involving weapons, including the deaths of 20 children and six educators in Newtown, Conn. At long last the relentless rain has stopped in Colorado. The death toll from the massive rampage has left eight dead and others unaccounted for, estimated at about 400 people still missing. After seven straight days of rain, that brought over 20 inches of rain, the sky had cleared by Tuesday. Floods destroyed U.S. Hwy. 34 to Estes Park, Colorado. The shortest route to get there now requires a 140 mile detour. It’s the route to the popular Rocky Mountain National Park. Shootings, floods, fires, sink holes, etc. You think maybe the Big Man is trying to tell us something?*****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


In this week’s Down Life’s Highway column, Roy looks at a special time in downtown Orange history. A time between wars. During those years Orange was visited by almost every statewide political candidate. Most governors visited often. Gov. Preston Smith, Dolph Briscoe, Mark White, Ann Richards, John Connelly and others considered Orange County a political strong hold, back before the redistricting of 2000, when all political power was striped away from rural counties. At one time the way Orange County voted was the way the state went. We have a picture of LBJ speaking in the Jack Tar ballroom around 1960. For the first time few elected officials visit Orange and we have no local statewide office holder. Every election I see local people voting against their own interest. Orange County always leaned conservative but was for the most part evenly divided, with a strong labor force. Orange political power is no more. For years it had been my hope that another convention-type hotel would be built on the banks of the Sabine, in downtown Orange, but we know now that it will never be. Today there is not that one place like it was back then. However people and times have changed. A few different groups still gather in different locations for coffee breaks or lunch outings that keeps citizens in in the know about the happenings around the city, courthouse and etc.


We’re learning something new about Texas every day. See how many you know. Answers are at the end of this column. No peeking.

1.  Before he became the most famous symbol at the Texas State Fair, what was Big Tex’s prior job.

2.  Where is the World’s Largest Parking lot?

3.  Where is the Cattleman’s Museum?

4.  What Texas city claims to be Cowboy Capital of the World?

5.  What is the Cotton Capital of the World?

6.  What city is known as the Goose Hunting Capital of the World?

7.  What Texas museum has the most complete flying collection of U.S. and foreign World War II combat aircraft?

8.  Where was the first Jackrabbit Roping contest in Texas held?

9.  To visit the first rodeo, when and where would you have had to visit in Texas?

10. Bridge City and the University of Texas football great Steve Worster was selected in what place in the Heisman Trophy balloting and what year?


15 Years Ago-1998

Orange County awoke Sunday to tropical storm Frances, the storm that never hit but wouldn’t go away. The combination of excessively high tides and rainfall of more than 16 inches, combined to flood streets and some houses. The Airfest 98 air show was cancelled as was the Johnny Montagne bash, due to Cow Bayou raising out of it’s banks. The party was moved to Jewel Cormier Park. Dr. David and Barbara Olson shot video at the party to send to Fred Gregory, now is in Houston hospital.*****Charlotte Anderson is on a carrot juice kick and has Dow Gene on it also. She says, “If he’s going to keep up with this hot momma, he’d best drink his carrot juice. (Editor’s note: Just wondering if carrot juice still does the trick?)*****Joey and Ramona Hargraves are expecting a baby.*****Dr. Chuck and JoAnn Majors are expecting a baby boy in January.*****Services were held last week, Sept. 12, for Pastor Ed Robinson, 61, who died in Jasper on Sept. 9. He was  one time pastor atSecond Baptist Church in Bridge City.*****The Bridge City Cards stormed Kelly in a rainy 35-7 win. Coach Les Johnson’s troops ran the Wing-T and logged in 369 yards on 74 totes. Fullback Daniel Kibodeaux gained 169 yards on 33 carries.*****The Orangefield Bobcats rolled up 409 yards to beat East Chambers 34-6, in a rescheduled game played in Winnie on Saturday. It was still raining. Running back Beaux Daville rolled up 166 yards and one TD.*****Tommy Bean, who has been held in a Mexican jail for the past two months on illegal weapons charges was released and arrived in El Paso on Monday, Sept. 21. Con. Nick Lampson was instrumemntal in gaining Bean’s release.*****Jim Aarons is principle at Bridge City High. (Editor’s note: Jim died a few years ago from cancer.)*****Matt Bryant, former Bridge City star, youngest son of Mary and Casey Bryant, kicked 32-yard field goal to give Baylor at 33-30 win over North Carolina. Matt’s cousin, Raun Bryant, is the place kicker for the BC Cards.*****A good man, Terry Latour, died Sunday, Sept. 20, 1998 and his service was held Tuesday. He was a member of Pipefitters Local 195 in its heyday. He leaves wife Billie, daughter Kathy and son Jerry.*****Also passing away over the weekend was Iva Talbert. She was a wonderful lady and valued member of the community.*****The 32nd County Music Awards has an Orange County flavor. Former B.C. beauty queen, Theresa Hearn George, daughter of Ray and Elaine Hearn and granddaughter of Inez, will produce the country music show on CBS. (Editor’s note: We used to hear from Teresa from time to time. If she has come home lately no one let me know.)

 35 Years Ago–1978

Ask any old timer who was the best football player to play for Orange High, and they will tell you Bohn Hilliard. The football legend died this week. In 1926-28, Hilliard was on the team with Louis Weaver and Ox Emerson. He went to Shriners’ and entered the University of Texas in 1932. He beat Notre Dame in ‘34 with the only TD. He was an All-American at UT and played pro ball but was injured during his rookie year.Hilliard died Saturday, Sept. 23, of a heart attack. He was buried Monday in Arlington. A native of Deweyville, he was reared in Orange. His family owned Dr. Pepper Bottling.*****Sharon Gregory is chosen Miss Bridge City. Other finalists are Denise Soileau, Brenda Braquet, Theresa Hearn, Lisa Young, Shelly Pate, Liz Godwin, Tanya Hoffpauir, Danette Davis and Melanie LeDoux. (Editor’s note: What a beautiful bunch of ladies.)*****Rep. Wayne Peveto cuts the ribbon at the new West Orange City Hall dedication.*****Corky and Betty Harmon had a rehearsal party Thursday night, married their daughter off Friday and hosted the monthly supper club the same day. They took the members to Pat’s in Lake Charles.*****Big News Flash: Inez Hearn is retiring from Ward’s at the end of the month. She spent 27 years with the company. (Editor’s note: The company folded in Orange soon after she left.)*****Edna Lusignan is recuperating in St. Mary’s after having surgery.*****Ace Amodeo buys his wife a new Chevy.*****On the way to a party this week Ed Bacon’s wife tells him, “You know Ed, if the party is dull, you leave it that way.”*****Attorney and former judge Grover Halliburton opens a law office across from Farmer’s Mercantile.*****Attorney General John Hill brings his candidacy for governor to Orange County on Oct. 7.*****DA investigator Wilson Roberts has a pet duck, his answer to “Baretta’s” white cockatoo.*****Betty Jo Spence is under the weather this week.*****Chef Bob Garretson prepared fried fish, hush puppies and cabbage salad and Uncle Jim McKay added potato salad and banana pudding for the hungry newspaper crew on Sixth Street.*****Sambo’s opens in Orange Sept. 27.*****BC loses to Nederland 7-3. The Cards’ only score came on a 42-yard field goal by Gary Peery. Andy Griffin is head coach.*****LC-M beat Mt. Carmel 14-0. Chris Gunn was the leading rusher with 86 yards on 21 carries.Quarterback Don Richard and receivers Brian Breach and Jody Kelly tallied the game’s 14 points. Defense standouts were Mickey Davis and Robert Stelly.*****Orangefield Junior High twirlers are Janney Barnes, Janois Weldon, Stephanie Frillou and head twirler Shannon Lytle. 


Ben Ludwig, Debra Gauthier, Kaleb Swarers, Melodi Nugent, Helen Peddy, Joey Tutt, Joy Evans, Kara Killman, Melanie Cottom, Mark Milligan, Mike Zenos, Sue Plagens, Cecil Byers, Dreaux Minchew, George Navarro, Jimmy Prewitt, Leslie Sparks, David Yeats, Colby Gonzales, Matthew Carter, Michael Wuske, Michelle Jaarah, Rita Morris, Susan Pennington, Caitlin Ziller, Gary McAllister, Jan Thurman, John Clark, Lucille Powell, Ruthie Hannegan, Bobby Cormier, Mary Rawls, Ronnie Teaff, Vernon Murray, Howdy Dawson, Janice Kelly, Jenny Sims, Jonah Thurman, Lorayne Welch, Beverly Mixon, Miranda Fisette, Corey Faulk, Brooks Tally, Connie Arnold, Donna Broomes, Matthew Broussard, Michael Broussard, Miranda Fisette, Noah Burns, Penny LeLeux, James Broom, Julie Saltzman, Mark Kelly, Megan Fontenot, Sammy Pratt, William Dotson, Jayna Campbell, George Mullins, Jeremy Cooper, Katie Baker, Laura Roberts, Lindsey Kimbrow, Jeannie Barnes, Mark Norwood, Dustin Jackson, Teresa Beauchamp, Trey Rhodes, Zelma McCullough, Beckie Kimbell, Blake Seibert, Brittany Bean and Jimmy Thurman.


A little about the natives. Our buddy, Parks Director and champion cake baker Donna Scales attended the Paula Deen event in Houston last weekend. Donna had a nice visit with Paula and gave Deen her famous Almond Joy cake recipe. Paula was real interested and asked for Donna’s phone number. For years Donna has been baking the cake for special events. She also has made the recipe available to anyone for the asking.*****Robert and Karen Jo Vance celebrate their 40th anniversary Saturday, Sept. 21.****Also celebrating this week is Joey and Mel Kemp Campbell.***The Navarro girls, Lani and Emily, are both pregnant and expecting a couple days apart. Both are having girls and both of those beauties were former Mexican Heritage Festival queens. They have their mothers good looks. They are the daughters of Sandra and George Navarro.*****We understand pretty Angie and Don Breaux will be grandparents again.*****Patti Hanks is just getting over an emergency appendectomy. She is expecting her ninth grandchild in January. Lane Thomas, a relative, was the centerfielder on the American team that won theWorld Youth baseball tournament in Taiwan last week. Patti is looking forward to her parents Lucy and Rene’ Hanks visiting her and family for Thanksgiving.*****Former city manager, a native of Bruner Addition, West Orange, Jack Huffman, is moving to Irving where he once served as city manager. His lovely wife Betty Ramsey passed away a few months ago. Jack also owns a ranch in the hill country. Jack once said when he returned to Orange that he would never leave again. Son Jack, Jr. lives here so I wonder what is attracting him to Irving.*****We understand Coach Bob Frank is home from hospital and doing better. He had knee surgery and developed a blood clot.*****Long time friend, Vietnam vet Blaine Brown stopped by. He is retired and staying mostly at his place on Toledo. Of course being the former son-in-law of W.T. Oliver we shared some W.T. stories.*****We get a lot of response from Ms. Pearl’s poems. She has another in this week’s edition.*****Suzanne Halliburton, who started her sports writing for the OVN as a LCM student in 1978,  and now working for the Austin American Statesman, wrote a piece on Johnny Manziel that was picked up by the A.P. and ran across the country. Her mom Sue still lives in this area.*****Orange native, coach R.C. Slocum,was inducted into the “College Football Hall of Fame” and also is the 2014 recipient of the Paul “Bear” Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award. R.C. is the winnest coach in A&M history. *****What a game Manziel had in the 49-42 loss to Alabama. He threw for 464 yards, ran for 98 yards and threw five Tds. When you score that many points you’re suppose to win. The Alabama offensive line is awesome and beat the Aggieline and linebackers all day. ****Year in and year out, West Orange Mayor Roy McDonald does a great job running his city. He runs a tight ship without all the scuttlebutt.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch, a great bunch of folks “On the Know,” from throughout the county will, for the first time, gather at Peggy’s Off the Bayou on Hwy. 62, at Norton’s RV, and will be back to Robert’s next week. The Bunch will also be returning to Novrozsky’s from time to time. Everyone who would like to dine with this knowledgeable group is always welcome.*****A few special folks we know celebrating their special day. On Sept. 18, Debra Gauthier, Helen Peddy and Joy Evans celebrate birthdays.***Sept. 19, celebrating with the full moon is our buddy since he was in short pants, longtime law enforcement officer, now police chief at BCISD, George Navarro marks a birthday.  Also joining him is Leslie Sparks, Sue Plagens, Dreaux Minchew and Mark Milligan.***On Sept. 20, the boy from“Old Dime Box” and VFW activist John Clark, gets older. Also joining him is David Yeats, Brandi Ellison and Rita Morris.***Sept. 21 finds a guy fast becoming his dad as he climbs the ladder of life, Robert “Bobby” Cormier, “Cowboy” to some. He’s the guy that was lucky enough to marry pretty Devera. He’s fortunate in many ways but one thing he can’t stop is the clock of life that keeps on ticking. Joining him is Mary Rawls, Jenny Sims, Jonah Thurman and DA secretary Ruthie Hannegan.***On Sept. 22, twins Matthew and Michael Broussard are a year older as is Miranda Fisette, Corkey Faulk, Kyler Kordish and Connie Arnold.***On Sept. 23, our buddy Tommy Simar, who throughout the year, with the help of wife Sue, keeps us supplied with seasonal goodies, celebrates another birthday. We hope it’s a good one. Also we wish Penny Leleux who is marking a birthday today. Penny is our Jack-of-all-trades here at the Record, a gal who gets around and covers the community. Also celebrating on this day is County-Court-at-Law Judge Troy Johnson and Mike Dempsey.***On Sept. 24, in 2005, the forgotten storm Rita blew in. Because of Ike, we seem to forget how damaging Rita was. Our friend, city councilperson Theresa Beauchamp, Marcel Adams’ beautiful daughter and Franks longtime partner, celebrates on this historic day. Joining her is Mark Norwood, Trey Rhodes, and pretty Brittany Bean.***Sept. 25 is a special day for a special guy, Jimmy Thurman celebrates another one. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.*****Kristie Gunn, talented daughter of Chris and Cindy, is making quite a name for herself in the “Hip Hop” world. Read Penny’s story on this young beauty.*****Bill Gates is still the country’s richest person. His net worth has doubled to $72 billion in the last five years. Second is Warren Buffett at $58 billion They earn more in one day than 99 percent of Americans will earn in a life time.


Two Louisiana businessmans, Leroy Romero and Roy Migues, who owns R&M Crawfish Sales, went to New York for a big seafood convention. 

Migues and Romero, dey were invited to a party an maybe dey drank a lot of booze, dem.

When dey return to dere hotel room abo’t 10 p.m., dey turn on de TV and watch de local news. Dere was a man standing on de roof of a 20-story building, hollering dat he was gonna jump, him.

De police was trying to stop him.

Migues say, “I’ll bet you $10 Leroy, he jump, him.”

“I’ll call dat me,” Romero answer.

Dat man, him, he jump, and Romero pull out his 10-spot. 

But Migues him, he say, “I can’t take you money, me, I saw dat earlier on da 6 o’clock news.”

“Well, me too,” Romero say, “but me, I didn’t tink the fool would do it da second time, no.”


The U.N. confirms “large scale Sarin attack in Syria. War crimes panel probes 14 other possible incidents. In one attack 1,400 people died, mostly women and children. Syrian dictator Bashar Assad must be held accountable. If the U.S. Congress would have stood up for the Commander- and-Chief, a lot more progress could be made towards that goal. I believe by not standing up for the President’s national security policies, likely opens up a can of worms that could spread around the globe. Congress’ approval rating is up five percent from a month ago. It’s highest level since 2012. Polls not withstanding this is the worst congress in my lifetime and it’s about to get worse as they play games and threaten to shut down the government over the debt ceiling and stop gap funding. One just needs to go back five years when the country was on the brink of a great recession, jobs were being lost at 800,000 a month and two major auto makers were facing bankruptcy. The deficit had gone out of sight and now has dropped every year, 40 percent from last year. Jobs have been added, at least 7.5 million. Not enough but if congress would have passed a jobs bill two years ago, millions more would be working. The congress said “NO” to everything, including a farms bill. The country remarkably has come a long way in the past five years despite a congress spending their time fighting health care, wanting to do away with Social Security, Medicare and minimum wages. Tea Party members claim Sen. John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell are not conservative enough. That just shows how extreme they are. Our country has a cancer eating it from within. Think about that and place blame where it goes.*****We are short handed and last week the paper didn’t get proofed and we may still have problems jump up this week. Please bear with us. Thanks for your time. Please support our family of advertisers, read us cover to cover and check us out on our web, the Take care and God bless.


Texas Test Answers 1. Santa Clause  2. DFW International Airport   3. Fort Worth   4. Bandera   5. Lubbock   6. Eagle Lake   7. Confederate Air Force Museum, Midland   8. Odessa   9. 1883 in Pacos   10. Fourth, in 1970 Texas Test A