Maybe Creaux and I were the only ones in the country to predict, early this year, that we wouldn’t have a hurricane in the Gulf this season. However, we wrote it would be a very hot and very dry summer and that would be the trade out for no major storm. We based our prediction on the fact thathigh pressure would dominate the gulf states. The National Weather Bureau and other experts predicted one major storm in the Gulf and two would hit the east coast. They had predicted 16 storms in all, with six named major storms. The season isn’t over and I hope we’re not causing a jinks but a storm would be rare in October in the Gulf.*****Our area was about 14-inches below average rainfall when the rains came in Friday. By the time it stopped my five inch rain gage had overflowed. The soil was so dry that by Sunday morning it was hard to tell we had ever had a shower.The ground soaked it up like a sponge. Fall officially arrived Sunday morning, unusual this time of year. It was a cool 66 degrees. God had washed everything, the dust was gone from the leaves on the trees and not a cloud in the sky. Chances are the cool won’t last but the announcement of fall was nice and the much needed rain was better. We will probably start having regular showers and little cool spells with start arriving. Low pressure will start to dominate but we’re grateful for the high pressure that spared us another year. We just celebrated the fifth anniversary since Ike came calling.***** Well, I have a long way to go and little time left so I’d best get going. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



O.A. ‘Bum’ Phillips was born on John St., in Orange, on Sept. 29, 1923. He will celebrate his 90th birthday on Sunday. Bum and his family moved to Beaumont when he was 14 years old. He graduated from French High School but though those years, until he went into the service, he spent most of his spare time in Orange, where he hung out with his grandfather, Parrish, who taught him to be a cowboy. His grandfather worked for the Brown Estate and Bum helped him round up cattle, brand and dip them. Bum recently wrote a piece about “What it Means to be a Texan.” It starts with “The Window at Big Bend, which in and of itself is proof of God. It goes to Lake Sam Rayburn where my Grandad taught me more about life than fishin, and enough about fishin to last a lifetime. I can talk about Tyler, and Longview, and Odessa and Cisco, and Abilene and Poteetand every place in between. Every little part of Texas feels special. Every person who ever flew theLone Star thinks of Bandera or Victoria or Manor or wherever they call “home” as the best little part of the best state. Every time I cross the border of Texas, I say, Lord, please don’t let me die anywhere but Texas.”

Bum once told this writer that all his people are buried in Orange and that would also be his final resting place. I’m not sure if that still stands. Bum often talks about William Barrett Travis, the Alamo, Sam Houston and the people who forged the nation and the state of Texas. Bum says,“The spirit  that burned in every person who founded this great place we call Texas is passed on through blood or sweat to everyone of us. You see that spirit that made Texas alive in all of us.”

Coach Phillips, has a coach son, Wade, who was also born in Orange. For a longtime it has been a source of irritation to me that nothing locally, either by our service organizations, city or county government, has ever done anything to recognize our most popular native son, known in every part of the country. A good, God fearing man, who has been a teacher, philosopher and a true Texan,who never forgot his birthplace, Orange County Texas. Happy birthday coach.



We were sorry to learn of the death of Richard Corder, Jr., age 79, who died Sept. 22, 2013. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. A visitation will be held from 1 p.m. to time of service. Our heartfelt sympathy to wife Ruth, who he called “Bear” and sons Craig, Bart, Mark, Chris and their families. Please see obituary and the Down Life’s Highway column.



5 Years Ago-1998

We learned about the death of Tim McCorquodale, age 47. His grandfather, then his dad Alan, pioneered and ran Little Giant Manufacturing, known around the country. At the time of his death, he and brother Rex were running the business.*****We also were sorry to hear about the death ofDon Lyons, who owned Lyon’s Music Co. Don was one of the great guys.*****Law enforcement officer Mike Edge, a 20 year veteran of Orange PD, lost his battle with liver disease on Sept. 29. He died at St. Luke’s in Houston. *****C.R. Nash, former Bridge City city manager was hired asPinehurst Administrator. (Editor’s note: C.R. died of cancer a few years ago.)*****What a day former WO-S star Chris Cole had for the Aggies. Six receptions for 174 yards and three TD’s.*****Bridge City stars Jason Matthews started for the Tennessee Oilers Sunday while Shane Dronett started for the Atlanta Falcons. (Editor’s note: Shane took his own life a few years back. This was also when the Tenn. Oilers became the Titians).*****Everyone’s friend, insurance man Bill Nickum, was hospitalized last weekend for some kind of heart problem bur is now out of ICU atSt. E and should be home in a few days.*****Doak Walker, 1948 Heisman Trophy winner fromSMU, died Sunday, Sept. 27, at age 71. He was an NFL All Pro and helped Detroit win two championships. He was also both a college and pro Hall of Fame winner. The three time All American stood 5 foot, 11 inches and weighed all of 173 pounds. He retired from the pros with 534 points, 34 TD’s, 183 extra points and kicked 49 field goals. The third most points in NFL history. Doak had been paralyzed in January in a skiing accident. *****Mark McGwire hits 70th homerun, shattering Babe’s and Maris records. (Editor’s note: Babe did his on whiskey, Mark on drugs.)*****Sammy Sosa hit his number 66 homerun. (Editor’s note: He did his with cork in his bat.)*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Heath’s Golden Corral. (Editor’s note: It is no wonder Heath went out of business. It was all you could eat salad and desert bar.)*****Landon Sparks celebrated 16 years on Oct. 1 and Hayden Oceguera, 4, on Sept. 28.


35 Years Aago-1978

Elizabeth Williams, wife of Dr. Howard C. Williams, will be the principal speaker when the First United Methodist Church receives an official Texas historical marker. Ms. Williams has documented the history of the church. The First Methodist Church in Texas was formed inJonesborough. It was also the first Protestant church in the state. *****Pope John Paul has died and will be buried as 700 million Catholics mourn the death of their second pope in less than two months.Pope John Paul died after having served only 34 days. *****First Savings and Loan is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Employees are Jim Gilliam, Greg Vaughn, Marla Willey, Teri Fleming, Flaudry Plant, Doris Bratton, Phyllis Ener, Mildred Sheffield, Doris Richards, Debbie Crow, Charlotte Richardson, Faye Stidham, Betty Dillard, Ann Lovitt, Tim Granger and Doug Patterson.*****Stella Saxon, wife of Mike, is the new lawyer in the law office of Louis Dugas.*****Bridge City Day is coming. Sharon Gregory will reign over the parade as Miss Bridge City. A grudge baseball game will be played between Sen. Carl Parker’s crew and Roy Dunn’s Renegades. Richard Corder is commissioner to keep everything on the up and up.*****Nominees for the homecoming court at BCHS are seniors Melanie Ledoux and Sherri Van Breemen; juniorsDanette Davis and Denise Soileau; sophomores Tammy Emerson and Tina Segler; and freshmenGina Allen and Belinda Muckelrath.*****Mason Hebert and children, Gloria, Arval, Mason, Jr. and Betty, thank friends for their kindness in their loss of their wife and mother.*****John Liebycatches a prize 20-pound amberjack. The little guy took 10 minutes to land the big fish. *****Gary Peery will turn 18 in a few days. *****B.C. City Manager C.R. Nash celebrated a birthday on Sept. 29. *****Cleveland beats LCM 28-13. The Bears defense allowed more points than in three previous games. David Williams is defensive coordinator. *****BC Cardinals beat Liberty 21-6. A 26-yard pass from Rodney Johnson to Jeff Anderson put the Cards on the board first. Johnson scored the next TD. Joey Hargraves kicked the extra point in place of injured Gary Peery. Sophomore Bryan Ward scored on a one-yard plunge. Hargraves made the PAT.*****Bridge City boxers were winners at boxing meet. Junior Leger, seven-year-old, 46 pounds, jumped to the 10-years-old 50-pound class, for the win. E.T. Laughlin, eight-year-old, 55-pound, wins by TKO. Shawn O’Dell, 10-years-old, 78 pounds, wins by third round TKO. Nathan Bendy, 112 pounds, was the big winner. He was asked to fight in the Southern U.S. Box-Off in New Orleans.



Donna Ford, Ola Kindle, Joellen Grooms, Phyllis Tarter, Scott Stout, Bessie Rach, Cameron Pitts, James Scott, Jeffery Armand, Kailey Childress, Lynn Gremillion, Kara Day, John Harrell, Mary Gremillion, Sandra Rose, Theresa Blanchard, Vicki Jeter, Byron Buchanan, Joey Hargrave, Bob Blacksher, C.G. Birdwell, Dan Barclay, Deven Young, Gaynell Murrell, Hayley Dardeau, Justin Burchfield, Jack Short, Michael Coffey, Morgan Applebach, Starla Lee, Todd Shuford, Jeff Batchelor, Kevin Hall, Mike Hughes, Ray Dahl, Scott Harris, Brigitte Howard, Jakey Morgan, Lizzie Elms, Corey Sonnier, Scott Haggard, Sherry Mulhollan, Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Mat Taylor, Peggy Derouen, Brigitte Howard, Terry Brown, Aaron Milligan, Dean Granger, Cliff McCardle, Priscella Burns, Richard Estes, Ricky Benefield, Al Goodwin, Brandon Taylor, Debbie Tutt, Denna Elizondo, Tricia Longlois, Jacob Longlois, Martha Hankins, Robert Dale Vance, Richard Albair, Howard Fisher, Rob Strause, Jamie Freeman, Eric Covington, Jimmy Glover, Keely Guidry, Kimberly Cooper, Meg Clark, Skylar Rowley, Brandon Gerrald, Gerald Brignac, Grace Corkran, Kenton James and Tony Lummus.



We enjoyed a nice visit Monday with U.T. All American Steve Worster and Donnie Shockley at the Exxpress Mart. Both agree that Mack Brown’s days are numbered at U.T. In 1970  Worster was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. The other three contenders were winner Jim Plunkett, Archie Manning and Joe Thesman. He changed his name pronunciation to Theismann to rhyme with Heisman.*****Got an e-mail from our old friend and former columnist, Nancy McWhorter. She and spouse Mac moved from Bridge City after Hurricane Ike. Nancy lost Mac last year on Sept. 1. She’s been keeping tabs on us and found out we haven’t had a recipe column in a while and has offered to remedy that, so look for her recipe column to reappear in The Record soon.*****On Oct. 1, you can start signing up for the Affordable Health Care if you don’t have insurance because you were turned down for a pre-existing condition. I predict that when fully implemented three years from now  the Bill will be very popular. If you have insurance and are happy with it, you are not effective. In the future the congress will work to improve it but for now the Tea Party controlled congress would rather shut down our government than make it better.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a great time last week at Peggy’s Off the Bayou, on Hwy. 62. The food was great and so was the fellowship and story telling. This week the Bunch will dine at Robert’s and back at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is welcome. It is a great way to keep up with friends.*****Mary Loyd is retiring from Bridge City Walmart on Oct. 4, after 23 years. She looks forward to spending time with her husband of 52 years, her eight grandchildren and eight great-grandsons. We wish her happy sailing.*****Tony and Karen Fuselier have finally closed the deal on their Cajun Corner and are in progress of moving out. Meanwhile, Tony celebrates a birthday this weekend with a party at the Marina on the Cow Bayou.*****Congrats to Bridge City baseball star Chase Shuggart, a junior, who has committed to play college baseball at U.T.*****A few months ago I told you not to be surprised if before the end of the year gas prices would drop to $3 a gallon or below. Our energy polices are working. Lower gas prices will help our economy also.*****My bet on the government shutdown is that fellow Republican senators will leave radical, right-winger Ted Cruz hanging. He is so extreme that Repubs are running from him.*****A few special folks we know who are celebrating their special day. Sept. 25 finds prettyDonna Ford celebrating another birthday. Also celebrating this day is Joellen Grooms, Phyllis Tarter, Ronnie Dunbar and Bessie Rach.***On Sept. 26, Ms. Annie’s little boy, former B.C. police chief Joey Hargraves is a year older. Also John Harrell, Dan Barclay, Mary and Lynn Gremillion and Treresa Blanchard.***On Sept. 27, Mike Hughes, Scott Harris, Hayley Darderu and Gaynell Murrell celebrate.***On Sept. 28, our onetime editor, Gretta’s other half, Darryl Brinson gets older. Also celebrating on this day are Sherry Mulhollan and Brigitte Howard.***On Sept. 29, Al’s little brother, Dean Granger, is a year older. Also Debbie Fusilier’s dad, Cliff McCardle,celebrates another one as does Richard Estes, Al Goodwin and Coach Bum Phillips.***On Sept. 30, Howard Fisher, Corky, Don and Tommy Harmon’s brother-in-law, celebrates and so does Robert Dale Vance, who has been celebrating for a month. Our good friend Richard Albair, Peggy’s longtime husband and the boss man at Peggy’s on the Bayou, marks up another year on this day and also deputy sheriff, former constable, Bob Strause, is a year older. On Sept. 30, Martha Hankins,the widow of our former editor, the late Robert Hankins also celebrates.***On Oct. 1, Jimmy Glover, Kimberly Cooper, Keely Guidry, Meg Clark and Grace Corkran all celebrate. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.



To get a job offshore, Nonc Theriot had to go to Doc Boudreaux for a physical and health and family history. He put on his new cloths and make an appointment wit da doctor. Da doc him, feel his pulse, look in his ears and throat, check his blood pressure, den he tole Nonc to drop his britches and bend over. Doc him, with his long middle finger, probe Nonc real good inside. Den he said, “OK.” Nonc pulled up his pants den Doc Boudreaux tole him, “I’m gonna to axe you some questions.” “How old was your papa wen he died, him?”

Nonc answer, “Oh, papa, he’s not dead him, he’s 92 and works at da feed store everyday. Mygrandpapa Theriot died wen he was 98, him, wen he fell off a tractor and broke his neck. My mama Agnes just turned 89, her.”

Doc Boudreaux write all dat down den he look up at Nonc and say, “You sure got some nice, good genes you.”

Nonc say, “Mai, tank you. Dey were on sale at Burke’s Outlet, I bought four pair me.”



Here’s another reason to be married. Monday, the Journal of Clinical Oncology came out with a report that being wed can be as beneficial as chemo for cancer survivors. Scientist say they may have found the key to surviving cancer and that’s marriage. Married people are 20 percent less likely to die from their disease compared to those divorced, widowed or never married. In certain types of tumors, prostate, breast, colorectal, esophageal and head and neck cancers being married benefits are larger than those from chemotherapy. I don’t know how they come up with such things. The report didn’t say if you had to be happily married or not or if the same went for same-sex marriages. However, the report said men got more of a survival boost from marriage than women. Ibelieve the bottom line is being there for that person and helping them navigate their appointments and make it through all their treatments makes a real difference to a cancer patient’s outcome. Many of my friends, through the years, have been thankful for the little lady who made that awful trip with them. I’m sure it works the other way also.*****By next week, Oct. 3, we should know if Sen. Wendy Davis will make a run for governor of Texas or rerun for her senate seat. Running againstAbbott and his $30 million is an uphill climb. Wendy will raise a good amount but Abbott has the Perry machine appointments he’s made to every board in the state. However, Abbott has some negatives. One is that Perry will still call the shots. Some people are looking for change from all those Perry years and Abbott is not it. Wendy will do good with the women’s vote but can she win. At this time it would be an awful long shot. Four years from now the tide will change. Wendy running however will help down ballot candidates and put an end to a lot of straight party Republican voting.*****My time is up and I thank you for yours. We’re still having some difficulties and short handed so bear with us. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Check us out daily on our web therecordlive.com. Take care and God bless.