Nancy Edwards was selected as Orangefield Junior High’s Teacher of the Month. This is Edwards’ second year in the district and she currently teaches seventh grade mathematics. Mrs. Edwards has 15 years of experience in the classroom. However, teaching was not her first career choice.

Edwards began her career in marketing and became extremely successful in outside sales.  After establishing a name for herself, she would volunteer at schools.  Mrs. Edwards quickly realized that the same tactics she used in sales could be implemented into a classroom environment.  “I knew if I could motivate the kids they all would and could learn,” said Edwards. She decided to go back to school and become a certified teacher.  Mrs. Edwards credits her former teachers, Mrs. Krause and Sister Therese at Kelly High School, for instilling in her confidence and a love for math by keeping her in at recess to drill facts and tutoring Edwards before and after school.

Edwards continues the tradition of tutoring by offering free tutorials both before and after school for all of her students. Nancy has even been known to make home visits to assist her students going as far as demonstrating strategies parents can use to help her students meet success. Edwards credits her work ethic to her parents Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ryall. Mrs. Edwards was one of 11 siblings and her work ethic and desire to serve others was instilled by emulating her parents who went above and beyond to ensure the successes of all of their children. Mrs. Edwards was nominated by fellow teachers and staff members for this award.