Fall is officially here which means winter is just around the corner.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than a warm, savory bowl of soup on a cold drizzly winter day.  My favorite soup is potato.  It brings back precious memories of coming home from school on a cold rainy day to the aroma of my mother’s rich potato soup cooking on the stove.

My sister-in-law, Ava McWhorter, is mayor of Dixie Inn, a small village town located approximately 6 miles from my house.  Recently she was telling me about this delicious potato soup that her secretary, Jane Rogers, had made and shared with her.  Ava said it was the best potato soup she had ever eaten.  I ask her if Jane would share the recipe with the Record.

Some of the measurements were not included in the list of ingredients so you will need to use your own judgment for that.  As Jane explains, “The recipe is very versatile.  This is how I do it and you can adjust the recipe to suit your own taste.”  As for me, I would omit the ham because I prefer a meatless potato soup.  I would also omit the salt since cheese is salty and I try to avoid too much salt.

I am grateful to Jane for sharing this rich, hearty soup recipe.  I am sure it is a KEEPER.


(From Jane Rogers recipe file)

5 lbs. white potatoes, peeled & cubed

Onions, chopped (optional – my addition)

16 oz. whipping cream or 1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk

1 lb. Velveeta, cubed (I might use part Mexican Velveeta)

1 (15 oz.) can whole kernel corn, do not drain

Fresh broccoli crowns, chopped

1 carrot, shredded

Ham pieces (I would omit)

Butter (optional – my addition)

Liquid smoke, few drops to taste

Ms. Dash

Parsley flakes, chopped

Powder or liquid garlic to taste

Salt to taste (I would omit)

Pepper to taste (optional – my addition)

Cover potatoes and onions (onions are my addition) with water and boil until done.  Drain approximately half the water.  Set half the cooked potatoes and (onions) aside.  Using a blender, add the cream/milk to the remaining potatoes and whip until smooth.  If this is too thick, extra milk/cream can be added.  Add the remaining ingredients, including the half of potatoes that were set aside.  Simmer on low, stirring frequently to prevent soup from scorching.  Cook until cheese is completely melted and broccoli and carrot are done.