The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Union and County Commissioners are still hashing out the details following the meeting Monday morning.

The court will meet with the union to discuss the offers.

“We are making an offer to avoid an arbitration hearing,” said Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux

According to Thibodeaux, they have proposed no more sick leave buy-backs, holiday pay does not count toward overtime pay and certification pay will be limited to 17 SWAT members and 10 instructors. In addition, the sheriff’s office must pay 60 percent of their dependent coverage for medical insurance costs instead of the current 40 percent. Sixty percent is what other county employees costs are currently. The Evergreen Clause will be for 30 days and the “just cause clause” will remain in effect for one year. But, they will continue to discuss the clause further over the course of the year.

In other county business, Doug Manning will be filing an answer to the lawsuit of the family of Robert Montano versus the employees of the Orange County Jail.

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