Well, it’s come on Halloween and the trick or treaters will be out in full force. Unfortunately, the weather folks say rainy weather is predicted. That would put a damper on a great night for the youngsters. Adults should be very cautious while driving and also be aware of where their children are.*****Since I last sat here last week another candidate has announced for county judge. Former State Rep. Mike Hamilton has thrown his hat in the ring. The public qualifications he gave were that he is familiar with the system in Austin and that he also knows people in Washington. That’s all well and good, but he should be running for U.S. Congress or better yet the open seat for State Representative. What a great way to get even with Rick Perry, who moved him out of Orange County into an all-white district then worked to beat him with a black guy. I like Mike alright but county judge? COME ON! He says he’ll bring jobs. That’s the same spin he used running for State Representative. Ten years in office produced no results and he certainly can’t use his Austin connections. He’s on the outside looking in. What in the world would prompt him to run for county judge, and executive office.*****The talk around the country is about the United States spying on other countries. Obama is being blamed for eavesdropping on phone calls. I bet he didn’t even know it was going on. We started a spy program right after Pearl Harbor when the Japanese snuck up on us. It was George W. that started the phone tapping. I agree with Republican Congressman Peter King, we need to quit apologizing for spying because even if we say we won’t do it anymore, we’ll be lying. Safety of our country and citizens are our number one priority, whatever it takes and is working. Do you believe we are not being spied on? The guy that should hang by a rope is Edward Snowden. He’s sitting pretty in Russia and leaking our deepest secrets. Anyway you figure it he’s a traitor who threw our country to the wolves.*****I’d best get this train down the track. Hop on and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Longtime Bridge City pharmacist Doug  Harrington died last Friday shortly after 1 p.m. due to cardiac arrest. Over the past year he had several medical issues and was in a specialty hospital for rehab when he was suddenly and unexpectedly called home. Doug had been the owner of Harrington’s Pharmacy until he retired. He had also in the past owned pharmacies in Pinehurst and was a partner with Carl Thibodeaux in West Orange Pharmacy. Over the years Doug’s compassion ran deep. He helped many people, never turning anyone down who needed him. Service will be held Wednesday at 10 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Please see obits and Down Life’s Highway column.


For several decades a solution to immigration has been sought by law makers. House Republicans and Democrats are in negotiations on the future status of 11 million people in the United States illegally. A compromise would grant legal status to these people without creating a special path to citizenship. It would avoid “Amnesty.” In exchange immigrants would be able to seek citizenship without new legal roadblocks. The bipartisan talks have raised expectations of a way forward on reform but prospects of immigration reform in the GOP led House face an uphill battle. A good sign however is that Speaker John Boehner reiterated that he wants to act on immigration reform this year. Its good for the economy to put this long awaited issue behind us. It’s the right thing to do, good for the people and good for the country. The window is open now to do it. If not now, it will bog down for several more years. If Boehner calls for an up or down vote it will pass. Let’s hope the Tea Party doesn’t hold him hostage on this big important issue.



12 Years Ago-2001

Elaine Toal, 71, retired librarian and historian, mother of Tom and Margaret Toal, died this week unexpectedly.***Melvin Boyett, 77, died Oct. 29.***Marie Richardson, 97, died Oct. 29.*****Donna Scales named employee of the month by Bridge City Chamber. Christy Gonzales, along with County Judge Carl Thibodeaux, praised Scales for the great job she does as County Parks Director. Scales and her husband of 28 years, Jimmy, have three children, Jackie, James IV and Jerrod. She is the daughter of Jack and Vivian Dorman. *****Ron Sigler, drainage district manager, who has brought the district out of the dark ages, resigns.*****The Arizona Diamondbacks lead the New York Giants 2-1. Games will be played in New York Tuesday. Roger Clements will pitch game four. (Editor’s note: Trivia: Do you know who won the World Series in 2001.)*****TheBridge City Lady Cards win District-21, 3-A volley ball title. Head coach is Matt Little, asst. coaches are Sherry Mulhulland and Lindy Baker. Players are Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Katy Maloney, Megan Stephson, Ashley Myers, Jessica Hammerly, Raygon Griffin, Meagan Godwin, Lainey Hargroder, Ashley Guillory, Jessica Lemoine, Amy Ballard, Julia Curl, Katie Faulk and Laura Gremillion.*****A big football shootout at the Bridge City Corral this week as the Cardinals draw down on Newton to secure district title. Both teams are undefeated. Bridge City won district last season with a 36-14 win over Newton. Some of the B.C. players are Michael Gauthier, Jeremy Bird, Luke Wolfford, Dwayne Breaux, Justin Cruse, Lance Fitts, Dustin Bock, Aaron McGuire, Lanston Fults, Chris Harvey, Joe Khoury, Chris Jetton, Scott Lambert, Jason Yeaman, Pat Godwin, Shannon Maloney, Robert Melich, Luther Sanders and Matt McCain. (Editor‘s note: Our apologies to those not mentioned. What a great group of athletes this bunch was.)*****Jillian Denise Boswell, born Oct. 16, weighted in at 7 pounds and 13 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches tall. Parents are Carolyn and Cory Boswell, grandparents are Johnny and Darlene Montagne and Billy Boswell and Carla Farley. (Editor’s note: Just one more year and she will be a teenager.)*****West Orange-Stark coach Dan Hooks was shocked at the 35-0 loss to Nederland in Bulldog  stadium. The Stangs were playing for the top spot in Dist. 20 4-A. The Mustangs new shotgun formation could never get cranked up. Hooks says they are looking to rebound in the homecoming game againstThomas Jefferson.*****The Record’s ‘Players of the Week’ are Pat Godwin, Bridge City; Kendrick Wiley, LC-M; Turquoy Riggs, WO-S; Aaron Williams, Orangefield. Record ‘Cheerleader of the Year’ is Britanie Harrington, daughter of Regina and Doug Harrington. 


37 Years Ago-1976

Senator-elect Carl Parker and State Rep. Wayne Peveto hold a public forum at courthouse. They ask citizens for input in order to best represent them in up-coming session.*****The yearly police officers barbecue, hosted by BC Police Chief Wilson Roberts, to be held next weekend.*****Roy Wingate has been under the weather for some time. He was admitted to Orange hospital. They discovered he has ulcers. He says the test are worse than the illness.*****Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Coverdale cites Tommy Segura for his outstanding work in the Air Force and as a credit to 117 Technical Air Left Wing of the U.S. Air Force.*****Betty Harmon played host to the monthly dinner club. She loaded 14 folks in her travel home and brought them to Beaumont for dinner.*****Dist. Judge Fred Trimble is recuperating in Houston after having his right leg amputated. He is expected to resign from the bench soon. Gov. Dolph Brisco would appoint the new judge. Among those interested in the post are Judge Grover Halliburton, Judge David Dunn and possibly others.*****A special birthday is coming up on Nov. 15. Kathy Roberts, the lovely daughter of Beverly and Wilson Roberts, will be all of 15 years old and looks legal age.*****Cole Plumbing Co. owner Don is building a new building at the intersection of LaPointe and Roundbunch Road.*****Dot Eshbach, owner of The Kottage, has began construction on two additional stores adjacent to The Kottage. There are no definite plans as yet for the spaces.*****Four Bridge City football players had injuries that required surgical repair. They are Carl Eddins, Howard Harvey, Pat Riley and Richard Guidry.*****Tony Mulhollan sat out last week’s game with an injured shoulder.*****The Cardinals, who beat South Park early in the season 23-20, fall short and lose theNov. 5 game. Coach Andy Griffins’ team ended up the regular season with four wins, six losses.*****Jeff Peveto runs wild in a 22-0 defeat of Lumberton by the Orangefield Bobcats, Brian Day, quarterback, Randy Schinch, Todd Goss were among the standouts for Coach Ed Peveto’swild bunch.



Bum Phillips’ private funeral service at his Goliad ranch last Wednesday was right out of Lonesome Dove. He was buried under his favorite oak tree, in a coffin specially made by Louisiana prison inmates. His body was carried in a hearse built in the cowboy days and drawn by horse. His public memorial service was held Tuesday evening at Houston’s Lakewood Church. “Bum” Phillips was a proud native of Orange, Texas.*****On Nov. 4, at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. our time, Janis Joplin will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Taking part in the event will be friend Kris Kristofferson, who will do a rendition of “Me and Bobby McGee” the song he wrote and Janis made famous. Joplin is a Port Arthur native.*****On Oct. 29, 1929, 84 years ago, the Great Depression began on Black Tuesday.*****I thought about my friend Glenn Oliver when I read this week’s column by 93-year-old Leon Hale. Glenn is a regular reader of Leon’s column in the Chronicle. This week he wrote about the talking mule and the Lady Wendy from Fort Worth. Neighbor Cox will also enjoy that column. I save Leon’s column for him.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On Oct. 30, Attorney Greg Dumas celebrates his special day.***Also arriving a day ahead of “Trick or Treat” day is Jessica Bradberry, Kevin Sorrels, Laura Moreaux and longtime news reporter Andrea Mitchell. Her show is at 12 noon on MSNBC. One of the best in news reporting.***On Oct. 31 one of the great ladies of Orange Count, longtime newspaper reporter Virgie Mansfield Scales turns 102. We understand she is in failing health. Our prayers are with her. Also celebrating on Halloween is our friend Don Harmon, who is battling “Big C” and winning. Celebrating also is Ms. Phyl’s first born Mark Dunn. He came in with the spooks as did Joey Campbell, Sharon Rodgers and Janel Menard. They join longtime CBS anchor Dan Rather, 82 and Jane Pauley, 63.***Nov. 1 finds coach Chris Moore celebrating as does David Moreau, Nancy Blacksher, Marla Carter, Rebecca Phelps and Caroline Young.***On Nov. 2, Nathanial Melvin, Mark Dunn’s grandson and Jenna’s oldest, celebrates. Also Dale Dardeau is a year older and so areKimberly Hall, Amy Skidmore, Laura Clark and Olin Mahfouz. Joining them is k.d. Lang, 52.***On Nov. 3, everyone’s buddy, Denis Stanton, celebrates. She is Mary’s oldest, also maring birthdays are David Hebert, Donna Bell and Dale Carlton.***On Nov. 4, the very talented Kim Moore celebrates as does Pam Guyote, Louise Fuselier, Loretta Meadows, Gail Hass and Kathy Arceneaux.***On Nov. 5, A special, nice lady, Sharon (Dunn) Primeaux celebrates as does a good guy, former mayor and county commissioner CPA John Dubose. Happy birthday to all. See complete list.*****Attorney General Greg Abbott, candidate for governor of Texas, said that he would push for a law to allow handgun license holders to tote pistols openly if he’s elected. We will all be able to strap on our holsters and walk into the O.K. Corral or the church of our choice with one or two loaded six shooters. Don’t forget to strap up and load up when you make the dance at the Bloody Bucket. That law should produce many fast draw artist. Maybe it can be another Olympicsport.*****Congrats to Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears, who for the first time since 1997, have secured a playoff spot. Keep on keeping on Bears.*****Despite four teams in Dist. 21-3A, the Bridge City Cardinals most likely won’t be one of them. A big loss to Hardin-Jefferson about shut the door.Coach Dubois, his son Camden and the gang executed a great game plan. Bridge City faces West Orange-Stark and then the Orangefield Bobcats in the Bayou Bowl. The Cardinals are a young team that is building. They still could have a strong finish.*****Speaking of the Cards, Brandy Slaughter, one of the most active, busy people I know, lets nothing get in the way of attending Bridge City football games. This Bridge City Chamber president is not only a fan but a football mom. Her son, Blaine Slaughter, a junior receiver for the Cardinals, scored the winning touchdown against Hamshire-Fannett and caught five passes in the H.J. game. Bridge City has some good young players that will make their mark.*****Can you believe those Dallas Cowboys? Again the win was in the bag but the Cowboys couldn’t stand not giving away another one.*****I’ve been watching the World Series and really enjoying the games so far. I predicted it would go seven games and as it stands now, with five games played, St. Louis has won two and Boston three. The teams played two games in Boston and three in St. Louis. They return for the final games in Boston.****Our longtime friendAnna Belle Rost stopped by and said the St. Mary Alter Society Gift Shop will be opened on Nov. 21. A lot of goodies. We’ll tell you more later. Anna Belle will also be attending she and Roy’s 60th class reunion at Abbeville High School on Nov. 8 and Nov. 9. She says only half of the class is left. She promised to report back to Roy with all the details.*****West Orange will have it’s annual Holiday in the Park Saturday, Nov. 2. It’s always good family fun.*****First Baptist Church in Bridge City is one of the great churches. It’s one of the pillars of the community that Bridge City grew up around. After nine years, Pastor Boone has left. Darrell Segura, chairman of the board of deacons is overseeing the church until an interim pastor or new pastor is called. I can’t say enough about what a great community guy Darrell is.*****TheWednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and Robert’s next. Everyone always welcome.*****I can’t wait for Orange County citrus to come in. It’s the best and sweetest. California, Florida or even the Rio Grand Valley can’t match it. I must call our friend John Heard to see when we can expect fresh, homegrown fruit.*****State Sen. Robert Nichols was in town last week and will be back in November. We have had more visits from the Senator in the last 10 months than we had in several years under Sen. Williams.*****Sharon Bodin and Jack Darby tell me they saw Jivin’ Gene last Friday and he is doing very well with his knee replacement.



Brock Whittle, Jessica Bradberry, Greg Dumas, Kevin Sorrels, Carla Pesek, Laura Moreau, Virgie Scales, Mark Dunn, Stacy Doiron, Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Don Harmon, Joey Campbell, Joseph Johnson, Alice McCray, Chris Moore, Kyle Prosperie, Lauren Bland, Lib Davenport, Lorna Wade, Marla Carter, Whitney Gonzales, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Carissa Saenz, Caroline Young, David Moreau, Ed Miller, Isaac Melvin, Amy Skidmore, Kimberly Hall, Olin Mahfouz, Laura Clark, Ruby Elizabeth Steppe, Dale Dardeau, Joyce Grant, Julia Letcher, Keith McCurry, Marge Everitt, Ruby Hickey, Skeet Boehme, Anne Garrison, Rosemary Spell, David Caples, Tommy Green, Vicki Lowe, Courtney Courville, Dale Carlton, David Hebert, Donna Bell, Denise Stanton, Jim Simon, Loretta Meadows, Marilyn Prewitt, Pam Guyote, Gail Hass, Kathy Arceneaux, Kim Moore, Louise Fuselier, Myrtice Moore, Ruth Walker, Camden Walton, Sharon Dunn, Chris Rogers, Gina Beaulieu, John Dubose and Kember Ess.



TeeNeg Dartez him,, took a trip to visit his Sout Louisana relatives over da Tanksgiving holiday. He tells us, over dere, between Crowley and Kaplan, he ran off da road him into a big ditch. He crawl out dat car and he walk to Oris Broussard’s house.

The farmer tole him he would come help got him out wit his big horse Buddy. He hitched Buddy to dat car and Oris him holler, “Pull Nellie, pull.” Buddy him he don’t move. Den da farmer he hollered, “Pull Buster, pull.” Nutten happen. “Pull Co-Co, pull, still nutten. Den nonchalantly Oris say, “PullBuddy, pull.” Dat horse easily pull Dartez’s car rat out of dat ditch.

TeeNeg he sho appreciats dat but he couldn’t stand it. He had to axe da farmer why he call dat horse by da wrong name tree times him.

Oris answer, “Well, it’s like dis, old Buddy him is blind and stubborn, if he t’ought him dat he was da only one pulling he wouldn’t do it.



On Monday, Federal District Judge Lee Yeakel shot down tough new abortion restrictions in Texas. The decision blocked the state from enforcing a requirement that abortion providing doctors obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals came one day before the law was set to become law.

The law would have caused a third of the state’s abortion clinics to close. The Judge said the admitting privlidges requirement is unconstitutional because it poses an undue burden on women and has no “Rational relationship to improved patient care.” The Judge also partially blocked new restrictions on pregnancy ending drugs. Sen. Wendy Davis, a candidate for governor, who was propelled into the national spotlight with a 13-hour abortion filibuster, said she was not surprised by Monday’s court decision, “As a mother, I would rather see our tax dollars spent on improving our schools rather than defending this law.” After the ruling, Attorney General Greg Abbott, candidate for Texas governor, filed an appeal of the Judge’s ruling with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.The case will probably make its way all the way to the Supreme Court. Cecile Richards, daughter of the late Gov. Ann Richards and president of Planned Parenthood, said after the ruling, “The Judge’s ruling marks an important victory for Texas women and sends a clear message to lawmakers that it is unconstitutional for politicians to pass laws that take personal, private decisions away from women and their doctors.” Judge Yeakel said, “Some limits in the law put unfair burden on women in Texas.” This issue won’t go away and will probably be the centerpiece of the 2014 governor’s race.*****Well, I’ve gotten to the depot, time to get off. Thanks for coming along. I also want to thank you for the tremendous response you give this column and our paper. Read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when possible. Also check out our web site, for up to date news. Have a nice week. Take care and God bless.