Texas Public Policy Action today announced Liberty Jobs, a jobs bank connecting liberty-minded employers with job seekers. Located on TPPA’s website, Liberty Jobs is a resource for employers to place their job opening directly to their target audience. For job seekers it brings a variety of interesting jobs to one central forum, including positions with campaigns, elected officials, nonprofits, and the private sector.

“In addition to the Liberty Jobs bank, we will also host résumé workshops for job seekers,” said Texas Public Policy Action executive director Nathanael Ferguson. “We will even host job fairs to move the connection beyond cyberspace. In the meantime we encourage liberty-loving Americans seeking liberty-oriented work with Texas based or Texas connected employers to submit their résumés to our résumé bank.”

In addition to Liberty Jobs, TPPPA’s website also hosts The Arena, a running commentary on Texas politics, policy, and culture from a liberty perspective. From local debt to state water policy to the Affordable Care Act, The Arena gives TPPA a platform to bring a liberty perspective to policy issues that affect Texans every day.

To review posted jobs or to submit a job or a résumé visit: http://www.texasaction.com/jobs