Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Nov. 8, 9, 10, and the morning of Nov. 11:

Warrant service, 205 Border St.
Traffic accident, FM 105 and Dollar General
Traffic accident, 9200 FM 1130
Burglary, 609 4th St.
Forgery of checks, 25 W. Park Ave.
Larceny from building, 706 Park Ave.
Warrant service, 205 Border St.
Robbery, 202 Morrell Blvd.
Larceny from building, 1100 16th St.
Miscellaneous incidents, 100 College St.
Theft, 305 Burton Ave.
Traffic accident, 4724 Zurich Dr.
Warrant service, 2900 IH-10
Public intoxication, 608 Strickland Dr.
Trespassing (Government property), 600 5th St.
Traffic accident, 1800 Dupont Dr.
Miscellaneous incidents, 205 Border St.
Assault/family violence, 1500 Link Ave.
Theft, 3308 Pine Ridge St.
Warrant service, 1300 5th St.
Warrant service, 111 Pine Ave.
Warrant service, Park and Sholars
Forgery of checks, 2419 16th St.
Aggravated assault, 800 Green Ave.
Public intoxication, 2205 Hwy. 62 S.
Warrant service, 1826 Church St.
Warrant service, 806 3rd St.
Warrant service, 205 Border St.
Larceny from yard/land, 1801 16th St.
Warrant service, 1711 11th St.
Larceny from vehicle, 4301 27th St.
Robbery, 1555 16th St.
Burglary, 111 Pine Ave.
Possession of synthetic narcotic, 1555 16th St.
Damaged property, 1320 18th St.