Four score and seven years ago, November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address, using “four score and seven years ago” as the reference to when our nation was born in 1776. It’s been 150 years since that historical address. Two years later the Civil War between the states ended and Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. It’s always been surprising to me how popular Lincoln is in the South since he was the one that freed the slaves and ended slavery in the United States. On the other hand, LBJ doesn’t enjoy the same popularity for signing the Civil Rights Act. Johnson however is credited with changing the voting pattern in the South. Before the Civil Rights Act, the South and Texas were solidly Democratic states. Abe changed the country, Lyndon changed the South.*****Next Tuesday our State Senator Robert Nichols will visit Orange He will be at an event to be held at the courthouse, 4 p.m., in Dist. Judge Courtney Arkeen’s courtroom. The Senator will make a special presentation, snacks and refreshments will be served. It will be a fun gathering with a special presentation to a worthy citizen. A great time to fellowship and I’m told it won’t last long. Mark your calendar. I’ll see you there.*****Well, I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Texas not only has the largest percentage of uninsured but also the largest number of citizens, one million.Gov. Rick Perry’s decision not to expand Medicaid will leave those millions without access to health coverage. Some say Perry’s refusal is self serving, a move against Washington to move himself to the far right for another run at the presidency. That move will not only hurt the citizens of Texas but will also cost citizens and the state tens of billions in free federal funding and leave a million adults without coverage. Citizens who are too poor to get tax credits through the health exchanges are in a coverage gap and Perry helped put them there. He has ignored county judges, economist and public officials from both parties who have pleaded with Perry to listen to reason. No state needs this relief more than Texas. Perry is playing personal politics with a lot of lives but he is also shifting the cost to local county governments. Last year alone Orange County spent approximately $2 million on indigent care, multiply that for every county in the state, Harris County alone spent $275 million last year. The state would receive $20 billion in federal dollars. If Texas doesn’t take the free money it will go to other states. Texas taxpayers have sent much of that money to Washington and have an opportunity to get it back. It just doesn’t make any sense why Rick Perry would put his personal interest ahead of the people of Texas.


12 Years Ago-2001

Only one Orange County football team, the Bridge City Cardinals, made the playoffs. They will meet Liberty Friday at Lamar Stadium in Beaumont. A pep rally will be held Thursday, 6 p.m., at Wal-Mart on B.C.  Dayle Gunn will present the Buzzie Gunn Trophy to the Cards for defeating the Orangefield Bobcats 24-0. The playoff bound Cardinals were held to a scoreless first half. Aaron Williams and theBobcats held a powerful B.C. team to a total of 57 yards in the first half. Williams, a junior set a new school record with 121 tackles in just seven games. During the 2001 season, in the second half, Bridge City came alive as running back Matt Peebles and Dwayne Breaux blew past the Bobcat defenders. Junior quarterbackJamey Knight, who even kicked a field goal, fed the ball to Peebles, Breaux, Lance Fitts and Luther Sanders and a sensational sophomore speedster Michael Gauthier. (Editor’s note: Gauthier went on to become a state championship sprinter. The Cards were loaded with talent while the Bobcats were rebuilding.)*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs beat Little Cypress-Mauriceville to win the Orange Bowl but only for the third time in 18 years, the Mustangs of Coach Dan Ray Hooks will not be going to the playoffs. Lincoln upsetting Thomas Jefferson 26-20 left the Mustangs out in the cold. They beat the Bears42-7 but for WO-S basketball starts Monday. Coach Hooks says, “This group will be back, we’ll be real competitive next fall.”*****In other happenings, someone stole Charlie Wickersham’s Rolls Royce, a 1987 black Corniche II. Less than 50 are in the entire country. Charlie is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of his $150,000 Rolls. It was uninsured. Word has it that C. Delle Bates ran out and got his Porsche insured.*****If you sometimes think you got a raw deal think about U.T. Longhorn quarterback Major Applewhite, owner of 40 Longhorn records, who was politicked right out of his starting Q.B. job. He has been replaced by Simms. *****Cal Broussard has moved into this Cow Bayou home that he has totally remodeled. He bought the home from Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Hogan. (Editor’s note: Cal loved the place but didn’t get to enjoy it very long before he was called home.)*****Dalton Scott McCorkle will celebrate his first birthday Nov. 21. *****Harold Martin and Amber Updike are engaged and plan to be married Dec. 15. *****Condolences to the family of those who left us. Hilma Condrey Burleigh, 83, died Nov. 15. ***Curtis Neal Hudson, 76, of McLewis, died Nov. 18. ***Bobby “Seabob” Manning, 81, passed awayNov. 18. He was a W.W.II and Korean Army vet. He received four bronze stars and the Purple Heart. He was a retired boilermaker. ***Robert Merritt, Jr., 40, died Nov. 18. ***Joyce Juanita Taylor, 80, of Orange, died Nov. 12. ***Lucy A. Deming, 62, of Mauriceville, died Wednesday, Nov. 14.

37 Years Ago-1976

The Greater Orange Area Chamber installation banquet has been stepped up from January to December.Bill Sichko will replace Jim Graves as president. R.J. Conway and Louise Mayberry will become vice-presidents. Dr. W.C. Mayberry, professor at STU at San Marcus will be the featured speaker. *****Former Bridge City and Lamar football player Lanston Fall will take a bride on Nov. 26.*****Having birthdays areAllen Dunn, Mildred Alborn and Bo Bounds.*****Aaron Segura, a young son of Tommy and Becky, has been visiting grandparents Ann and Jimmy Segura for the past three weeks. His parents are coming to retrieve him. Ms. Ann says she will miss the little guy.*****Rev. Bo Lewis is leaving Drake Presbyterian to report to a new church near Dallas.*****Leo Welch, of 406 12th St., in Orange, was the winner of a car given away in a drawing at Hughes Market Basket in Bridge City. Denise Lormand, Miss Bridge City, drew the winning ticket. *****Bridge City Chamber is seeking nominations for the Person of the Year. Former recipient Albert Gore is chairman of the selection committee with members Bubba Hubbard, 1970 winner,Glen Pearson, 1972 winner, Gus Garza, 1973, Preston Wood, 1974, and George Bess, 1974 winner.*****Congrats to Chuck Majors who was selected in the blue Key National Men’s Honor Fraternity. The Lamar student is the son of Dr. Joe and Mary Majors. *****”I Found Out” is a worthwhile organization which has a large following. Cimron Campbell recommends it. *****Mark Dunn is the latest to join the fad of restoring old houses. He purchased a house on Cherry St. built in the late 1800’s. It’s one of four houses, built on the Sabine River, which withstood the big storm of early 1900’s. It  was moved to 1106 Cherry.*****New Bridge City Rotary members are Chapman Bell, Bobby Cormier, Jim Moss, Bill Nacol and C.H. Guidry.*****Bubba Hubbard recently was a guest at the London England Rotary Club.*****Sally Vance, music teacher at Sims Elementary, recently visited Korea.*****Dr. David and Barbara Olson were in Las Vegas last week attending a dental society convention.*****James and Jeanne Wood, high school teachers, are going to spend Thanksgiving in Mexico City.*****The B.C. Fire Department elects new officers; Richard Solomon, re-elected fire chief; David Riley, assistant chief; John Echols, Leroy Breaux and Larry Callahan, truck captains; Donald Landry, secretary, Steve Higgs, treasurer.*****B.C. Cardinals Singers are: J.D. Nezat, Kirk Ellender, Chris Lee, Melissa Clark, Jane Nezat, Jill Baker, Beth Burleson, Ross Talmadge, Suzanne Garrison, Cindy Adams, Linda Minner, Gerry Gore, Mitch Dionne and Renita Wallace.


Three Orange County teams are headed to the playoffs. The L.C.-M Bears are headed to 4A playoffs. TheBears will take on Dayton Saturday, 7 p.m., at the Thomas Center in Beaumont. Good luck to Coach Randy Crouch and his gang of Bears. *****The W.O.-S Mustangs of Coach Cornell Thompson will face Huffman-Hargrave at Barbers Hill on Thursday, 7 p.m. *****Coach Josh Smalley and his Orangefield Bobcats will battle Coldspring Friday at Huffman, 7:30 p.m. *****From Dist. 21-3A, taking on 22-3A Liberty, is Coach Dwayne “Beaver“ DuBois and his Hardin Jefferson Hawks Thursday, 7 p.m. at the Thomas Center in Beaumont. Note of interest Smalley and Dubois are both graduates and former Bridge City players. Best of luck to all. *****Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines killing as many as 10,000 people and destroying villages and cities, got me to thinking about our buddy J.W. “Kid” Henry. Last I heard he was still living in the Philippines, however I haven’t heard about him since Rev. Leo Anderson died. He kept up with “Kid.” If anyone knows where he is let us know.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day this week. Our longtime friends Debbie and husband David Fusilier are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary Nov. 13. We recall the day they married and the three children that followed. Debbie worked here at the paper for 35 of those years. Two weeks ago we were in a bind and she came in to help put out the papers. We appreciated it. Best wishes for a long and healthy life together.*****Nov. 13 Cecilia Broussard, longtime member of St. Helens celebrates along with  Michele Fontenot, Karen Scrieber, Darla Murphy and Paul Smith.***On Nov. 14, longtime friend Ruby Wimberly, who recently lost her husband Jerry, celebrates another birthday. We wish for her everything good. Also on that day a very nice lady Pat Kibbe Gifford, former Bridge City council person and pioneer celebrates. So does Susie Riedel and May Dixon.***On Nov. 15, Julian Oceguera, Julie Smith, Glenda Dixon, Chris Ford, Elton Myers, Carol Izer and Travis Sheppard celebrate.***Nov. 16 is the big day for Thad Angelle, MCT president and Bridge City native, also Rebecca Collins, RaeAnna Todora and Chris Byers.***On Nov. 17, longtime BISD employee retired Reba Eddins celebrates. Also celebrating areKenneth Hass, longtime husband of pretty Phyllis Hass, Barbara Briggs, Patsy Brister and Taylor Trevino. ***Nov. 18 is the big day for Melanie Claybar, Aimee Huckabay, Mickey Smith, Celeste Hart, Tim Bayliss and Stephanie Williams.***Folks celebrating on Nov. 19 are Charles Cagle, Cecil Allen, Liz Harris, Shelly Ford, Trina Stringer, Ben Carpenter, Patty Burke and John Moore. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete birthday list.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Peggy’s Off the Bayou, on Hwy. 62 this week and back at Robert’s next. Day in and day out you can always get a great meal, with fresh vegetables, choice of several meats and all the fixings, at Robert’s buffet. Visit them and be prepared for a great meal.*****You know you’re in a Redneck Church if the minister and his wife drive matching pickup trucks.*****According to Cox, you might be in one of those deep in the woods, East Texas churches, if the choir robes were donated by (and embroided) with the logo from Billy Bob’s Bar-B-Que..*****Congrats to Tommy Gunn for receiving the 2013 “Pro-bono, Out of County” award from the Jefferson County Bar Association. Gunn is in the program which provides free legal service to indigent people. We’ve been publishing Tommy’s accomplishments since he was a law student at Baylor. Marilou always kept us informed about her boy. Tommy’s done well and we’re proud of him also.*****We had a nice visit from Mike Hamilton. He’s out beating the bushes and renewing old contacts. I still believe he should be running for state representative in the open seat. Orange County needs their own state rep. Mike is getting into a crowded county judge race. They’d better all hope a democratic doesn’t run because that would make for a long, expensive year till Nov. 2014.*****We got an email from Karen Jo bragging on Pestco. They do a great job not only with “Skeeters” but they rid the place of all bugs.*****Other folks that do a great job are the folks at Dupuis Service and Tire Center in Bridge City. They totally service your car, including the right amount of air in the tires. I believe that they are probably the only full service station in the area. I deal with them regularly but everyone should let them service their car at least once a month, especially ladies who just drive cars. It’s money saved in the long run to get regular checkups.

Birthdays This Week

Karla Holden, Kimberly Ray, Mary Cassidy, Michele Fontenot, Karen Schrieber, Carol Lopez, Sidney LeBlanc, Tim Johnson, Cecilia Broussard, Daniel Chesson, Darla Murphy, Donald Miller, Cody Edgerton, Paul Smith, Katie Hoffpauir, Ruby Wimberley, Kristina Schisler, Lauren Fruge, Ella Jo Gosset, Lauren Peet, Traci Birmingham, Mary Dixon, Pat Gifford, Susie Riedel, Vicci Milligan, Anna Cappandona, Casey Smith, Dana Perkins, Fred Fuselier, Hattie Arnold, Judie Wilson, Julian Oceguera, Cynthia Graham, Julie Smith, Glenda Dixon, Stuart Bertles, Kelli Peery, Lindsey Franklin, Nikki Courtney, Shane Preston, Travis Sheppard, Wade Barron, Wally Sieck, Carol Izer, Chris Ford, Cora Betzen, Elton Myers, Madison Miller, Marie Richard, Clarissa Cortez, Amaris Brown, Allene Manuel. Servet Satir, Mary Loyd, Pete Gresham, Rebecca Collins, Thad Angelle, Bryson McFarland, Chris Byers, RaeAnna Todora, Dwayne Duncan, Dyanna Sandlin, Martha Foley, Laurie Kosh, Taylor Trevino, Nancy Aycock, Patsy Brister, Reba Eddins, Barbara Briggs, Barbara Musser, Chuck Kirby, Katy Taylor, Kenneth Haas, Theresa Evans, Lyndsie Neie, Melanie Claybar, Bryan Garrett, Leroy Gomez, Mickey Smith, Sam Thomas, Tim Bayliss, Aimee Huckabay, Celeste Hart, James Cornell, Kevin LeCourtere, Jonathan Vogt, Justin McCullough, Stephanie Williams, Kristina Denman, Meagan McGill, Linda Klein, Liz Harris, Patty Burke, Shelly Ford, Trina Stringer, Veronica Smith, Ann Miller, Ben Carpenter, Cecil Allen, Brandon Swarers, Charles Cagle, John Moore, Joe Permar and Murray Moreland.


Joe Primeaux and Curtis Comeaux were having a barbecue sandwish and a couple of beers at Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill when Primeaux said, “Curtis, yesterday was my eighty-two birthday.”

“Da hell you say,” Comeaux answer. Den he axe, “Wat did Clotele give you for you birthday hanh?”

“Well, my little women gave me an SUV her.” say Primeaux.

Comeaux say, “Keyaw!” “Mais, dats amazing! Imagine dat, an SUV, wat a great gift dat is!”

Primeaux say, “Yup, she gave me socks, underwear and Viagra.”


Our former Congressman Kevin Brady, of the Woodlands, a nine term congressman and a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee is in line to become chairman of the powerful committee’s open seat.Brady has two rivals for the post, California congressman Devin Nunes and former vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Most believe the position is Ryan’s if he wants it, even though Brady has been in congress longer. Some are speculating that Ryan might go after the speaker’s post in January. If he plans on running for president in 2016, he would have to knock off Speaker John Boehner.*****Meanwhile, our Houston Congressman Steve Stockman, like I reported a few weeks ago, has now fired two top staffers due to his illegal money problems. This is a move to shake off his string of controversial episodes that have been part of Stockman’s political campaigns over the last two decades. Besides misreporting illegal donations,Stockman has a dozen other charges. Back in the 1990’s, he was investigated for campaign material made to look like newspapers. He again repeated this action in the last election. He continues to disobey the laws.Stockman is a perfect example of the dangers of straight party voting. Voters should always vote for the best candidate, not a party. A party is just a label and a candidate, good or bad, is for real. *****On another issue,Gov. Chris Christie was reelected with 61 percent of the vote in New Jersey. He governs from the center-right and that’s where the country is. Far right or far left can’t get elected in a national election however the extremist in the Republican Party keep shooting themselves in the foot. Instead of embracing Christie’s win,Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have hit the airways spewing the reasons Christi would be bad for the country.*****My time is up for now, hope you enjoyed the read and remember to shop our family of advertisers. We can’t thank them enough for making it possible to bring you this publication each week. Also check us on line at therecordlive.com. Take care and God bless.