We can all speculate at how the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, November. 22, 1963, changed the course of history but that’s not reality. History is real. It happened. You can’t alter it. True steps of history, big and small, are cast for the hereafter. We’re all free to think about what might have been if certain events wouldn’t have occurred. At the time of his death President Kennedy’s popularity was wobbling, just a fraction of the tremendous popularity that came five minutes after his death and since. The first three years of his presidency weren’t a great success. The “Bay of Pigs” invasion of Cuba was a disaster. His popularity bounced back some when he backed Russia down on the “Cuban Missal Crisis.”  Those Russian ships making a U-turn made Kennedy a hero. What the American people didn’t know was that a deal had been cut for the U.S. to remove missals from Turkey. Russia might have backed down anyway but without the Turkey deal who knows. Personally, I believe his greatest accomplishment was one he didn’t live to see, the space program, on the moon in one decade. Many have speculated that Kennedywould drop Vice-President Lyndon Johnson in a run for a second term. I don’t buy into that. LBJ helped elect him and Kennedy would need Texas if he hoped to get re-elected.  I believe he would have gotten a second term. LBJ would never have been elected on his own. Liberals like to claim JFK but he was more centered, leaning to conservatism. He was strong on tax cuts. He believed in a strong military and built it up even more than President Ike had. Kennedy drug his feet on the Civil Rights Act. He had promised it but he was reluctant to implement it. His death in Dallas came as no surprise to the FBI. They suspected an attempt might happen in Dallas. The city was home to some billionaire haters, ultra conservative segregationist, including H.L. Hunt. They wanted to stop the Civil Rights Act at any cost. They preferred LBJ, who openly used the “N” word and “Black Boys” was a favorite saying of his. Well, after Lyndon became president he threw those known as the “Superpatriots” in Dallas and conservatives around the country a real curve. He signed the Civil Rights Bill, the rest is history. I believe Kennedy would have handled Vietnam differently but that’s not history. John Kennedy was a fresh, young face after Ike and the old guys before him. He gave hope to the young, much like President Obama, who’s, according to my judgment, first term was far better than Kennedy’s because he came into office facing terrible circumstances, two wars and a failed economy. JFK had the Cold War but things were far better at home. His assassination made him a martyr. I saw grown people cry when he was shot. Who changed the times more, JFK or LBJ? President Johnsonmade it possible for a person of color to be elected president of the United States. My guess is if Bobby Kennedy had not been killed, he might have been elected when John’s term ended, even though he was liberal and unlike John, leaned for to the left. Who knows? We’re positive about the history; the rest of the story we will never know.(See Roy’s Down Life’s Highway column for his recollections of that day and the times.)*****I’d best move on. Hop on and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


State Senator Robert Nicholes came to Orange for a couple of functions Tuesday. One was to honor Pearl Burgess, 93, with a Senate Proclamation. It was a total surprise to her. She had been lured to Judge Courtney Arkeen’s courtroom on false pretences. County Commissioner, Judge Pro-tem David Dubose presented a Judges Proclamation in the absence of Judge Carl Thibodeaux. West Orange Mayor Roy MacDonald spoke of Pearl’s church work as a Sunday school teacher and student. Roy Dunn handled the M.C. duties. Judge Arkeen was a gracious hostess and her staff is to be complimented. Donna Scales, Shirley Zimmerman and Christy Kourey prepared the sweets. It looked like they tried to outdo each other as bakers because the cookies were great. Besides Ms. Pearl’s friends and dignitaries, two of Pearl’s lovely daughters Juanita, from Houston and Beverly, with husband Jody Raymer, attended. Judge Buddie Hahn, who has been sitting in on a three-week trial, visited his 95 year old mother at the Sabine House but  returned in time to catch Ms. Pearl’s festivities and meet his new senator. It was a fun time that Pearl will remember into old age. Sen. Nicholas is trying very hard to be one of us and all of Orange County should appreciate that. It’s been many years since the folks in Austin paid us any mind. Pearl Burgess is an example to us all on how we should handle our senior years.


12 Years Ago-2001

Saturday, Nov. 24, the Bridge City Cardinals advance to regional playoffs against the Sweeny Bulldogs, in Pasadena. The Bulldogs have been to 10 straight playoffs, 16 times since 1982. The Cards have held seven opponents under 100 yards. Bridge City is 9-2, Sweeny, 8-3. The Cards shut out five opponents, three in district play. They beat Liberty 34-14 in the first round, and are returning to the quarterfinals for the second consecutive season. A win over Sweeny will send B.C. to the state semi-finals; farther than they have gone since Big Red won the state championship in 1966. Bridge City is led by junior Jamey Knight, quarterback, defensive back and extra point kicker. In the Liberty game Knight completed eight of nine passes and intercepted two Liberty passes. His sidekick Luke Wolfford returned a punt 83 yards for a touchdown. He scored three touchdowns. Wolfford, a senior, also led the district in interceptions. Luther Sanders caught five Knight passes for 109 yards and one touchdown. (Editor’s note: This was a bad, tough bunch of Cardinals and most were junior and sophomores.)*****Record editor Jerry Childress,  Ace Amedo and Allen Dunn celebrate birthdays.***** A few local boys playing college football are Roy Locks, WO-S, Colby Doucet, B.C. and Chris Melton, B.C., all at Northwestern, Louisiana.***Jared Williams, B.C., transferred from Northwestern to SFA, Jeremy Stolfa, B.C., a 6 ft.8 in., 287 pounds guard, is a red shirt freshman at SFA. All but Locks played for Coach Les Johnson at Bridge City. Many of his players got college scholarships. *****County Commissioner John Dubose is elected to the executive board of Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. *****Bridge City baseball standout, catcher Tyler Hayes, signs with Louisianan Tech. ***** Bridge City baseball coach is Sam Moore, who was a star player for LA Tech. *****Deaths this week, gone but not forgotten. Karen Boehme Peery, 47, died Sunday, Nov. 25. A 1972 graduate of Lutcher Stark High, she was a licensed realtor and had worked for Jerry Hughes for 11 years. Karen was very active in the community and worked on many projects with her friend Debbie Hughes. Karen and her husband Joe were best friends and constant companions. Services were heldWednesday, Nov. 28. ***Tommy Lee “Andy” Anderson, 71, of Pinehurst, died Saturday, Nov. 24. He is survived by wife Beverly, four sons and two daughters. ***Agnes M. Carpenter, 87, dies Wednesday, Nov. 21. ***Jeffery Morris Almaguer, 42, of McLewis died Tuesday, Nov. 20. ***Ozema Beebe Monk, 82, of Orange, died Nov. 23. *****Jerry and MaryAnn McNeil will celebrate their 40th anniversary Dec. 1. *****Katie Dial celebrates her 12th birthday Nov. 26. *****Rusty Smith celebrated 50th birthday Nov. 19. *****Robert Irving earned his Eagle Scout rank.

37 Years Ago-1976

Houston Baker joins Jim Austin Olds-Cadillac. Baker is a former car dealer.*****Mike Feagin is a local motocross champion. He is competing with 600 other riders this week at Houston’s Rio Bravo Park.*****Liz Wickersham, semi-finalists in Miss America pageant, attends Frank Sinatra’s show in Westchester. N.Y., and she and Telly “Kojak” Savalas attend dinned with Frank and friends afterward.*****New figures show that Jimmy Carter carried Texas by 129,025 votes over Gerald Ford for president of U.S.*****Mrs. Sid (Dennis) Caillavett is in the hospital with pneumonia. Grandson Phillip is restoring the old Caillavett home at 1412 Orange Ave.*****L.K. Jarrell has purchased the Midway Gulf station on Texas Avenue.*****Paul Eason recently took a bride and now he’s down with one hell of a backache.*****Luis Dugas sat through the entire Texas Aggie game in the pouring rain at Memorial Field only to watch the Aggies whip up on Texas. Louis paid off bet by wearing a complete outfit of maroon and white all day on Monday. A good sport.*****Jackie Harmon is in hospital in Galveston.*****Ken Wyatt returned from a trip to Tennessee.*****Speck Faries is in Orange Memorial. Hospital.*****Ace Amodeo celebrates a birthday Nov. 26.*****Benita Hebert will be the manager of the new MacDaniel Liquor store on 16th St.*****Thanksgiving brings John and Jo Bernard a new baby girl. They named her Janet. She has one sister, Jennifer, and two brothers, John and Jimmy.*****A.J. Lapeyrolerie, a good man, celebrates a birthday.*****A few Cb’ers making the round are Coffee Cup, Creaser a Go-Go, Bedroom Bandit, Golden Bear, Snuff Gully, Stuttering Cajun, Lemon Lady, Bionic Woman, Rare Bear, Play Thing, Bedroom Lucy and Honky Tonk Angel.*****The Bridge City Athletic Director Any Griffin is honored at appreciation dinner prepared by Lennant “Carl” Carlson, owner of Alfredo’s La Cucina Italiana. Carl created a special whistle-shaped pizza for the coach. Twenty-three faculty members attended the dinner for the popular coach.


Congrats to the West Orange-Stark Mustangs on their very impressive 41-9 win over Huffman. If they stay healthy, I look for them to go deep in the playoffs. When this team is hitting on all cylinders, cutting down on turnovers and penalties, and with the “Chain Gang“ playing their “A” game, they can go all the way. This week they face West Columbus. One game at a time. Go get ‘um Stangs. *****Speaking of football, Coach Dwight Thacker stopped by. He is extremely proud of his former students Coach Josh Smalley at Orangefield and Coach Dwayne “Beaver“ Dubois, whose Hardin Jefferson Hawks move on in the playoffs. They meet Sweeny Friday, 7:30 at Alvin. *****Other than former mayor T.W. Permenter, I haven‘t heard about any successful deer hunts until I heard about the big 12-point Billy Ricks killed in Tyler County. He‘s Willie‘s boy at Shrimp Boat Seafood, on Hwy. 62. *****My favorite Saturday morning outing is breakfast at Gary‘s Café. I also like Gary‘s for an evening meal. They‘re famous for their chicken fried steak and I also like the hamburger steak, with plenty gravy and those large homemade French fries. I‘ve been eating there since Mr. Smith and his redhead started the place. Can‘t go wrong at Gary‘s. *****Ms. Essie Bellfield has been staying on the road a lot lately. She was the housekeeper at the Orange hospital for years. She will be the oldest in the housekeeping organization attending the convention in Las Vegas. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine this week at Robert’s and next week at Novrozsky‘s.Everyone always welcome. *****I’m hearing good things about the great job County Treasurer Christy Kourey is doing. She also is a very nice lady. *****Speaking of nice ladies, Karen Jo Vance, county clerk,everyone’s friend, has announced for re-election. Judge Janice Menard, justice of the peace, is also asking citizens to re-elect her. Both have many years of experience. *****Visiting with the Dunn’s this week is Dr. Amber Dunn, who is an anesthesiologist in Ohio. She has been buying fresh fruit and vegetables trying to get her grandfather to eat healthy. Good luck with that. She won’t be back for several months and will spend Christmas in Boston with her mother, sister and family.*****If you have family coming in for the holidays, let us know. It’s always good to have family come home for the holidays.*****Judge Carl Thibodeaux and Judge Derry Dunn are both attending mandated classes in Galveston. Most office holders tell me, “It’s no picnic, 16 hour classes away from home is not for fun.”*****A few folks we know having special days. On Nov. 20, a good guy, Ms. Phyl’s second son, Allen Clay Dunn, celebrates as does one of the late Dot Eshbach’s boys, Edgar, who is the dad of former pole vaulting champion Eric Eshbach. Pretty Realtor Sunni Oceguera celebrates on this day as does longtime Bridge City school board member Lon Hubbard, son of the late Bubba Hubbard.***On Nov. 21, Kathleen Steirman will help celebrate husband Joel’s 70th birthday and Tabatha Force will also celebrate.***Nov. 22 is attorney H.D. Pate’s perfect excuse to act old. On this day he is a year older. *** Our longtime buddy Butch Campbell is a year older. We’ve known him since he was a 13 year old kicking field goals.***A beautiful lady, Cecil Broom, who keeps Betty Harmon out of trouble celebrates this day as does Penny and Gerald’s boy Jason Leleux. Penny’s sister, Mary Tate, who lives up in Utah and keeps up with us on the web.***One of my favorite people, longtime legal secretary, who made Grover Halliburton look good for years, Jackie Roberts, celebrates another birthday.*** Birthday wishes on this day also to our friend Bobby Taylor, who has been fighting health problems but will mark his big day Nov. 22. Best wishes and God speed. He and Barbara celebrate 53 years of marriage on Nov. 24.*****On Nov. 23, Christina Tallant, a student at McNeese, a good photographer, the daughter of retired fireman John Tallant and wife Gwen celebrates as does Haylie Belcher and Rodney Petty.*****On Nov. 24, Debbie Hughes, Jack- of-all-Trades at Hughes Realty, always on the go, marks another birthday. The years don’t seem to slow her down. ***Pretty Kim Hubbard, Lon’s better half, celebrates this day as does Candace Todora. ****Nov. 25, finds longtime friend, longtime Bridge City Bank board member, Howard Morse, turning 90 years old.***Sherry Hummel, local realtor, celebrates on this day also as does Serena Simonton and Lana McCracken.*****On Nov. 26, D.J. “Ace” Amodeo, who a book could be written about, celebrates another birthday. Ole “Ace” has seen many years. I would guess about 90 and what a load of stories he could tell. ***Sears owner Russell Dillow is a year older and having a big sale at the local Sears store to celebrate. ***District Attorney, radio personality and football analysis John Kimbrough celebrates another birthday. He was a youngster when he came to the D.A.’s office and it hasn’t aged him much. ***The lovely Taryn Hubbard has a birthday. I wonder if all those Hubbard’s have one big celebration.***Last but not least is a good guy, Bill Smith’s grandson, Eric Andrus, owner of Central Office Supply, a great  place to do business.


Edgar Eschbach, Kevin Phillips, Sunni Oceguera, Hayden Clark, Whitney Mott, Allen Dunn, Jan Briggs, Jesse Evans, Lon Hubbard, Rose Powell, Tabatha Force, Hazel Spurgeon, Jason LeLeux, Mary Tate, Adam Schisler, David Heyduck, Bart Williams, H.D. Pate, Burford Rector, Marie McKinley, Butch Campbell, Dorothy Mathis, Cecil Broom, Larry Bridges, Misty Moody, Barbara Trahan, Belinda Thibodeaux, Bobby Tarter, Jackie Roberts, Brenda Spangle, Carolyn Hagen, John-Charles Newcomer, Christina Tallant, Haylie Belcher, J.O. McCune, Ann Caples, Ernest Swanson, Rodney Petty, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Thomas Hutchison, Jeff Hollis, Candace Todora, Jessica Stark, Justin McCarthy, James Crocker, Kim Hubbard, Debbie Hughes, Joel Gilbert, Rebecca McLemore, Sherry Hickman, Serena Simonton, Vivienne Mathews, Amber Permar, Christie Smith, Sherry Hommel, Kelly Stanley, Michael Chapman, Lana McCracken, Holly McKinley, Christi Nelson, Mason Grizzaffi, Shelly Hollier, Taryn Hubbard, Katie Deal, Wanda Ferguson, Wanda Monogue, Colby Daville, Juantia Schilcher, Dana Bryant, Russell Dillow, Emily Fischer, “D.J. “”Ace”” Amodeo”, Eric Andrus, Jessica Harkness and John Kimbrough.


George Boudreaux and his wife, Thelma Lou, was preparing for bed dem wen she say, “George, you left da light on in da garden shed.”

George him he open da back door to go turn it off wen he spot some mens in da shed stealing his tings. He pick up da phone him and call da police, “Hello, dis is Boudreaux and some mens are in my shed, come quick.”

Da police him he axe, “Is dem mens in you house?”

“Mais no,” Boudeaux answer. “In da shed.”

“Well den,” say da policeman, “All patrols are busy dem, so Boudreaux, jus lock you door and an officer will come by wen he’s available.”

Ok,” say George, and he hung up and counted to 30 and he phone da police again.

“Hello, dis is Boudreaux, I jus call you a few seconds ago bout dem mens in my shed, well, you don’t have to worry bout dem cause I jus shot dem all me,” den he hung up.

Boy, in tree or two minutes, four police cars and one ambulance wit sirens blaring and lights flashing come to a screeching halt at Boudreaux’s house. Da police caught all dem burglars red handed dem.

One policeman came up to George and axe, “Mr. Boudreaux, I tought you said dat you had shot demall?”

“Dat’s right said Boudreaux, but I thought me dat you said dere was no police available, hanh?


Monday evening I called Peggy’s on the Bayou and ordered a mess of barbecued crabs. For the next hour we knocked our lights out. What a treat. If you remember the famous Sabine Pass barbecued crabs, Peggy’s are just as good. The full moon has produced some full crabs. Treat yourself and get a mess, you’ll love ‘um.*****A reminder. Don’t forget the Baptist Hospital Community Health Fair, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday. Find out what ails you or might ail you.*****The Houston Chronicle reported that Congressman Steve Stockman is again in deep do-do. The guy had six campaign workers living in an abandoned building that the city condemned and that’s not all. He’s the result of straight party voting.*****Speaking of voting, a lot of local candidates are filing for office. Some office holders are playing musical chairs. In most cases you can’t blame them, they either don’t want to get caught up in another straight party blitz or they’re hoping to avoid opposition.  For those officials nothing will change. It’s not the party, it’s the person. Changing brands won’t change the fact that they are good or bad servants.National brand or national politics have absolutely nothing to do with local governing. Politics is politics, it all a game. Support the best candidate, the party really doesn’t make one better or worse. Right here at home it’s who you believe to be the best candidate because of local policy, not national or state policies.*****Well, I’ve come to the end of my time. Thanks to our advertisers for making this all possible. Read us cover to cover and check us out on our website Take care and God bless.