Defendants James M. Lout (Mayor of Jasper), Capt. Gerald Hall, former dispatcher Lindsey Davenport, former officer Ricky Grissom, former officer Ryan Cunningham and the City of Jasper, Texas have agreed to settle a civil rights lawsuit with Plaintiff Ms. Keyarika Diggles for $75,000.00.

After being arrested early Sunday morning, May 5, 2013, for an allegedly unpaid ticket, Ms. Diggles was brutalized by former Jasper Police Officers while dispatcher Davenport watched without intervening. Ms. Diggles was dragged like an animal into a darkened “detox” cell (even though she was not intoxicated) and left battered and bruised on the floor for hours without medical attention. To add further insult to injury, she was then stripped naked and illegally searched.

In an effort to cover their wrongful actions, the Jasper Police Department filed “resisting arrest” charges against Ms. Diggles. Those charges have been dismissed.

It has been over six months since Ms. Diggles was attacked by the JPD officers. However, to this day no criminal charges have been brought against them.