It’s been 72 years since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That day is one of the most memorable events in my life. The attack led to the United States being involved in World War II. We listened to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s address to the American people on a neighbor’s radio. “This day will live in infamy,” he said. From that day on our lives changed. Everything was rationed, from tires to soap.  Neighborhoods planted Victory Gardens. Everyone helped gather scrap iron for the war effort. Everything from foil gum wrappers to tin roofing went on the scrap pile. We had air raid alerts where everyone had to turn off their lights. No problem for us because we didn’t have lights anyway. The entire community would be pitch black. Millions of American youngsters went off to war and over a million were killed before President Harry Truman ended the war with the Atomic Bomb that brought Japan to its knees. Locally, I’m proud to be a friend of one of the Pearl Harbor survivors, Cedric Stout, 92, of Bridge City, was on the Utah when it was hit. Cedric is still active and often attends the Wednesday Lunch Bunch gatherings. Besides all his other lovely daughters, he is the father of our longtime friend, Darlene Montagne. Orange played an important part in the war effort through its shipyards and consolidated steel mill. Workers came from all over the country and many stayed after the war to marry local girls and raise their families. During those shipyard days, “Rosie the Riveter” came into existence because of the shortage of men workers. Orange grew from a sleepy town of 4,200 to over 70,000 people. Many today are natives of Orange County because of Pearl Harbor and the war that followed and their parents choosing to stay in the area. The years have flown by but we still have many who recall that dreadful day. In just a few years however, the folks of that historical day will have come, lived and went away. *****I need to move on now. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The 2013 United States Congress worse in 66 years. The slide in productivity began in 2011 after Republicans captured the House majority. A comprehensive immigration bill, passed by the Senate, sits idle in the House. A defense bill has ground to a halt. A farm bill, that sets the nation’s agriculture policy, has languished in negotiations. Both chambers are divided on spending bills. The 16-day government shutdown slowed the economy. The most pressing item comes up Dec. 13, the deadline for the House and Senate to reach a framework for spending levels for the rest of fiscal 2014 through Sept. 30. Then another shutdown could loom when government funding runs out Jan. 15, plus the GOP’s effort to repeal health care law has soured relations on Capital Hill. Congress has a nine percent rating.


We were saddened to learn of the death of Joyce Poche’ Bernard, 93, who passed away on her birthday, Nov. 28. She was with us exactly 93 years. For several years Joyce ran a column, in the “Opportunity Valley News,” and some of her articles also appeared in “The Record.” Joyce was one of the few people I’ve known who was from Poche’ Bridge, a community near St. Martinsville, Louisiana. If you ever traveled the Interstate to Baton Rough you may recall the old Cajun house on the right near Breaux Bridge. The Civil War home belonged to Joyce’s grandparents. I enjoyed visiting with her and stopped at her picket fenced home on Holly Street, Brunner Addition, in West Orange from time to time. She was such a lovely lady. She and Paul Bernard had nine children, 25 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and 13 great- great- grandchildren. Service will be held at 1 p.m., this Thursday, Dec. 5, at Claybar Funeral Home, in Orange. Visitation from 10 a.m. to service time. Please see obit. May she rest in peace.


12 Years Ago-2001

December 7 marks the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 2001, the local chapter of the Pearl Harbor survivors association lists three veterans still living in Orange County. These three veterans were on the island between 7:50 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. on December 7, 1941. Navy veteran Cedric Stout, 80, was on the USS Utah when torpedoes and bombs struck the ship. (Editor’s note: Stout is now 92-years-old and lives with his wife Candy in Bridge City.)*****Navy veteran J.L. Rougeau, of Mauriceville, was aboard the Medusa; Army veteran, Ervin Brody, 79, of Bridge City, was in his barracks when Wheeler Field was attacked, fortunately Brody’s barrack was spared. (Editor Note: I’m not sure if Rougeau and Brody are alive now in 2013.)*****The Bridge City Cardinals defeat Mexia 33-14 at SFA in Nacogdoches, in Class 3-A Division I, Region III finals. Senior Luke Wolfford had three interceptions and threw a 57 yard touchdown pass to Luther Sanders. Runner Matt Peebles ran for three TD’s. Dwayne Breaux gained 82 yards and now has 1,029 yards on 170 carries for the season so far. Bridge City rolled up 401 total yards against Mexia. This week, the Cardinals travel to A&M’s Kyle Field, to face the 13-0 Sinton Pirates in the semi-finals. The Cards and the Pirates are only two of the four remaining teams; a win by either will send them to the state championship game. This is the farthest the Cards have gone since the 1966 state championship. Sinton has scored 599 points, 46 points per game average. They have scored over 100 in all four quarters and have held their opponents to seven points or less in eight of their 13 games. They have allowed only 57 points in 10 regular games and 40 in the playoffs. This week the Bridge City residents will pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, everyone is headed to Kyle Field for the biggest shootout in 35 years. Last one out, turn out the lights. One more win and Big Red is state bound. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Clinton Robert Stanley, 60, died Dec. 6. He is survived by his wife Gloria, five sons Darrell, Dennis, Matt, L.J. Ellis and David Ellis, two brothers Wallace and Roger Stanley, four sistersVera, Winnie, Jean and Shirley.***Melbourne “Mic” Jones, 74, died Dec. 7. Funeral held at Dorman Funeral Home Dec. 11. ***Joseph W. McClelland, 66, died Dec. 9. He was a retired lab supervisor for DuPont. He is survived by his wife Judy and his mother Earlene, three daughters and their husbands, Myra and Alan Sanders, Annely and Drew Domas, Paula and Randy Ragsdale, one son and his wife Wes and Michelle.***Bert D. Flickinger, 63, died Sunday, Dec. 9, at Baptist Hospital Orange, after an illness. He was owner of Flickinger Insurance Agency and was active in civil and community activities. He was survived by his wife Rebecca, two sons George and Bert, Jr. and one daughter Vivien. ***Thomas “T.J.” Permenter, 72, died Dec. 6. ***Robert Thomas “Bobby” Jones, 68, died Dec. 6. ***Thomas G. Jacobs,78, died Dec. 3. ***Bobby Ray Thomas, 65, died Dec. 3. ***W.D. “Bill” Payne, 89, died Dec. 4.

37 Years Ago-1976

Don Burgess offers reward for the return of his small white terrier dog lost around Chives apartment. If you know Don don’t bet on it being much of a reward, maybe a coke and a bag of peanuts. *****Frank Hryhorchuk is chairman of Bridge City Christmas Basket committee. *****Ace and Jo Amodeo hosted the monthly supper club. The group left the Amodeo’s after a nice get-together for Patrizi’s Italian Restaurant. The group also celebrated Louis Dugas’ birthday, Dec.12. The Ramsey’s, Conway’s, Pasternak’s, Bill and Martha Hughes, Corky and Betty Harmon, James and Janet Fontenot, Roy and Phyllis Dunn, Beth Dugas and others finished the night at the Pasternak’s lovely home in Beaumont.*****A party hosted by Betty Harmon at her home drew more than 200 ladies.*****Cecil Beeson will hold his annual Christmas gathering Friday night.***** Roy Dunn was awarded a special plaque from the Junior Football League. *****The Dolly family celebrates birthdays in December. Mom Vera on the Dec. 5, Jenny the 7, Kenny the 10, Kathy the 11 and Daddy Gerald the 12. *****Diane Prince celebrates on Dec. 14. *****Maxine McFarlane turns 4 years old on Dec. 13. *****A surprise birthday party at the KC Hall catches Flo Edgerly off guard. Husband Gene said he had been unsuccessful at trying to surprise Flo on her birthday since they were childhood sweethearts as far back as the fifth grade. Those folks have been together all their lives. Gene cheated a little; Flo’s birthday is not until Christmas Day. *****Liz Lieby celebrates a birthday this week. *****Harmon Chevrolet, third and Green, has a new 1977 Chevrolet Suburban Wagon loaded for $7,985; new Chevy truck for $3,423. *****The LC-M Bear Junior Midget’s won championship. Players are Arty Crow, Luke Smith, David Winford, Scott Burleigh, Rip Matthews, Brian Freeman, Cazzy Francis, Kirk Lambert, Steve Griffith, David Hulsey, Todd Soape, Kyle Fite, Hugh Landry, Scotty Wells, Max Locke, Freddie Brooks, Kendall Henry, Nathan Carline, Gary Gooch, Will Trotter and Curt Hyde. Coaches are Matt Matthews, Joe Thomas, Willie Joe Soape, Harold Burleigh and Bill Fite. *****Granger Seafood and Steak House has a super hamburger for 69 cents.*****Top country songs are No. 1, “Thinkin’ of a Rendezvous” by Johnny Duncan; No. 2, “She Never Knew Me” by Don Williams; No. 3, “Good Woman Blues” by Mel Tillis; No. 4, “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” by Mickey Gilley; and No. 5, “Hillbilly Heart” by Johnny Rodriguez.


The Bridge City Christmas Light Parade is postponed until Dec. 14.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs advance to play the Carthage Bulldogs after squeezing by Jasper in a 18-16 win. It was the kind of game that gives coaches heartburn. Coach Cornell Thompson said before the game, “To win in the playoffs you have to have a running game.” If the Mustangs don’t find their running game it could be a long night. I believe the Stangs will go to a power play “off tackle” and be successful running the ball. Making the passing game their bread and butter. I look for an improved Mustang team to bring home the bacon.*****Mauriceville is holding its annual Senior Citizen Supper on Saturday, 5 p.m. at Mauriceville Elementary School. Nelda Burton says everyone from the Mauriceville area over age 55 is welcome. Judge Derry Dunn will serve as MC.*****About the time I was starting to believe Capt. Chuck Uzzel had lost his mojo and was unable to kill any ducks, he showed up with a mess of freshly killed ones. He was running late with his fowl gift but we were happy to get them. Now if I could just get someone to fix me up with deer meat and a mess of white perch. If you’re going to wish, might as well wish big.*****For the first time since World War II, our buddy Millard “Neighbor” Cox, 89, and his bride of over 65 years, Ms. Ginny, have been apart this long. Ms. Ginny has been at daughter Karen and son-in-law Keith’s home in Oklahoma for over a month and not planning to come home until Christmas Eve. He told her to enjoy herself because that would be the last time she would be gone so long. I asked him if he was sewing any wild oats while Ginny was away. After a few seconds he said, “No, these days my wild oats are mostly enjoyed with prunes and All-Brand.” Cox always has an answer. *****I was thinking about Judge Courtney’s twins, due on December 27. That happens to be the birthday of the best criminal attorney and defender of the accused I know, Attorney Sharon Bearden, who celebrates on that day. Courtney, you could do worse but I won’t give any examples. *****By the way Sharon, have you checked FaceBook, because O’Dell is on it. *****A few folks we know celebrating their birthday in the next few days. On Dec. 4, Dana Simmons, Special Olympics athlete and star, celebrates. ***Also on that day, Gwen Tallant, stained glass artist, has a birthday. Her other claim to fame is that she’s the longtime bride of retired fireman, John Tallant. *****On Dec. 5, our buddy Rene’ Hanks, mayor of Starks, married to the beautiful Lucy, celebrates. Also having birthdays are Shea Bolton, Francis Breaux, Belinda Force, Susie Collins and Mary Bridges.*****On Dec. 6, Bridge City High School principal, once known as “Little Richie Briggs” Mr. Richard Briggs celebrates, also Debbie Bishop and Cherry Jones.*****On Dec. 7, our friend Jim Keith, a loyal Record reader, who keeps up with us on celebrates. Jim moved away from Bridge City after Ike but he stays in touch. ***On this day also Bridge City’s first police chief, Kree’s grandfather, married to the lovely Veronica, Wilson Roberts celebrates. ***So does long gone from B.C., Buddy Sheppard. ***Randy Philpott, a good guy also will be a year older on this day. *****On Dec. 8, Samantha Peveto and Dick Davis celebrate. *****Dec. 9, Eryk Gibbs, son of Nicole and Dusty Gibbs, will celebrate his 4th. We sure miss our former office manager ‘Nicky‘ who now lives in Oklahoma. *****On Dec.10, Doris Peveto, longtime Orangefield resident, celebrates. ***Also top chef at the Old Orange Café, Ms. Peggy Claybar’s little boy, David Claybar celebrates. ***Also celebrating on this day are Cindy Briggs and Monica Placette. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list. *****Corky asked, “Why do all those people run for president when they have to know that they are going to lose?” There are no losers; everyone who runs for president is a winner. You see, that is the only office in the land that you personally get to keep all the money left over from your campaign. Example: If Rick Perry runs and raises $100 million and at some point it’s obvious he can’t get the nomination and quits the race, he gets to pocket the $20 million or so he has left. People like Rick Santorum, or the old man, Ron Paul, have made a good living running for president. Ted Cruz, Rubio and the dozen others can’t win but they don’t lose by making a few million that they get to keep. *****I can’t ever remember watching a football game with the outcome of the Alabama-Auburn game. A 108 yard field goal attempt runback won the game for Auburn with no time left on the clock. The Tigers upset the Tide 34-28. Alabama had attempted a 56-yard field goal to win the game with one second left on the clock. The kick went wide right and was runback for the winning TD knocking Alabama out of first place.*****Visiting the Lunch Bunch last week was congressional candidate, Michael Cole, and his campaign manager, John Baker. Michael is often confused with the plumber by the same name, but the candidate Michael is a school teacher running against Steve Stockman. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and Peggy’s Off the Bayou, Hwy. 62 next week. Everyone is always welcome.*****I’m sure by now most of you have received your mail out, fake newspaper, from Stockman, paid for by the tax payers. Inside he tries to stroke communities in his district. He hasn’t visited those places or he would know the U.S.S. Orleck hasn’t been in Orange for several years. Everything in the Stockman Sentinel is rehashed stuff. The Houston Chronicle called last week for a congressional inquiry into Stockman’s unlawful practices. The Congress was brutal with Congressman Charlie Rangel, who had done much less than Stockman. *****Al Deroche, Keith Wallace’s old buddy, stopped by. It seems he totaled his truck when a big oak tree jumped out in front of him. Try as he might, he couldn’t avoid it. *****John Kimbrough, for the most part, continues to be on target with his football predictions. *****Earl Thomas and the Seahawks destroyed the Saints 34-7 Monday night. Earl got a lot of TV exposure and good words from the announcers. *****I didn’t realize WO-S quarterback, Sterling Cole, is the son of the great high school, Texas A&M and pro player Chris Cole. Young Sterling sure has it in his genes. Chris was always one of my favorite players. I often bragged about him as an Aggie. *****Area High School Realignments: The first realignments figures are out for high school football. It’s not sure these numbers will hold, however if the UIL uses the January enrollment numbers. These figures may change the final February plan, especially if it’s just a few students. I’m not saying anyone would cheat, but so far here’s the numbers and alignments for Orange County schools. In 5-A, Central, 1688 students; Vidor, 1303; PN-G, 1390; Ozen, 1163; Lumberton, 1109; Livingston, 1104; Nederland, unreported. In 4-A Division 1: LC-M, 1043; Silsbee, 781; Bridge City, 759; Jasper, 686. In 4-A Division II: Hardin Jefferson, 605; WO-S, 594; Hamshire-Fannet, 548; Orangefield, 536. What will be most confusing are teams playing in this alignment in sports other than football. Disappointing also are teams that are next door to each other not playing games, like no Bridge City-Orangefield game or no West Orange-Stark Bridge City game. Over the years these teams playing each other have drawn sellout crowds.


Dana Simmons, Catherine Allen, Dick Jackson, Gwen Tallant, Stephanie Kreger, Francis Breaux, Belinda Force, Susie Collins,, Mary Bridges, Rory Piccone, Shea Bolton, Steve Hightower, Debbie Bishop, Woody Carter, Cheryl Jones, Barbara Cartwright, Lois Cornwell, Mayme Bock, Richard Briggs, Emily Mangham, Michelle Potter, Vianna Miller, Jim Keith, Tracey Gilliam, Buddy Sheppard, Lois Boehme, Randy Philpott, Channing Larkin, C.R. Dick Davis, Samantha Peveto, Barry McKenzie, Bobby Couthran, Eryk Gibbs, Hazel Hooper, Elissa Kern, Jay Fuss, Mark Braus, Sharon Johnson, Doris Peveto, Michelle Watson, Shelly Motts, Bonnie Hopperton, Sean Ureta, David Claybar, Monica Placette, Cindy Briggs, and Karri Piccone.


Otis Dartez and Cedric Simoneaux, on Saturday, went to da gulf course dem. Dartez, him stood over his tee shot on da 450-yard, 18-hole, for wat seemed like an eternity. Dartez him, wagged, looked up, looked down, waggled again but didn’t start his back swing him.

Finally, his exasperated partner Simoneaux axe, “Wat da hell is taking you so long hanh?”

Dartez answer, “Well, my wife, Lula Mae, is watching me from da clubhouse balcony her. I want to make a perfect shot me.”

His companion Simoneaux say, “Otis, you don’t got a chance in hell you, of hitting her from here.”


The Affordable Health Care site is on par for new clients. It loads in less than a second most of the time. The website works smoothly for the vast majority of users. However, folks against the program will search out any problems and those are the incidents they will highlight, not the millions of people able to get health insurance for the first time. Already four million youngsters under 27 are covered on their parents insurance. I’m told over 2,000 of them are in Orange County. Several people we know will now be able to have insurance despite pre-existing conditions. My bet is that the Health Care Act will be the best thing since medicine and Social Security. Someday, after correcting its course several times, it will be the world’s best health program.*****Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.