Team Catching Fire and Team Frost Bytes from Community Christian School recently competed in an FLL (First Lego League) Nature’s Fury Qualifier at The Rice School in Houston. Parents, mentors, and coaches attended the qualifier in support of these teams.

Teams are judged on points scored at tournament tables with robots built and programmed to perform autonomously. There are three rounds at the tournament table. Teams are also scored on team activities, CORE values, research and project presentation which includes creating an invention or to improve upon an existing invention in order to make lives better during a natural disaster.

Team Frost Bytes chose ice storm as their natural disaster, and Team Catching Fire chose wildfires.

Team Catching Fire was one of 10 teams which advanced to the Lone Star Competition which will be held Jan. 4, in Katy.

Coaches for the teams are Anna Maria Anderson and Tammy Hanks.

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