Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Dec. 13, 14, 15, and the morning of Dec. 16:

Traffic accident, 4533 Tulane Rd.
Traffic accident, 1710 16th St.
Shoplifting, 1408 16th St.
Assault, 111 Pine Ave.
Theft, 2205 16th St.
Fraud, 321 Strickland Dr.
Warrant service, 400 8th St.
Theft, 3770 N. 16th St.
Criminal trespass, 305 Burton Ave.
Traffic accident, 16th and Link
Public intoxication, 1800 block S. Service Rd.
Traffic problem, 1000 Park Ave.
Family disturbance, 220 S. Farragut
Miscellaneous, 1301 Park Ave.
Assist motorist, 608 Strickland
Family disturbance, 220 S. Farragut
Assist public, IH-10 at 16th St.
Miscellaneous, 3330 Bowling Ln.
Assist other agency, IH-10 FM 1136
Assist other agency, IH-10
Assist other agency, 3932 FM 1078
Traffic warning, 3300 Edgar Brown Dr.
Miscellaneous incidents, 14th and Inwood
Traffic accident, 1600 MacArthur Dr.
Ambulance assist, Mickler
Miscellaneous incidents, 400 16th St.
Process service, 1801 Dupont Dr.
Larceny from vehicle, , 6896 Hwy. 87 N.
Possession of cocaine, Simmons and Turrett,
Assist public, 16th and Cordrey
Traffic accident, Alabama St.
Found property, 611 Decatur St.
Burglary, 549 Lilac St.
Warrant service, 3000 16th St.
Larceny of bicycle, 320 S. 44th St.
Runaway juvenile, 201 8th St.
Assist public, 201 8th St.
Forgery/counterfeiting, 7241 IH-10
Public service, 201 Azalea St.
Warrant service, 2600 MacArthur
Warrant service, 3011 16th St.
Public service, 1710 16th St.
Warrant service, 16th at MacArthur
Warrant service, 1400 S. Hart Ave.
Warrant service, 2323 Lutcher Dr.
Warrant service, 2226 Cross Ln.