Dr. John Edward Coratti, 63, of Orange, died Saturday, Dec. 14, at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont. Memorial service will be at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 18, Claybar Funeral Home in Orange, with Father Susil Fernando officiating.

Born in Jersey City, NJ, on Nov. 17, 1950, Dr. Coratti was the son of Nicholas and Bernice Mae Coratti. He served in the United States Navy and worked as the director of criminal justice at Lamar State College Orange. John was an active child to a degree, he loved to read, anything and everything. He also loved his T.V. and he, along with his cousins Jerry and John, collected Marvel Comic Books for years. John had asthma as a child so we feel this is one reason why he did not climb trees or play in the mud. He was a bookworm, plain and simple.

He always looked out for his six younger siblings, Laura, Linda, David, Stephen, Fortune and Pamela.  He was a Mommy’s boy, but boy did he love her Italian cooking. Though she was Irish, she cooked for her Italian American husband and all their children.

John went to Point Pleasant Boro High School and graduated in the class of 1969.  When he was a freshman, he played some football but did not excel in it. He preferred wrestling. The team gave him the nickname “The Spider” …he would creep in and take down the opponent.  He did that a few years until one day he broke his shoulder while wrestling.  All over the half body cast his team mates wrote the words, “The Spider Lives”.  Yet, his wrestling career was over. His Mother was a happy lady that day.

He was very proud of his Italian-Irish roots. Besides his Mother, his other great love was his Maternal Grandmother, Myrtle Dolly Johnson. Oh, how he adored this 5’2 eyes of blue Irish lady. My Mother looked just like her.

Yet, he adored his Father Nicholas as well and was very proud of the fact he had Italian blood running through him. He was more Italian than Irish.

Through high school he loved the theater; he was in many high school plays. His love for the theater even carried him through college. He not only was an actor in the plays, but many times was also the Director.  Out of college he created his own production company called “John a-Dreams Repertory Theater”.  And later became a Hollywood playwright.

He would go to see a play in New York City as many times as he could. He even had tickets for this coming Christmas time. I am sure he will be watching from above.

He is in my Mother’s arms now and that makes us feel safe.

John went to many colleges and got his Doctorate Degree, two Masters and a Law Degree.  He was a Professor of Criminal Law and his students admired him.  He married Joyce and they have a spoiled Pit Bull that is the love of their life. If you listen to his beautiful wife Joyce, she will tell you it was John who spoiled him…… I tend to think both had a hand into that one…How could you not. The dog’s name is Cabal.

John will be missed by all of those who loved him and that is a lot of people.  Facebook has tons of condolences being written for him and tons of photos of him.  His Father will miss him and wondered why John was taken over him. After all he is 88 years old….. Not his time yet. I believe my Mom wanted to see her first born….

Whenever you saw John, he had a book or two in his hands; he was never without reading material.  He yearned for reading.  Dr. John Edward Coratti, named for both of his Grandfathers will be sorely missed.  He was someone who gave great advice.

Dr. Coratti is survived by his wife, Joyce Mann Coratti of Orange; father, Nicholas Coratti of Point Pleasant, NJ; daughter, Chasity Burris and husband Darren of Dickinson; son, Michael Dixon of Orange; grandchildren, Keegan Dixon, Tyler Burris, Jaycelyn Goff, Cohen Granger, Ella Broussard; siblings, Laura Coratti, Linda Englund, David Coratti, Stephen Coratti, Fortune Wludyka, Pamela Coratti; nieces and nephews, Eric Englund, Brian Englund, Jennifer Coratti, David Coratti, Christopher Coratti, Matthew Coratti, Corey Coratti, Joshua Dalton, Evan Pearce, Tiffany Pearce, Ella Broussard; great-nephew, Kal-El; and great-niece, Lilian Mae.