We have rolled up on another Christmas and are very grateful to be here with you and still be able to knock out this weekly column and bring “The Record” to you. We thank our faithful readers who have made us the most popular and most read publications in Orange County. Christmastime is a great time to say thanks to a great stable of column writers who are always current, informative and interesting. Our staff, week after week, do a yeoman’s job of putting out a good paper. Thanks also to our distributors who deliver the paper to your door at no cost. Most of all we are grateful for our family of advertisers who make it all possible by using our two newspapers to spread their message. We reach more consumers than any other combination of publications.*****Among our stories this week, we have a special feature from Glenda Dyer, who spent many years in the area as a Beaumont Enterprise reporter, Orange Leader editor and writer for The Record. She also published her own newspaper in Bridge City for a time. Today, she and her husband, Paul,live in Tennessee, near Nashville, on a large family farm in a home built in the 1800‘s. She still publishes an online publication in her area. Her special feature in this week’s Record is a unique story that begins in Orange around Christmastime in 1943. As far as I know, the story and the discovery by Huw and Martha Howells has never been told locally. You will find it very interesting to discover how the history of Orange shipbuilding finds its way to Devon, England at an interesting place; the home of legendary writer, Agatha Christie. It’s Glenda’s Christmas gift to all of us. ****I’ve got a long way to go. I’d be proud if you come along; I promise it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2003

Three dead in murder-suicide:  A 23 year old woman, Wendy Roque, and Lance Pearson, 37, were shot by Alvarez Roque, 33, husband of Wendy Roque. When approached by deputies, the 33 year old husband shot himself in the head with a handgun. Justice of the Peace Janice Menard said, “The body of the woman was outside and Pearson’s body was in his residence, a mobile home in Vidor.” Judge Menard said an 18 month old child was found at the scene and was delivered to Child Protective Services unharmed. Menard said, “That is so sad right here at Christmas.” The Judge also said a 78 year old man was killed as he was looking under his hood when the gear shifted and ran over him. She could not relate his name but said it occurred on Winfree Road, off Highway 62. She also said a woman died traveling from Florida to McAllen to spend Christmas with her grandchildren. She became ill where she stopped at a local restaurant and died. Judge Menard said, “I love my job but this is the tough part.” I ask God for strength.”*****Celebrating birthdays on Christmas Day are former JP Flo Edgerly, Gordon Baxter, 80, and Ronnie Hutchison. Sissy Spacek turns 54. *****Coaches Mark Forman and Cornell Thompson haven’t been hanging on to jobs very long since leaving West Orange-Stark. They just left their latest jobs at Huntsville.*****Congrats to Amber Dunn, who last week received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin College of Natural Sciences. Amber is a Bridge City High graduate. (Editor’s note: Amber attended the Texas Tech Medical School and served her residency in Cleveland, Ohio. She is presently an Anesthesiologist in Youngstown, Ohio. She is the daughter of Mark Dunn of Bridge City.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Donald A. Gunn, 76, died Sunday, Dec. 21 at St. Elizabeth. Services will be Wednesday, Dec. 24 at Claybar. Gunn was a retired plumber and former constable of Pct. 2. He was a U.S. Navy veteran during WWII. Gunn is survived by his wife of 56 years, Mary Lou Pacher, son, attorney Tommy Gunn, daughters Donna Mitchell and Diana Dotson and their families.***Kyle David Richardson, 16, of Bridge City died Friday, Dec. 19, at Texas Children’s Hospital after a brief illness. He was a sophomore at B.C. High. ***Aaron “A.G.” Burch, 72, died Dec. 19 at Herman Hospital. ***Richard A. Hudnall Ferris, 47, of Mauriceville died Monday, Dec. 15. ***Delward “Del” Fred Keischnick, 64, died Dec. 16. ***Joseph O. Broussard, 81, died Dec. 16. ***John L. Toups, 55, died Dec. 19. ***Georgia Gertie Welch, 94, died Dec. 22. *****Joe Kazmar, in his Kaz’s Korner column, runs his annual Santa’s list. For many years Kaz has been publishing his list. Over the years many of his friends have left us. (Editor’s Note: Joe again publishes his list in this issue. It’s amazing how many that were on the list 10 years ago are no longer with us. Joe updates his list every year. I would bet that less than 20 percent of us on his original list of 40 years ago are still around to enjoy this Christmas season. See who is left.)

 35 Years Ago-1978

Celebrating birthdays this Christmas week are Elmer Newman, Dec. 24. ***Old Uncle Gordon was born on Christmas Day. Baxter will be 55 on Dec. 25***Celebrating Christmas Eve are Wilda Martin and Holly Maddox. ***Bridge City’s sweetheart, beautiful and sexy Ann Segura, celebrates the day after Christmas.*****Some of the folks seen floating around town doing last minute shopping were James “Stick” Stringer, Asa Mansfield, Crip Trahan, Bob Montagne, Ernest Willard Frank, Buddy Rhodes, Curry Barton, Raymond Seltzer, Bill Stringer, Alvin Keown, Butch Ibach, Sunny Gunstream and Cecil Beeson. (Editor’s note: Stringer is the only one still with us.)*****The Len Savignano home on 16th Street, in Orange, is lit up with its annual large Christmas lighting display.*****Mada Armstrong, a natural born palm and card reader, is located at 1710 Strickland.*****Fahimen Maynard and Sharlet Courmier are partners in the Vision Center Inc., a new business in the Davis Cooper building on 16th Street.*****The Gunrunner Inc. is located at 507 Green Street.*****Bickham Lincoln-Mercury is located at the Circle.*****Effie’s Plants and Gifts is located at 2 Cleo Street, in Longford Addition off N. Highway 87 in Little Cypress.*****There are 22 Sak-N-Pak stores, owned by Lynn and Carol Emmerson, in the Golden Triangle.*****The Fashion Scene is located at 333 Roundbunch in Bridge City.*****Ronnie Theriot is a car salesman at Stephen’s Buick.*****Noguess Mortuary is located at 2300 MacArthur in Orange.*****Spotted at the Village Squire were the Three Stooges, Tina Cotton, Nancy Scarborough and Kim Young Worster, bride of Gary Worster and mom of new baby Jacob.*****Betty Jo Spence is editor of the Dunn family owned Opportunity Valley News, located at 109 6th Street in Orange.*****Albert Gore, assistant Bridge City superintendent  is BC Rotary president. Other officers are John Brooks, first vice president; Don Cole, second vice-president; Charlie Patten, third vice-president; Chapman Bell, secretary-treasurer; Tim Lieby, sergeant-in-arms; directors are Lawrence Helton, Roy Dunn, C.R. Nash and Hank Eckhardt.*****Attorney Buddie Hahn celebrates his 35th birthday on Dec. 19. (How young we all were.)


I saw where Dr. Sam Monroe, Lamar Port Arthur president, will retire next year on Aug. 31. We have been fortunate to have known Sam since we were all much younger. He has been the only president of Port Arthur Lamar, installed in 1974. His parents started Port Arthur College, which later became Lamar. They would be proud of the great job he has done. Sam is one of the finest men I’ve known, something that is shared with every young musical artist of the back-in-the-day. Someone else will take his place but no one will ever replace him. LSC Port Arthur is a true successful story, along with the museum that Sam made happen.*****Congrats to Chief Cliff Stutes, husband of the beautiful Donna Peterson Stutes, who was grand marshal of the 72nd Pearl Harbor anniversary celebration on Dec. 7. The Navy Chief led the parade in a 1961 convertible with his lovely daughter Donna Peterson, Jr., one of my favorite people.*****I got a note from my cousin Sostan informing me that in South Louisianan Cajuns can’t be called “Coonasses” anymore. Due to the climate of political correctness sweeping the country, I will have to refer to him and other Cajuns as “Acadian-Americans.” Furthermore, he says, “Sugar Bee” said to tell me she is no longer a “Babe” or a “Chick”,  she is a “Breasted American.” Also, she said to quit referring to her as being “Easy.” She is “Horizontally Accessible.” I’m going to have a hard time adjusting to this political correct stuff. I’m too old to learn a new language.*****Jerry Wilson, political activist and chief local recruiter for the local Republican Party, is throwing his hat in the ring to lead the Orange County Republicans. As Party chairman, Wilson is for split ticket voting. He recently recruited a Democratic candidate to run against a Republican candidate by paying the filing fee. He would be a bipartisan chairman. Now I’ve lived to see everything. It gets crazier and crazier.*****I see in 10 years ago that Donald Gunn passed away. What some people may not know is that Donald was the youngest person in Texas at the time to get a Master Plumbers license. His beautiful wife, Mary Ann, is still very active. Did you know she is the aunt of Yank Peveto and Al and Dean Granger? Small world.*****Our friend, Margie Stephens received an early Christmas gift. While visiting Dallas/Fort Worth, Harry surprised her with a new 2014 BMW.*****The national GOP is holding clinics on how to run against women. I’d like to be a fly on the wall at those clinics. They better study. I look for women to make those ‘Old Boys Club’ members look at their hole card as women make more gains than ever.*****The Greater Orange Area Chamber held their annual awards dinner meeting last week. Congrats to Chad Jenkins, Ag. teacher at Orangefield, named Citizen of the Year. Beverly Perry received the Athena award. They were well deserving, as well as the other civic workers who were recognized.*****Jamie Winston, Florida State quarterback, became the youngest player to win the Heisman award Saturday. The 19 year old is the second freshman to win the award. Johnny Manziel, A&M, winner last year, came in fifth in this year’s ballot.*****Class 3-A Division I high school state championship pits Kilgore, 14-0 against Carthage, 14-1. The game will be played Dec. 20, at Arlington AT&T Stadium at noon. Carthage, who defeated WOS, beat LaGrange, 51-22 to advance to state.*****Mack Brown will be gone from UT after 16 years as coach of the Longhorns. His final game will be in the Alamo Bowl against Oregon, Dec. 30. Brown, age 62, did a far better job than he’s getting credit for, but in coaching, it’s ‘what have you done for me lately’.*****We heard from a long lost friend, the Rev. John Bernardini. He used to be a regular at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. He’s an evangelist who travels around.****The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. The Bunch will not meet again until Jan. 8, again at Robert’s. Everyone will  be glad to see each other again after the Christmas break.*****A few good folks we know celebrating their special day this week: On Dec.18, Julia Alleman, Marty Taylor, Gloria Brown, Mandy Hoffman and Jill Vaughn celebrate.***This is also the date that the Rev. Leo Anderson passed away. We all miss him.*****On Dec.19, the late Gene and Judy Hidalgo‘s son, “Mitch“ celebrates. Gene and Judy are gone but not forgotten. Also, celebrating is Gena Cessac, Bill Cardner, Raymon Hughes and Christina Carpenter.******Dec. 20, longtime friend, Port Arthur native and Market Basket checker, Anne Hargrave, celebrates as does one of the great guys, former union boss, Kenny Pigg and another great guy, Phillip Welch, who turns 55. Granny Peanut, Eula Mae LeLeux reaches her 92nd on this day. Everyone loves the “Peanut.”******On Dec. 21, a good friend of many years, a great judge running for his last term, Dist. Judge Buddie Hahn celebrates. It is also Buddie and pretty Ms. Carol’s 44th wedding anniversary this week. Best wishes.***Our little friend, raised around the Creaux’s Nest in Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood, Jimmy Skadowski, II, turns 20 on this day. He’s Pattie Hank’s baby boy who now lives in California.*****On Dec. 22, a pretty Bridge City lady, Phyllis Broussard, celebrates as does Rodney Harmon, Debi Foster, Yvonne Veillon and Clevie Fontenot.*****Dec. 23, a wonderful lady “The Fudge Lady,” longtime educator and beautiful person, Joy Scarborough celebrates. I haven’t seen her around lately but hope she’s doing fine.***Also, celebrating is longtime photographer, Chris Gunn, who comes from a long line of photographers. Granddad T.L. and Buzzie, both gone, left their marks in local photography. Chris is married to beautiful Cindy Gunn.****On Dec. 24, Al’s better half, a nice lady Helen DeRoche celebrates.***Also, on this day, Rene, mayor of Starks, and his lovely bride, Lucy Hanks, celebrate 58 years of wedded bliss.***On Dec. 25 celebrating Christmas birthdays are former JP Flo Edgerly, Ronnie Hutchison, Earline Russell, Velma Theriot, Ruby Ryan, Rushia Mae Cooper, Evelyn Foster, Janelle Deutsh, Randy Wuske, Mary Frances Hartley and Louise Buker. I always think about those poor mothers being in labor on Christmas day.*****Also, a belated happy birthday to Art Ferris who celebrated on Dec. 16.  Happy birthday to all.*****Christmas time visits happening around the Courthouse:  Attorney Joe Alford has lots of family coming in for Christmas as is his usual family tradition.***For the first time in eight years, Joan Worthy, from the Court Administrators office, and husband Al, are having her sister and brother-in-law, Peggy and Tommy Smith coming in from Huckleberg, Alabama. ***Glenda Mello and her Orange City Councilman husband, Bill Mello, are looking forward to spending time with her brother and sister-in-law, Marian and Jimmy Derks, who live in Austin.***Courthouse Bailiff Bill McKeon and wife, Stephanie have his in-laws, Dana and Doreen Pranger, from Alvin, and brother-in-law Eddie Currie from Houston, coming in to share Christmas.***Assistant District Attorney Cory Kneeland and wife, Angela are having his father-in-law, Buddie Mann, from Warren, and his parents, Foster and Sandy Kneeland, from Houston, spending Christmas with them.***Deputy District Clerk Carolyn Pennick and husband, Jerry, are having daughter, Amber in from Colorado to celebrate Christmas with them.*****If any of you Orange County folks have out of town company coming in you might want to serve them a special treat of fresh packed “Crawfish Tails” from Big Daddy’s. Great for dips, etouffee or any other dish. The crawfish are caught locally, packed locally and very tasty. Far different than those dry, tasteless crawfish from China. Fix a crawfish dish and your guest will remember Orange County.*****Roy writes a Down Life’s Highway column about Christmastime as a lad. He says back then crawfish catching was a necessity, not a delicacy like today.*****I see where 15 candidates are running for United States Congress to replace Stockman. Only one is from Orange County, educator Michael Cole. The rest are mostly from the Houston area.


Mandy Hoffman, Tracey Lynn Broussard, Webster Trahan, Daniel Brocklehurst, Dyann Schiler, Gloria Brown, Jill Vaughn, Julia Alleman, Dan Brocklehurst, Ellisia Smith, Christina Carpenter, Marcu McLellan, Mitch Hidalgo, Raymond Hughes, Ruth Fournier, Bill Cardner, Janet Holland, Shelby Vogt, Stacey Bates,  Andrew Havens, Jeremy Granger, Jeffery Huebel, Elizabeth Parish, Kenneth Pigg, Majed Jaarah, Marion Martin, Matt Reeves, Daniel Perry, Buddie Hahn, Rick Deutsch, Bill Bailey, Glenda Granger, Paula Hall, Rachel Guidry, Donny Robbins, Andrea Whitney, Phyllis Broussard, Rodney Harmon, Yvonne Veillon, Clevie Fontenot, James Robbins, Charlee Lemons, Dale Burns, Debi Foster, Rodney Petty Sr. , Walter LeBlanc, Chris Gunn, Jane Holton, Sue Cowling, Holly Bryan, Joy Scarborough, Mindy Granger, Toni Thompson, Trey Clark, Terri Estes, Helen DeRoch, Lewis Sims, Mary Jane McCune and Mike Dillion.


Naville Badeaux and his wife, Lula Mae, were lying in bed, turned in for da night. Naville was falling asleep but LuLa Mae was in a romantic mood her and wanted to talk. She said, “Babe, you used to hold my hand wen we was dating.”

Naville reached over and held her hand for a few seconds and rolled over to get to sleep him.

Lula Mae said, “Den you used to kiss me.”

Naville, mildly irritated, leaned over and gave her a peck on da cheek and settled back down to sleep him.

A few seconds later, Lula Mae added, “Den you used to bite my neck.”

Really pissed by now, Naville threw back dem covers and got out of bed.

Lula Mae axe, “Where you going hanh?”

Naville say, “To da bashroom to put my teets in.


After hearing about the death of country singing legend, Ray Price, I was just thinking how fortunate I’ve been to have lived through the times of pure, true, country music and the great artist who sang the songs and played the music. Price was an East Texas boy, born in Perryville, raised in Dallas. Willie Nelson, Roger Miller and Johnny Paycheck were at one time Price band members. This year we lost two of the best in George Jones and Ray Price.*****A very special lady, Inez Hearne , turns 95 years old this week. What a trooper. We’ll have something on her birthday next week.*****Also, next week, The Record Newspapers will not be out until Thursday morning, the day after Christmas. We will feature our “End of Year Wrap Up.” A good time for advertisers to run their clearance sales. All advertising deadlines will be Monday, Dec. 23, 12 noon for after Christmas specials and all press releases.*****Thanks for coming along. Read us cover to cover. Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you. Take care and God bless.