Well, we’ve come to the end of another year. 2013 went by with rapid speed. The weeks and months just ran into one another. I don’t recall a year passing so fast. Maybe it’s because I kept my nose to the grindstone. I haven’t taken off any except for one short trip to Buna to visit our friend George, at David Self Tractor. He’s been too busy lately to visit. They’re putting in a new NAPA parts store. *****Nationally, we’re ending the year on a high note. The stock market is at an all-time high. I’m really optimistic about 2014. I see a boom because of rising companies launching initial public offerings, potentially creating new jobs and stroking economic growth. When we think back to just five years ago, when we were knocking at the door of a depression, you can’t help but praise how far we’ve come. With the recent sale of the government’s remaining shares of G.M., the auto bailout is coming to an end. It is impossible to say what would have happened without the bailout but none is good. The economic record of the past five years could have been better but it certainly could have been worse. *****Welcome to our All Orange County Football Teamannounced in this issue. Congrats to all the youngsters who made it and to those who participated. A big thanks to all coaches who play a big role in the development of young athletes in all sports. *****I have a few regrets during this fading year. My biggest regret of all is the personal friends I have lost throughout the year. Those are the times that really hurt. Hopefully I will be spared so much pain in 2014. I’d best get started on this last column of the year. Our next paper will be New Year’s Day. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



House Speaker John Boehner finally found his balls, unfortunately he didn’t find them in time to prevent the October government shutdown that cost the country $54 billion. That was enough money to have passed a jobs bill, saved food stamps to the poor and gone a long way toward extending unemployment insurance. All that however, is water under the bridge. Boehner finally woke up to the fact that he leads a congress that has only a 10 percent approval rating from the American people. Apparantly he and some of his cohorts, Canter, etc, had to admit what the rest of the country knew, which was Boehner’s congress was being controlled by Sen. Ted Cruz and his influence over Tea party congressmen. Finally, Boehner and others of the same mind have decided to sacrifice party unity in the interest of the nations good and saving regular, mainline Republicans from being drug further down in the muddy ditch. We could be witnessing an old guard revolution in search of the Republican leader they have been waiting for. Who but Paul Ryan jumped ahead of the pack. The budget deal he and Sen. Patty Murray crafted is not that great a bargain but its something that prevents another budget crisis through 2015. Boehner’s unexpected attack on conservative groups was long overdue. He said about the radical groups, “They are using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals, this is ridiculous.” What a change. A couple of months ago, in the fiscal crisis, he was being led by a ring in his nose. Besides pressure being put on Boehner in his Ohio district, he got the blessing of Canter and Ryan who were moving away from the Tea Party. What does all this amount to? I’ll tell you, it’s Paul Ryan’s elevation to grown up status. Ryan will be the establishment candidate.



12 Years Ago-2001

State Rep. Ron Lewis will not be a candidate for that office. A large stable of candidates are lining up to replace him. Many predict it will be the costliest State Representative‘s race ever, maybe up to $150 thousand. At the last minute, Mike Hamilton, owner of Tuffy’s, in Mauriceville, threw his hat in the ring. He says state and national Republicans urged him to run. Loyal attorney Paul Clayton will run as a Democrat. Also running is former St. Rep. Curtis Soileau and also David Fisher of Silsbee, grandson of Joe Fisher. Fisher was defeated by Todd Staples last year. John Baker, of Bridge City, has also filed as a Democrate. Others are expected to jump in the race before next weeks filing deadline. *****Inez Hearnturned 85 on Dec. 17. She has announced that she will retire for real this time.*****Ennis, the team that defeated West Orange-Stark for the state football title, repeated and won the second state championship in a row by defeating Bay City 21-0.*****Burkeville, Rep. Ron Lewis’ home town, wins the state football championship by beating Celeste 27-8. (Editor’s Note: They don’t play football anymore do they?)*****Louis Dugas writes a weekly column for “The Record,” Vickie Toal and Wanda Walker are his co-writers.*****George and Sandra Navarro have two sons, Jonathan and Justin, who are serving in the United States Air Force.*****Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Davis, of Orangefield, celebrate their 50th anniversaryDec. 28.*****Roy and Phyllis Dunn celebrate 47 years of marriage Dec. 31.*****GONE BUT NOT FOTGOTTEN: Norma Mae Morris, 88, of Orange Died Dec. 20.***Elaine Cecil Peveto, 78, died Dec. 20.***James Leslie Darnall, 82, died Dec. 17.***Dennis Wayne Collins, 49, of Mauriceville, died Dec. 21.***Jeannette Swift, 83, of Bridge City, died Dec. 20.***John E. Stephenson, 77, died Dec. 23.*****Hormer and Becky Stark celebrate 60 years of marriage but romance dates back to grade school. (Editor’s note: Both of these fine people are gone now. It was a pleasure to have known them as friends.)*****A very young Hunter Uzzle goes duck hunting with dad and proudly displays a downed duck in a great photo in the County Record.*****Two youngsters, Keller Free and Justin Granger, caught a 46-pound drum at Eddie Free’s “Honey Hole” off of the Neches River near Sabine Lake. Grandma Skipper Free celebrates her 78 birthday. *****Karen Jo Vance celebrates a birthday Dec. 28. *****Polly Chapman Gamlin  celebrates Dec. 31. (Editor’s note: That should make Violet’s little girl about 53 this New Years Eve. *****Doug Harrington has annual oyster-eating, served with crackers and hot sauce, get together for his friends on Christmas Eve. Some attending were Johnny Montagne, John Dubose, Sharon Bearden, Bobby Cormier, Roy Dunn, Gene Edgerly, Wilson Roberts and the Montage boys, John and Jason. (Editor’s note: Doug died a couple months ago.)


35 Years Ago-1978

The year is coming to an end. It’s been a good one here in Opportunity Valley. Former Justice of the Peace, County and District Attorney Jim Sharon Bearder will make the same New Year’s resolution that he has made over previous four years. Go on a diet. So far, his plan hasn’t worked. He’s had a net gain of 22 pounds in four years; 1979 is the year he says that he will capture the battle of the bulge. (Editor’s note: We’re glad to report that Sharon is lighter today than he was 35 years ago. That shows willpower.) Pretty Karen Jo Vance celebrated a birthday on Dec. 28. She’s a lovely youngster. ****Norma Fusilier, a very attractive lady, celebrated her special day Dec. 31. Sweet Polly Chapman Gamblin reaches adulthood, 18 years old onDec. 30. *****F.C. “Speck” Ferris and Rachel celebrate their 40th on Jan. 1. Also, on the same day Travis and Shirley Williams celebrate their 12th. *****Doug Harrington hosted his annual Christmas Eve raw oyster party at his pharmacy. Jimmy Conn ate and drank the most. So far, word hasn’t reached us that anyone came up sick from over stuffing. Haven’t heard either if the oysters helped any of the old boys make out later. We’re not sure if it enhanced any of their performances. That’s what they were bragging about with each oyster they swallowed. *****The 10 most watchable men according to “Man Watchers Inc. are James Cann. No 1: Tom Jones, No. 2; TV newsman Dan Rather, No. 3; John Ritter, No. 4; Gavin Macleod, No. 5; Wayne Rogers, No. 6; Robert Urich, No. 7; Mike Douglas, No. 8; Q.B. Pat Haden, No. 9; boxer Ken Norton, No. 10.*****Dennis Hall celebrates a birthday Jan. 2. He presented a Texas Country Rocker, with a carved Office Hound on it, to Roy for Christmas. *****Doctor Joe Majors was honored by Bridge City Rotarians. Majors is a graduate of the University of Texas-Austin and Baylor College of Dentistry. He and wife, Mary, moved to Bridge City from Clarksville, Texas, in 1959. He was Bridge City’s first full-time practicing dentist.



The Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathered at Robert’s for their annual Christmas get together hosted by Robert himself. The group had a great time telling stories. Among the guest were Rev. John Bernardini and his lovely wife. Our Pearl Harbor veteran, Cedric Stout, brought pretty Ms. Cherry or maybe she brought him. Mike Abbott had his wife Kay as his guest. Everyone was nice but Roy who gave Judge Janice Menard a hard time. Judge Derry Dunn and Judge Joe Parkhurst, Pinehurst City Administrator said their wives could not attend this year because school was still in session. Shirley Zimmerman was looking forward to seeing her only grandchild in Dallas as well as the rest of the family over the Christmas Holidays.Corky ate a quick lunch and returned to the car lot where they are short handed. T.W. Permenter said his lovely wife Lyndia is enjoying better health and looked forward to the holidays. Judge Claude Wimberly, as usual, always has a story from out of the past. The other dozen are so talked about holiday plans and the friends who have passed away since our last yearly gathering. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s again on Wednesday, Jan. 8. Everyone is welcome to visit. There are no dues, just good fellowship with great people from all walks of life. Make it a point to come and enjoy a friendly group every Wednesdaythroughout the year. ******Judge Buddie and wife Carol motored to New Orleans last weekend to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary. Great folks, one of my favorite couples. *****Neighbor Cox got his Ginnyback over the weekend. She had spent the last seven weeks in Oklahoma with daughter Karen and son-in-law Keith. They got out of Oklahoma just in time before the big snow and ice storm. Cox gained six pounds while Ginny was away. She said he probably ate everything he wasn’t suppose to. *****Congratulations toLyndi Morris, manager of the Express Mart, at Texas Ave and Roundbunch, in Bridge City. Lyndi was honored at the annual company holiday luncheon with the “Manager of the Year” award. A big deal when you consider all their stores. Besides work, Lyndi attends classes at Lamar Port Arthur. Her hours are filled with not much time for a love life. By the way, she’s not bad to look at either and she bakes cupcakes. *****My old truck needed some new shoes. I shopped around for tires and ended up buying four new tires at Dupuis Tire Center and Station in Bridge City. I saved $80 on a set of better quality tires. Took only 35 minutes and I was on my way. I suggest if you’re in the market see Earl, David and the guys at Dupuis before you buy.Dupuis is also the only Full Service station in the Bridge City area.*****Back in 2007 when Bridge City NFL kicker Matt Bryant was with Tampa Bay we wrote about his community work and his selection as a finalist for the Walter Payton “Man of the Year” award. Now Matt, who is having another great year kicking for the Atlanta Falcons is again nominated for the Payton award by the Falcons for his community work. He is one of 31 players around the NFL nominated. The winner will be announced at the Super Bowl halftime. Matt makes all of Orange County proud. *****I heard from my Cajun folks around Lafayette after the Ragin’ Cajuns beat Tulane 24-21 in the New Orleans Bowl. It had been a long, dry spell for the Cajuns. Thousands of South Louisiana Cajuns converged on New Orleans Saturday. I wonder if they ran into Buddie Hahn. The French Quarters was loaded with Acadian Americans.*****Make plans to attend the Bridge City“Taste of the Bayou” annual banquet and awards event on Monday, Jan. 13, 6 p.m. at the new Orange County Convention and Expo Center on Hwy. 1442. The event is open to the public. A variety of good food will be served by different food service businesses. The Chamber will recognize the citizen and business of the year will be awarded. The finalist for business of the year are Dupuis Gulf, David Self Ford and Bridge City Bank. This is also a good opportunity to tour this great, new Orange County Center and shelter of last resort. Some good Cajun music, by “The Gulf Playboys” band will be featured. A fun night for all. *****The Dallas Cowboys squeezed a 24-23 win over the Redskins to set up a showdown with Philadelphia for the division championship. The winner goes to the playoffs, loser stays home. Philadelphia knocked off Chicago 54-11 Sunday night. The Eagles and Cowboys will be the feature game Sunday night. Don‘t bet the farm.*****Meanwhile, the Houston Texans helped Payton Manning, Denver QB, set a new record of 51 season TD passes in a 35-13 win over the Texans.*****Finally, right here in Orange County we have a new venue bringing in some top entertainment. Our buddy Jeff McCarson, you might remember him from the Longhorn Club, along with Shana Wilson and their son Cash have opened a very unique place called“Mudbugs,” located on Hwy. 62 at 105. A lot of people are raving about the place. Friday nights are set aside for some real Cajun fun with a lot going on weekly also. You might want to mark your calendar for Jan. 10, a big night with Deno Delafose. For reservations call Shana at 454-2154. Watch for their ad weekly in our papers and tell Jeff we sent you. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Dec. 16,Ashley Burris, Laura Floyd, Emily Glover and Kent Broussard all celebrate birthdays. ***The late Ann Segura celebrated on this day also. In 2011 Curtis Lee, longtime Bridge City resident passed away. *****OnDec. 27, It’s is hard to believe attorney Sharon Bearden has reached the senior class. It seems just a short time ago that our little brother came home a Baylor Law graduate and hung up his shingle. He served as district attorney and gave it up for private practice, which he still has today. He is still the best defense attorney in three counties. *** Russell Bottley, a great guy, who fought off cancer and never lost his personality, celebrates today. ***Bridge City mayor, longtime public servant whose biggest claim to fame is being married to Shirley, Kirk Roccaforte celebrates this day. Also, if things go according to plan Dist. Judge Courtney Akeen is expecting twins on this day. A boy and a girl. *****On Dec. 28, one of our three sweethearts, County Clerk Karen Jo Vance celebrates. She is also celebrating that she doesn’t have to run a race defending the great job she does. It seems a shame to me when office holders, doing a good job, have to spend a half years pay defending their public record.***Lynn Montagne, Stacy Roberts, Pam White and Lynn Cardner also celebrate.*****Dec. 29, pretty Harriet Dubose celebrates as does Jacklyn Bradberry Pam LeDoux and Sam McLellan.***Dec. 30, Paula Aven, Kendra Peveto, Kari Stringer, Rebecca Hannegan and Joe’s lovely daughter, Kate Kazmar Butcher celebrate. A group of nice ladies. ******Dec. 31, A great gal, David’s mom and Debbie’s mother-in-law, Norma Fusilier celebrates on this day.***Also our longtime friend Kenneth “Kee-Kee” Dupuis and Richard Hunter celebrate. Best wishes to all.*****A belated happy anniversary goes out to Rodney and Anita Bussell who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with a reaffirmation of their marriage covenant. The couple was honored with a reception at P K’s Grill, Orange. Hosted by their children Jason Bussell and wife Lisa and Jeff Bussell and wife Valerie. 



Earline Russell, Ruby Ryan, Ronnie Hutchison, Rushia Mae Cooper, Velma Theriot, Evelyn Foster, Janelle Deutsch, Louise Buker, Mary Frances Hartley, Randy Wuske, Ashley Burris, Emily Glover, Jennifer Ferguson, Kent Broussard, Laura Floyd, Jean Marshall, Rebecca Johns, Rob Turner, Bobby Sibert, Judy Taylor, Kirk Roccaforte, Lorraine Bonin, Max Pelham, Lynda Montagne, Jacob Broussard, Stacy Roberts, Debbie Taylor, Harriet Dubose, Kenneth Wiemers, Karen Jo Vance, Linn Cardner, Raymond Costilla, Pam White, Slade McClanahan, Pam LeDoux, Sam McLellan, Jacklyn Bradberry, Larry Padget, Sherrie Reid, Lauren Leger, Kari Stringer, Kate Kazmar Butcher, Kyler Walron, Paula Aven, Kendra Peveto, Madison Ranee Hanusch, Marie Perkins, Rebecca Hannegan, Richard Hunter, Jessica Anderson, Norma Fusilier, Sandra Hovind, Hayden George and Kenny Dupuis.



Da Thibeaux boys dem, drive crazy yea. Joe Comeaux get a ride into town wit one of dem. Tee-Boy kept running dem red lights. Joe him, he gets nervous and he say to Tee-Boy, “You not suppose to do dat you.”

Tee-Boy answer, “Well, my brother BooBoo does.”

Wen day come to da next light it was red too. Tee-Boy him, he speed up rat through dat one too.

Joe him, he is really scared and he screem, “Tee-Boy, you not suppose to do dat you.”

“Well, my brother Boo Boo does.”

By the seven red light, Joe him done just bout mess in his britches he’s so scared. Jus as they got to da eight light da light it turn green.

Tee-Boy him, he slam on da brakes. Da car, it nearly turn over.

“My God, now wat da heck are you doing?” Joe axe nervously.

Tee-Boy say, “Well my brother Boo Boo, he might be coming da utta way him.



First I want to thank each and every one of you who have tuned into this column every week of the year. I thank you for your praise and ignore the wild-eyed criticism. Creaux and I don’t try to please everyone, every time, but we hope to bring you a column that is different than any other. The views expressed are not those of this publication. We strive every week to be factual, informative and entertaining. A little something for everyone. Sometimes “The Bird” will fall off his perch and squawk too loud about something but then again, if it needs saying, we might just blab it. Writing this column 52 weeks out of the year runs into more work than you might imagine. Really, there is no down time. There time that goes into more than just writing. About the time I get to thinking Creaux and I are getting too old and tired to do this I hear some encouraging words from the readers and it gets fun enough again to continue. One lady wrote, “I can’t wait until the next Wednesday to get my County Record. It’s the highlight of my week.” A man wrote, “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have a Cajun story to look forward to.” so you see, we keep rolling along. You may not always agree but you have to admit we’re persistent.*****Cover to cover you would be hard pressed to find a publication loaded with so much good copy, wrapped in a plastic bag and delivered to your home free of charge. That’s a lot of good stuff for nothing. Thanks for your loyalty. My time is up for this year, but I’ll be back with you the first day of 2014. Have a safe New Year’s Eve and take care. God Bess.