Congratulations to all of the bright students who participated in the annual Math Olympics for third through eighth grade students.  Community Christian School had 34 students compete at the local level.  Eighteen of those students qualified to go to the Area Competition in Houston.

Third Grade Computation – Carolyn Wilhite, Superior (2nd place); Isabel Sylestine, Superior (4th place),  and Gage Mott, Excellent.

Fourth Grade Computation – Daisy Bergene, Superior (5th Place); Tyler Shearin, Excellent, and Ricky Ethridge, Excellent.                        

Fifth Grade Computation – Chloe Griffith, Excellent; Cole Reneau, participant,and Genesis Chambers, participant.

Sixth Grade Computation – Kaelan Long, participant; Julianna Sylestine, participant, and Hannah Chitty, participant.

Seventh Grade Computation – Jacob Carter, participant; Katie Jasper, participant, and J. Michael Woodcroft, participant.

Eighth Grade Computation – Marlaina Delarosa, participant, and Joya Sullivan, particiapnt.

Third Grade Reasoning – Gil Gomez, participant; Isaac Rizzato, participant, and Elijah Samuel, participant.

Fourth Grade Reasoning – Emily Robinson, Excellent; Lauren Williams, Excellent, and Aron Akhtar, Excellent.

Fifth Grade Reasoning – Blake Johnston, Excellent (4th place), area; Logan Ellis, Excellent (5th place), and Rachel Rose, Excellent, area.

Sixth Grade Reasoning – Brice Sylestine, Excellent (4th place); Rahul Patel, Excellent, and Julian Oceguera, Excellent.

Seventh Grade Reasoning – Kaley Breaux, Excellent; Cade Daigle, participant, and Allison Le.

Eight Grade Reasoning – Nate Willett, Excellent (4th place), and Brendan Sylestine, participant.