Several emergency agencies have responded to the Dupont facility in orange tonight. Jerry Ziller, with the Orange Fire Dept., says officers from Orange PD, OCSO, West Orange PD, and Pinehurst PD, along with Acadian Ambulance, have responded to the plant.

An officer with OCSO says he responded to a separate call, and saw a flash of light int he air, and minutes later learned from a dispatcher that there had been an explosion at the facility.

There are no known injuries.


Orange Police Department reports many people have called in multiple reports of explosions of unknown origin, but there have been no requests for emergency services at this time.

There were two load booms shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday night that rattled buildings, accompanied by a roar and a light in the sky south of Orange, but the light went dark in a matter of minutes.

OPD Dispatch confirmed they have received many complaints about the noise, but no one has called to report a fire or explosion at an exact location at this time.