Little Cypress Elementary third grade teacher Vicky Holland announced at the beginning of the school year that the student in each of her classes with the highest Accelerated Reader points at the end of each semester would get to have dinner with her.

Jaylen West, from Holland’s homeroom, and Tyrone Wilson, from Annette Theriot’s homeroom were this semester’s winners.

“They each decided, when I made the announcement, that they were going to be the ones to have dinner with me,” said Holland. “They never gave up and never let anyone pass them.”  Jaylen and Tyrone chose Spanky’s Restaurant and had dinner with Ms. Holland on Thursday night.

Both students have big life plans that they shared with their teacher over dinner. Jaylen wants to play in the NBA and Lebron James is his favorite player. When he grows up, he wants to go to college, move to California and live in a mansion with 34 rooms. Tyrone is going to move to Oregon when he graduates from high school and play for the Oregon Ducks. Then, he wants to play in the NFL. Tyrone is a huge NFL fan and knows all the players and stats.

With that kind of determination, it seems Jaylen and Tyrone have already taken their first steps in accomplishing their goals.

Mrs. Holland is proud of all the Little Cypress Elementary third graders and their accomplishment.

Pictured are Jaylen West, Tyrone Wilson, and their teacher, Vicky Holland.