The National Weather Service in Lake Charles continues a winter storm warning for our entire region through Wednesday morning. Snow is now falling in east Texas and central Louisiana, transitioning to sleet along the I-10 corridor of southeast Texas and southwest and south central Louisiana.

Here are the specific forecasts for each region:

For east Texas and central Louisiana, snow will be ending this evening. Total snow accumulation will be one-two inches, with ice accumulations of less than a tenth of an inch.

For southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana, sleet could mix with snow late this afternoon or evening, before ending as snow before midnight tonight. Total snow accumulation will be one-two inches, with ice accumulations a little less than one-quarter of an inch.
For south central Louisiana, sleet will continue through the afternoon and evening, before transitioning to sleet and snow late tonight, and taper off after midnight. Total snow accumulation will be one-two inches, with ice accumulations of around one-third of an inch. The combination of ice and winds of 20 mph could result in a significant ice storm, with extended power outages possible.
Elevated roadways and bridges region-wide will have frozen precipitation on them through Wednesday morning. If the sun comes out Wednesday, temperatures will warm to the upper 30’s to near 40, and most of the frozen precipitation will melt or evaporate from the elevated roads and bridges. Shaded sections of the roads and bridges would be the last area to melt. If it stays cloudy, frozen bridges will last into Thursday morning.