The most hyped Super Bowl in history has come and gone. The results were not what anyone expected, 43-8. My prediction was that if Seattle scored 28 points they would win. I didn’t believe anyone could score 29 points on them. After the safety, just 12 seconds into the game, I told those gathered, “Guys, this could very well be a blowout.” The Denver/Manning diehards were not convinced until the second half kickoff return by the Seahawks. Our guy Earl Thomas got a lot of air time and Coach Jimmy Johnson told about Earl being from Orange and him from Port Arthur. Earl, for sometime, has been an Orange County star but today millions of people in the US know who Earl is. Soon he will visit the President at the White House with his teammates. Earl became only the third local guy to play in a Super Bowl, Kevin Smith, Shane Dronett and Earl. Kevin won three rings and I’ll bet that before Earl’s playing days are done he will equal or surpass that. The Seahawks are young, tough and talented, with a coach they believe in. No one could have beaten them on this day. However, to place blames on Manning is wrong. The guy did everything he could. He’s one of the great ones, even though my vote still goes for Joe Montana. Payton’s entire team, on both sides of the ball, never did step up to the challenge. Earl and the Seahawks are fun to watch. They fly to the ball. It’s speed across the board. Earl Thomas III makes Orange County proud. Please read the story by Mari Ellen Jacobs, who was his former school teacher and friend. I have to move on, with a long way to go. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


 Statewide politics don’t seem to be creating the interest it usually does. Texas is not really a voter state. Texas ranked dead last among the 50 states in voter turnout for the 2010 general election with only 36.4 percent of registered voters. The national average was 45.5 percent. For the most part, it seems Democrats have lost interest. They have to show up on the ballot. This year, no Democrat has filed for election to a county position in 86 of Texas’ 254 counties. In 168 counties, no Democrat is running for county judge, including Orange County. Nationwide, Hillary Clinton is polling 73 percent. Even in Texas, she is bumping 50 percent so there are some Democrats out there. Gerrymandering has created “safe” districts. In 2010, only five out of Texas’ 32 U.S. House seats were completive, with most winning by large margins. Democrats have candidates in only 12 of 15 statewide offices. Only 40 percent of the 150 Texas House seats have Democratic candidates. Thirty-one Texas senate seats are up; only 40 percent have Democratic candidates. I heard the debate between the Republican candidates for Lt. Governor; my guess is that incumbent David Dewhurst could win the four-way race without a runoff. He’s going to need a good turnout in the March 4 Primary. Dan Patrick, a Tea Party candidate, trying to ride Sen. Ted Cruz’s coattails, is running second with about 20 percent of the vote. Patterson and Staples are near 10 percent. Dewhurst knows the pitfalls of a runoff; he’s been there before. Only half at most return to the polls in a runoff. That makes runoffs unfriendly to incumbents. The Lt. Governor’s race in the primary is the only race pulling the wagon. The governor’s race is not contested. The U.S. senate race has very little interest. Sen. John Cornyn’s opponent is nutty Steve Stockman. I bet he will get 30 percent of the nutty vote. With not much statewide interest, local candidates in Orange County will have to pull the wagon. Right now interest is low despite a very important county judge’s race. This seat is not a ceremonial position and folks should really be concerned about who takes over from Judge Thibodeaux. It is a full time job, with a lot of responsibility and a large payroll and budget. It’s not a ribbon cutting job. One open seat is to be filled on commissioner’s court from Pct. 2. Early voting Feb. 18 to Feb. 28. Election Day is a month away, March 4. *****Daily I run into voters who say they will sit it out until the General Election in November. Some voters feel disenfranchised. Gerrymandering is part of the problem. The U.S. Congress race is a good example. A small rural county like Orange has very little say in a Houston controlled district with a dozen candidates. Until redistricting changes that, we will be on the outside looking in.


 Orange attorney Louis Dugas was listed as one of the best 100 defense lawyers in the U.S. by “Attorney’s Best of the Best.” He was ranked one of the best seven in Texas, joining Dick DeGeurin, Samuel Adams, Gerald Goldstein, Edward Mallett, Randy Schaffer and Mike DeGeueria. Nationwide, Louis is listed with such notables as Leslie Abramson, Barry Scheck, Roy Black, James M. Ross, Roger Dunn and Gary Spence regarded as the best trial lawyers in America. Louis has not lost a criminal case or trial since 1967. (Editor’s note: I was fortunate to watch Lou work at his craft. I’ve missed him since his death a few years ago. There are still a few of my attorney friends around who worked with or were around Louis. Many of Lou’s cases were won on technicalities. In that area he was as good as they came.)*****The new high school realignments out this week drops West Orange-Stark to 3-A. Coach Dan Ray Hooks will be gunning for another state championship. Hooks just barely made the cut with just a handful of students under 900. The new district has Bridge City, Orangefield, Hardin-Jefferson, Hamshire, Anahuac and West Orange-Stark.*****In the last session, the Texas House passed a resolution honoring Thomas Floyd Smith for being the “Small Business Person of the Year 2003,” (Editor’s note: Now old  “Sleepy” and Ms. Pearl have something in common besides McDonald Baptist Church. Pearl was honored by Texas Senate in 2013.*****New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29 with a 41 yard field goal, with four seconds left, after a kickoff went out of bounds, giving the Patriots good field position. Janet Jackson exposed her boob in the half-time show. (Editor’s note: That Super Bowl doesn’t seem like 10 years ago. We’re 10 years older and so is Janet’s boob.)*****Jerry Childress, executive editor of The Record Newspapers, is named Orange County Veterans Service Officer. (Editor’s note: After serving six years, Jerry and Barbie left the county and haven’t been heard from since.)*****Our U.S. Congressman Jim Turner proposed an East Texas memorial for the spacecraft shuttle Columbia. The bill is titled “The Columbia Space Shuttle Memorial Act of 2004.” The Feb. 1, 2003 accident killed seven astronauts when their shuttle broke apart over East Texas. More than 25,000 volunteers spent several months collecting pieces of Columbia’s debris.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Dot Alfred and Joy Collins both died last week.***James Compton, 80, of Bridge City died Sunday, Feb. 1.***Anne Parrish, 79, of Orange, died Jan. 31.***Susan Babineaux, 82, of Bridge City, died Jan. 30.***Mary Lee Theriot, 82, of Bridge City, died Jan. 30.***Billie Scott LaTour, 69, of Orange, died Jan. 27.***Dorothy “Dot” Gifford Alford, 82, died Jan. 29.*****CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS: Sue Gunn,turns 91 on Feb. 5. (Editors note: This great lady left us a few years ago.) ***Madison Johanson turns 2 on Feb. 5. ***Haylee Taylor was 14 on Jan. 25. ***Ethan Tyler Tant celebrated his first birthday Feb. 3. ***Todd Latiolais, 17, of Bridge City and Rhiannen Delano, of Orangefield are honored as “Students of the Month” by the

40 Years Ago-1979

The West Orange Chief’s basketball team consist of Coach Jim Weaver, players, Kenneth Richards, Mike Geter, Randy Trahan, John James, Bill McNamara, Donald Sargent, Bohn Dorman and Andre Robertson.*****Louis Dugas surprises everyone and announced for Democratic chairman against incumbent Pete Runnels.*****Dr. John Greco to run for County Judge In the Republican primary. Those running as Demo’s are: incumbent Grover Halliburton, James Stringer and James Broussard. *****Running for Commissioner Pct. 2, are: S.P. “Pete” Dickey, Claude Broussard, Glenn Seale, George Stevens, Morris Collier and Glen Peveto.***Commissioner Pct. 4: Incumbent Raymond Gould, C.O. “Goober” Williamson, L.B. Tiner Williamson, Ray Willie, Harold Carter and Sam Humberson.*** For Constable Pct. 2: S.N. Bill Dickerson, “James” J.R. Aaron, Leon Frederick, H.D. Tucker, R.J. “Ronnie” Burns, Robert E. Smith, Donald A. Gunn, Joe D. Hubbard and R.L. Bob Frederick.***Justice of the Peace Pct. 1: Viola Shirley, Claude Wimberly, S.E. Bellfield, C. Arnold Buxton and Allen D. Cary, Sr.***Justice of the Peace Pct. 2: Larry Gunter, Charlene Trahan and incumbent Marlin Shelton.***Justice of the Peace Pct. 4: Incumbent Joe Bunn and V.L. “Coon” Constance.***State Representative: Incumbent Wayne Peveto and Thomas Porter.***County Court Judge: David Dunn.***District Clerk Edna Enmond.***County Clerk Sallie Frazier.***County Treasurer Earline Hillard.***County School Superintendent James B. Peddy.*****Cecil Scales says the only thing lit up in Orange after 10 p.m. is Ken Rainwater.


 Coach R.C. Slocum, the winningest coach in Aggie history, will be the honored guest at the Aggie Moms gathering at First Baptist Church in Bridge City next Tuesday evening. Plenty to eat and everyone is invited.*****Mardi Gras Orange parade will be held Saturday, Feb. 22, 5 p.m. Deadline to enter is Feb. 12, cost $100. *****We were sorry to learn that Judge Don Peters has been under the weather. Hope he found the problem and the cure and is doing better. *****The United States economy’s solid fourth quarter growth adds to a bright outlook for 2014. The U.S. economy grew at a solid 3.2 percent in the fourth quarter. *****Seven players were inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. They are Derrick Brooks, linebacker; Claude Humphray, defensive end; Ray Guy, punter; Walter Jones, offensive tackle; Andre Reed, receiver; Aeneas Williams, cornerback and Michael Strahan, defensive end.*****Locally, Shirley is not the celebrity in the Roccaforte tribe, son-in-law Dewayne DuBois was named “Coach of the Year“ by SET Coaches Association. Coach DuBois, head coach and A.D. at Hardin-Jefferson is a Bridge City product who makes us all proud. “Way to go Coach Beaver.”*****The Chuck Young Alumni Classic will be held at Bridge City Larry Ward Stadium, Saturday, Feb. 8, at 10:30 a.m. Alumni teams will again be coaches by Jacob Monceaux. Contact Coach Chris Moore at BCISD.net for more information. These games are always fun and entertaining. Make plans to attend. *****This week 45 years ago, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson were killed in a plane crash. Waylon Jennings, who gave up his seat on the plane, went on to make a big name for himself. He also died a few years ago. *****On Feb. 7, 1964, 50 years ago, the Beatles invaded the United States. The rest is history. Elvis, Swamp Pop and every other kind of music had to take a backseat. *****Also, this week, Clint Black and Garth Brooks both turn 52. They were two years old when the British invasion started. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day: On Feb. 5, Madison Johansson and Jane Chesson celebrate. *****Feb 6, Neighbor Cox and Ginny’s daughter, teacher Karen Duplichin, way up in Oklahoma celebrates. ***Also, on this day are Grant Jones, David Gryder and Peggy Jones.***Feb. 6 is the birthday of Tom Brokaw, who turns 74 and the late President Ronald Reagan, who had he lived, would be 103.*****  On Feb. 7, Nancy Ewing, who has been recovering from a broken hip celebrates as does Charles Smith and Luke Lyons. On this day Edee and the late Charles Pratt would have been married 55 years. Charles died last year. *****On Feb. 8, our buddy Todd “Big Daddy” Landry ages another year. Soon “Big Daddy” will be selling live, Orange County crawfish. ***Also, celebrating on this day is Lois Powell. *****On Feb. 9, Jivin’ Gene, who I’ve known since he was a puppy, celebrates. He ain’t a puppy no more.***Also, on this day, Karen Fusiler, Tony’s better half, celebrates as does Doyce Sherman, the boy who escaped Abbeville 60 years ago.*****Feb. 10, is a special day for a special lady. Peggy Albair, from Peggy’s on the Bayou, celebrates. She got an early birthday present when her restaurant got a Blue Ribbon 100 rating from the health inspector.***The Gunn twins, Trevor and Tyler also celebrate.*****On Feb. 11, Brittany Carpenter, Kevin Bourque and Jody Connor mark birthdays. Best wishes to all. Please check our complete list. *****The WednesdayLunch Bunch had a freeze out last week. This week, the Bunch will dine at Robert’s and return to Novrozsky’s next. Everyone welcome. Break bread with fun and knowledgeable people. *****The Ground Hog saw its shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter. Hopefully, in other places but not here. I think one more spell and we’ll be all done by mid-February, maybe a frost or two. *****The truth about the Keystone Pipeline: To complete it in Nebraska will employ 3,200 workers and 80 permanent jobs. The Texas-Okalahoma line is already complete. It’s not the big deal it’s being made out to be plus, we will be refining Canadian oil that retunes to them.*****This week, Feb. 4, in 1987, 27 years ago, pianist Liberace died at age 67. It doesn’t seem that  long since he played locally at the Lutcher.

Birthdays This Week

 Wyman Ogden, Paula Perkins, Devra Cormier, Caitlyn Eubanks, Rachel Beaulieu, Ricky Miller, Traci Anderson, Amy Campbell, Lindsey Garrett, Shirley Whitley, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Dubose, Jason Myers, Jeanie Kreger, Shirley Jordan, Amy Campbell, Ted Blanchard, Chuck Rowley, Lily Fields, C.B. Burns, Marty Delano, Eric Mangham, Regina Gaspard, Ron Mason, Scott Free, Steven Kimbell, Telisha Kuykendall, Cameron Powell, Lucas Adams, Mason Adams, Quade Clark, Wayne Sullivan, Virginia Williams, Brittany Leonard, Garrett Kerger, Jake Williams, Lisa Monceaux, Bobby Anderson, Peggy Costen, Daric Rogers, Fred Dohmann, Kelly McBride, Vance Thomas, Don Kachtik, Michael Hilliard, Stephanie Broussard, Rosalie Jones , Stephanie Carpenter, Alssa Allensworth, David Brandon, Shirley Brandon, Wanda Addison, Lisa Ludwig, Lydia Wilson, Brad Freeman, Eric Eshbach, John LeBlanc, Lindsey Hollingsworth, Mary Bull, Mel Moreau, Rheese Rhodes, Syliva Holloway and Jack Jones.


 Oris Robichaux call his neighbor Joe Comeaux, who recently built him a nice brick fence. Oris say, “Hello Joe, dat sho is a nice fence you build you. I’m going to build me one jus like yours, almost da same size. How many pallets of dem bricks did you get hanh?”

Joe answer, “I got ten of dem pallets me.”

Oris say, “Tank you.”

So Oris order ten pallets of dem bricks to build his beautiful fence. Wen he finish him, he’s surprised to find dat he only used four pallet of dem brick.

Oris him, he call his friend, “Hello Joe, I jus finish building my fence me and I got six of dem pallets of brick left over.”

“Yep, says Joe, me too.”


Why in the world would President Obama be so kind as to grant FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly an interview? He knew Bill wouldn’t ask him about current events, only spin the GOP FOX talking points. O’Reilly also is trying to boost his ratings during ratings time and of course stroke his own big ego. Monday FOX played and replayed the interview. The IRS local Connecticut issue and the Benghazi compound invasion has been settled with hearings that do not blame Sen. Hillary Clinton but they want to keep that issue burning to attack Hillary with in 2016. Everyone, unless their mind is closed to start with, saw the interview for what it was worth. The President did Bill a favor and Bill didn’t publicly thank him. *****We had a nice visit last week from our State Senator Robert Nichols. We found it quite informative and learned some insight into issues. The Senator and his sidekick and trusted assistant J.D. were extended an invitation by Judge Carl Thibodeaux to tour the Expo Center. They were very impressed with this great building that the Judge and Commissioners were able to obtain from the federal government. In 50 years the county would not have afforded to build such a nice facility that has so many functions. It’s really a gift to the people of Orange County. Sen. Nichols also attended the Vidor Chamber banquet. He had planned to attend the Expo Center ribbon cutting but it was canceled and reset for this Thursday. *****Now this is hard to wrap my head around. There is nothing more important to property owners in Orange, West Orange, Pinehurst and especially Bridge City than delaying the devastating flood insurance cost yet Texas Sen. Ted Cruz voted not to delay the high cost program. Our cities are spending big bucks to protect the citizens from the high insurance cost so why would Cruz vote to punish our citizens. *****Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover and check us out on the web at therecordlive.com. Take care and God bless.