Following an investigation which took about a year, 10 people were indicted and later convicted of obtaining fraudulent prescriptions from a doctor’s office.

A former office manager for Dr. Howard Williams, Candy Rash, was approached by Debra Godfrey about participating in the drug ring. It was later determined during the investigation Rash was forging the prescriptions and as part of a larger ring of people who would then pick up the prescriptions at local pharmacies and bring them back to the ring leader, Godfrey. She would in turn pay them cash or drugs, according to reports.

It was an alert pharmacist at Scholar’s Drug, that contacted Dr. Williams office with his suspicions. They then contacted the Orange Police Department.

After Rash gave a statement to police, it opened up the investigation and led to an indictment and further arrests.

In August 2013, a multi-count indictment was returned from the Orange County Grand Jury.

Monday Rash was sentenced to three years in prison for four counts to be run concurrently. Godfrey was sentenced to 10 years in prison on seven counts to be run concurrently. Glenn Dorrell, Brittany Manning, Derrick Tregre, Olivia Wilson, Brian Larkin and Gary Miller have all pleaded guilty and sentenced to probation. Peggy Gisclair and Kacey Larkin have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

Dr. Williams was not involved in the illegal activity.