Early voting started Tuesday. There are four contested local Republican Primary races. Those races will bring out the majority of voters. There are a dozen candidates running for U.S. Congress. I’ve yet to find anyone who can name over three of them. So what will happen? Many of the voters going to the polls to vote for local candidates will vote at random on congressional candidates, either through name recognition or just by picking one. That is scary because we don’t know what we’ll end up with, possibly another Steve Stockman. In most of the mail outs, phone calls, etc. that I received, candidates vow to fight Obama. Nothing new there,

that’s been going on for five years. Everyone is running against Obama as their path to getting elected. Obama is president for three more years; they might as well accept that. What I was looking for is a candidate that would say, “I’m going to Washington to work in a bipartisan way to improve our country, create jobs and improve our health care plan where ever I can.” But what I’m hearing is more about obstructionists. A couple of candidates, in their propaganda, sound like they are going to Washington to take over the government. Not even Ted Cruz could do that and he’s tried. As a congressman of 400, there is very little they can do and what they do the leadership will dictate. As far as I know, the only East Texan running is Dr. Babin, from Woodville. There may be another in the Republican Primary that I’m not aware of. Most are from the Houston area, nothing new about that. It’s anybody’s guess who will emerge in the runoff. If the turnout in the runoff is cut in half, we will end up with about 20 percent of citizens sending a nominee to the general election in November where all the fun begins. At least try to be an informed voter in all races but especially in local races. Like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket, or if you don’t vote.*****Gotta move on. Come along; I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Judge Carl Thibodaux, after 20 years, is not a candidate for reelection. He came in to the office of county judge after serving a successful apprenticeship as mayor of West Orange. He had the basics to take over from Judge John McDonald, who offered his help and advice for a smooth transition. Thibodeaux soon learned that serving as county judge is not a one day a week meeting. Being county judge is a very complex and time consuming 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job. Daily, among the jobs as leader and administrator of the county is coordinating with department heads, obtaining federal grants, dealing with the Texas Dept. of Transportation, which isn’t always a picnic, dealing with other elected officials and over 400 employees. Most important is to lead the county in times of disaster. No one could have done a better job during the hurricanes and he deserves much credit for our fast recovery after the storms. Obtaining lodging for our citizens, clean up and rebuilding. He will be big shoes to fill. Like a school superintendent, city manager or plant manager, you can’t hire someone off the street and expect good results. Voters should be very cautious, study the qualifications before hiring a county judge. Judge Thibodeaux, in his 20 years, has brought the county out of the dark ages. Much progress has been made with infrastructure and good employees, the county is poised to move forward with caution. Our better day are ahead if the goal is not to roll back progress but to capitalize on it in a reasonable, conservative manner. Tightening of the belt doesn’t mean destroying all the progress we enjoy. At this time who we hire as the leader of our county could be the most important decision the local voter have made in many years.


County Commissioner Owen Burton is retiring. That’s a big loss not only on Commissioners Court, but also to the people of Precinct 2. Commissioner Burton, a successful business man, has always governed in a quite, strong business manner. A conservative with strong ethics, he is not a grandstander who feels the need to be a newsmaker. He’s efficient, and makes every vote after due study. He is a strong advocate for the citizens and needs of his precinct. He doesn’t try to be the commissioner of the entire county. He always proceded with caution and when the hard times hit, he was quick to say that it was time to apply the brakes and make reasonable choices going forward. Over the years, Judge Thibodeaux has been fortunate to have had very good, conservative commissioners. Owen Burton has walked softly but he’s a strong advocate of good government for the county. He sees to it that his precinct gets its fair share and taken care of. He serves us well and will leave a void. His experience on and off the court will be missed. The voters in Precinct 2 have a decision to make. They should consider their choice carefully. The court doesn’t need flame throwers or obstructionist, a good commissioner is a reasonable voice on the court that is consistent but not overbearing.


Terry “Stud Duck” Fuselier, 53, lost his life in an 18 wheeler truck accident Feb. 11, in Columbia, SC. He leaves behind his wife Yvonne, son Jesse, daughter Tammy, brothers Elvin, Tony and Richard, all of Bridge City and sisters Elaine Marceaux of Little Cypress.*****A special 80th birthday celebration for Gordon Baxter, born on Christmas Day, is set for Saturday Feb. 28, at the Holiday Inn Atrium Plaza in Beaumont. The party starts at 11 a.m.(Editor’s note: I recall that party quite well, an overflow crowd attended. Mike Trahan and Skipper will also remember that day. Al Caldwell emceed the occasion. Speakers were astronaut Greg Harbaugh, secretary of state Jacik Rains, mayor Evelyn Lord and many others, including Mike. Bax died a short time later.)*****Preston Conway will celebrate his 18th birthday on Feb. 29. He has a birthday every four years. (Preston 10 years later must be almost 21.)*****Democratic party primary voting begins. Running for U.S. president is Lyndon LaRouche, John Edwards, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman, Randy Crow, Dennis Kucinich, Dick Gephardt, Al Sharpton and Wesley K. Clark. (Editor’s note: Do you recall who was nominated?)*****Locally, Rodney Price, Troy Johnson and Jim Sharon Bearden are running for county court at law judge. (Johnson won.)*****Mike White and David Bailey ran for sheriff. (White won.)*****John Ford beat George Navarro for constable Pct. 3.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Richard Lee Moore, 47, formerly of Bridge City, died Feb. 17, while kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico. He was a 1974 BC grad.***Jack Collier, 89, of Mauriceville, died Feb. 24.***Frank Lee Carter, Sr., 89, of Orange, died Feb. 17.***Joyce Laverne Smith, 78, died Feb. 17.*****OnFeb. 28, Gavin Ryan Green will turn 3-years-old. Gavin is the son of Slade and Karen Green. Grandparents are Danny and Phyllis Green and Jimmy and Jeanne Young. (Editor’s note: Ten years later Gavin turns 13. How quickly the years have flown.)

 35 Years Ago-1979

Helen Ratcliff, a 35 years employee of Farmer’s Mercantile, was busy putting out a new shipment of seeds for spring planting.*****The Bob Hope Telethon held in Houston to build and equip the new Bob Hope Vocational High School at Hughen School for Crippled Children in Port Arthur was a big success. The Telethon raised $1,200,000. Many stars appeared including Jimmy Dean, Kathy Crosby, Doug Kershaw, who brought wife Pam and their two boys, Zachary and baby Tyler, Kenny Rogers, Andy Williams, Vic Damone, Johnny Desmond, Dennis James, Fred Travillino, Buddy Rogers, Pia, Nancy Ames, Lynn Anderson and many more. Bill Hughes and Joe C. Norman, of Norstok, presented a photo of the proposed Bob Hope school to Bob. W.T. Oliver and his committee put the show together. Some of the local folks spotted were Earl and June Bishop, Curtis and Marion Lee, Roy and Phyllis Dunn,Charles and Pat Johnson, Weldon and Jane Leger, Martha Hughes, Patsy Norman and Orange Bank owners Vincent and Mary Kay Kickerillo, who contributed $50 thousand to the telethon. Sports figures present were Bum Phillips, Darrell Royal and Mike Barber, who presented Hope with a western Stetson.*****Jack White was feeling discomfort when he was rushed to Orange hospital.*****Beatrice (Bea) Barrett, after five months at M.D. Anderson, lost the fight to cancer. She was a tough woman who forbid anyone to cry over her pending death. She leaves behind sons, Billy, Lester, Thomas, Kenny and daughter Vera. (Editor’s note: the first three sons have since passed away.)*****One of the county’s most beautiful woman, Vickie Curtis, will celebrate a birthday in a few days. Trubie Shelton has a birthday coming up on March 6. A special party is planned for Jimmy Compton who is a year older on Feb. 28.*****Tickets to the second annual mock beauty pageant can be obtained fromJudy Wyatt at 735-3746 or Judy Shockley at 735-2332.*****Faye Uzzle and Chris Heath are registering boys 6-12 and girls 6-15 for Little League at Bridge City Junior High.*****Billie Bradberry, PTA president, and her family were involved in an auto accident with no serious injuries.


Presidents’ Day was Monday. It‘s a federal holiday. Some states observe it, others, like Texas, don‘t. On the other hand the U.S. Congress observes the day by taking the entire week off, which amounts to 11 days. They also took off the same amount of time for MLK Day. They work so few days I believe they qualify for unemployment.*****The big Orange Mardi Gras celebration is this coming Saturday, Feb. 22. The parade will be held at 5 p.m. and includes Super Bowl champ Earl Thomas. Wayne Toups will do his thing following the parade at the Pavilion. You don’t want to miss it. A great show sponsored by Jay Trahan and the City of Orange.*****On Saturday, March 1, Jivin’ Gene Bourgeois will be grand marshal for the Port Arthur Mardi Gras parade. We have known Gene since he was in short pants and remember when his brother Kenneth brought home a guitar from Rock Island, Texas, a gift from Wayne, one of the Waddell boys. Gene picked it up and learned to play. The rest is history. Mom Agnes and dad Ed would be proud of Gene riding that Grand Marshal float.*****Judge Don Peters has been under the weather lately so Judge Jimmy Scales will take over the duties as Bridge City judge and Peters will remain as associate judge.*****Nuttz and Boltz, the guys at Bridge City Automotive, hired a trio to serenade Ms. Ginny Cox on Valentine’s Day. She was thrilled but neighbor Cox wasn’t when they sang, “Too Old to Cut the Mustard Anymore” to him.*****We ran into our friend Lyndi Morris and she’s still intimidating but in a sweet way. .*****Our friend Tommy Harmon, financial director for the Port of Orange will retire Feb. 20. A gathering will be held at the Port. Tommy is a great guy. We wish him happy days in retirement. I believe he’s the first Harmon I’ve ever heard of retiring. They all like to work but Tommy has had health issues.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays. On Feb. 19, Ruby Sanders, Christy Faulk, Jason Clark and Martha Pittman all celebrate. This is also the day Clay Dunn died in 1959. Please see “Down Life’s Highway” column.***Celebrating on Feb. 20 is Nathan Dickman, Ty Broussard and Sidney Peet. This also was the birthday of our late friend Chief Jerry Wimberly. We miss him.***On Feb. 21, the lovely Misty Songe, manager of Bridge City Verizon, turns 32, despite looking 22.***Our buddy Ray Cravin marks number 66, Chris Menard turns 36 and Erin Boren also celebrates.*****On Feb. 22, Barry Murchison celebrates just five days ahead of wife Anitta.***Chad Boatman, B.E. “Bob” Hankins and Brint Carlton all celebrate and on this day our friend Rev. Leo Anderson, 66, died in 2012. Actor Sidney Poitier turns 87.*****Joey Hebert, John Hughes, Betty Davis, Misti Bishop and Rachel Doucet all celebrate Feb. 23. Also, on this day, in 1996, teacher, mother, wife and friend to many Annie Lee Knight died after a long battle with cancer. We will never forget her. She would be proud of her sons and surprised at how many grandchildren she has. It’s a shame they never got to know this great lady.*****On Feb. 24, pretty Regina Harrington, widow of our longtime friend Doug Harrington, celebrates her first birthday without Doug.***Also marking a birthday is Scarlett Fontenot and Dalton Bonds.*****On Feb. 25, OFISD board member and one of Bridge City Police Department’s finest, Brad Frye, celebrates another. A new motorcycle for the BCPD is coming in. Brad will be its rider so he’s not a good prospect to write insurance on.***Also celebrating is Zelda Jones, Doris Byrd and Angela Brinson.*****A reminder, Moe Litton will celebrate on Feb. 26. I’m giving everyone a heads up. Please see complete birthday list.*****I figure the United States will win nearly 30 Olympic metals for the 2014 winter games. I wonder if that will be enough to end up number one ahead of Russia.*****Be sure to read the great story on Coach R.C. Slocum and his youth in Bridge City in this week’s issue.*****The LBJ Library will host a summit April 8-10 in Austin, marking the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will speak and George W. Bush is expected to give the keynote address. President Obama may also attend. Other Johnson initiatives include Medicare, the Clean Air Act, seat belt requirements, health warnings on cigarettes and banned discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities and women.*****The X Factor is canceled by FOX. For the first time in 10 years, Simon Cowell won’t be on U.S. TV. The market for singing talent shows just got too crowded. Don’t worry about Simon, he’s number 17 on Forbes’ celebrity 100 list and earns $95 million a year.*****Four American Idol contestants to watch are Malaya Watson, C.J. Harris, Sam Wolf and M.K. “Em Kay” Nobilette. One of them will be the winner. *****It looks like we will have some new neighbors soon next to our Record office on Henrietta Street. The ladies of the Shabby Chic Hair Boutique should brighten up this mostly old boy neighborhood. *****Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who have been skating partners for 17 years, since they were 5-years-old, won the gold medal in the ice dance Monday with the highest score ever recorded, marking the first Olympic win ever for the US in that event.*****It’s with sadness that we learned late Tuesday that Larry Plant had passed away. Larry has been married to Flaudry, one of the Bonin twins, for many years. Flaudry is in a nursing home and Larry had been caring for her. Watch our website,  HYPERLINK “https://therecordlive.com/” therecordlive.com for funeral arrangements. *****In 1885, 129 years ago, Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was published for the first time. That story has stood the test of times. Today, his story sounds fictional but it depicts much of the times as they were then when few people were educated.*****Speaking of education, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and Peggy’s on the Bayou #2, Hwy. 62 next week. Everyone is always welcome. *****A good deal can always be found at Swamp Pop Sound Shop on MacArthur. Don Crawford has the largest audio and video selection in the entire area. The technicians are the very best. Name brands also. Go by and look them over. Tell Don we sent you.


With Presidents’ Day celebrated this month, Feb. 17, I thought I would give you a small sampling on what John Adams, while running against George Washington in 1796 said, “He is too illiterate, unread, unlearned for his status and reputation.” ***Woodrow Wilson said in 1920 that “Warren G. Harding has a bungalow mind, no upper story.”***Harry Truman said about President Eisenhower, “Ike doesn’t know anything. The General doesn’t know any more about politics than a pig knows about Sunday.” About Richard Nixon, Harry said, “Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and if he caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.” (Editor’s note: Years later Harry was proven right.)***Nixon said about LBJ, “People said my language was bad but Jesus, you should have heard LBJ. Howard Taft said about Woodrow Wilson, “A ruthless hypocrite, an opportunist who has no conviction that he would not barter for votes.”

Birthdays This Week

Ruby Sanders, Christy Faulk, Darrin Havens, Jason Clark, Martha Pittman,,Ty Broussard, Nathan Dickman, Ron Teaff, Sydney Peet, Allison Floyd, Erin Boren, Beverly Satir, Chris Menard, Jim Izer, Amanda Newman, “B.E. “”Bob”” Hankins, George W. Stevens, Barry Murchison, Chad Boatman, Harry Risher, Jasmine Lindner, John Curphy, Leslie Braus, Wesley Arnold, Brint Carlton, John Hughes, Jody Andes, Betty Davis, Crystal Jones, Misti Bishop, Juanita Sullivan, Kelle Betz, Matthew Bland, Rachel Doucet, Joe Hebert, Dalton Bonds, Brently Sholmire, Regina Harrington, Scarlett Fontenot, Taylor Brownlie, Bill Bennett, Brad Frye, Emory LeBlanc, Zelda Jones, Kaylea Smith, Doris Byrd and Angela Brinson.


Every couple of months Sally Badeaux and Lucy leLeux, dem go for a girl’s night out. Da mens, dem, keep da chillums. At the girl’s outing last week dem womens drank way too much beer and got plain drunk. After leaving Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill, they staggered dere way towards home. While cutting through da graveyard, Sally said, “Me, I got to use da bashroom so bad.”

Lucy said, “Me too.”

Sally said, “Why don’t we do our business behind a headstone.”

Lucy say, “Mais, okay.”

Sally didn’t have nutting to wipe wit so she use her panties, den throw dem away. Lucy, her, was wearing some expensive underware dat her husband Henry had given her for her birthday and she didn’t want to ruin dem. She was lucky enough to salvage a big ribbon from da wreath dat was on da grave and wiped herself wit dat. Den da womens stagger dere way home.

Da next morning, Clovis Badeaux call Lucy’s husband, Henry, and he say, “Look cuzz, dis girl’s night out has got to stop, yea, las night Sally came home witout her panties her.”

“Dats nutting, said Henry, Lucy came home her wit a card stuck on her butt wat said, “From all of us at da fire station, we will never forget you.”


It seems Ted Nugent is not the only Abbott problem, the Dallas Morning News reported Sunday that Greg Abbott has vigorously fought disability suites against Texas as attorney general. After a tree fell on him while he was jogging, he received $10 million dollars in a settlement. Abbott however, believes it is unconstructional to force Texas to comply with the federal law. His office has battled several suits filed by disabled residents, including one in which Texas argues, a woman is not disabled just because she has a prosthetic leg. The AG, who is in a wheel chair, praised the American with Disabilities Act which helps provide ramps, wide doors and other accommodations that allow him to engage voters. With Abbott it’s not necessarily what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.*****A reminder, if you haven’t planted your potatoes yet, now is the time. Old time farmers always said Valentine’s Day was the day to plant but it won’t hurt to plant in the next few days.*****I’ve got to shut it down for one more week. Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers, read us cover to cover. Thank you for making us Orange county’s most widely read newspapers. Have a nice week, enjoy the weather but beware of the fog. Take care and God bless.