Thankfully the winter Olympics in Russia came and went without incident.***** Congratulations go out to Jay, the City of Orange and also, the Orange Chamber for a great Mardi Gras parade and party. Corky says it was the largest crowd he has ever seen in downtown Orange and he has seen many. The Christmas parades that started at MacArthur Shopping Center to downtown Orange used to have people lined up on both sides of the entire stretch. He’s probably right; this parade had the most folks congregated in a smaller area. Former Orange Mayor, the pride of Rayne, LA, “The Frog Capital,” Essie Bellfield was in her element dancing to Wayne Toups’ accordion music. She danced the night away. *****Congrats also to the Bridge City Lady Cardinal basketball team on their great season. Bridge City doesn’t make many basketball headlines so their season was special. *****Congrats to West Orange-Stark boy’s basketball team. *****Thur., Feb. 27, the West Orange City Council will honor number 29 with “Earl Thomas Day.” Earl got some great reviews for his participation in the Mardi Gras activities. I heard a lot about his well mannered, humble appreciation of the people’s response to the Super Bowl champion. *****It was old home week at Robert’s Restaurant last Wed.. It’s a great place for the natives to gather. Spotted in the packed house, besides the Lunch Bunch crew, were Norman and Loretta Berry, John and Linda Heard and friends, also Ms. Pearl who was dining with her two daughters Beverly and Juanita and a friend from Houston. Pearl has some pretty daughters but she was the one getting all the attention. A constant flow of people stopped at her table to greet her. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Peggy’s on Hwy. 62 this week and back to Robert’s next week. Everyone is always welcome, no dues, just good fellowship. *****March 2 is Texas Independence Day. It’s one of our most important historical days. It used to upset our friend, historian attorney Louis Dugas that so little was done to mark that holiday. Did you know that the folks who died at the Alamo never knew Texas had declared its independence? *****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


 Just a few days remain before the replacement of Congressman Steve Stockman will get down to just two candidates from the dozen running to make the runoff. The winner in May will face Democrat Michael Cole, from Orange, and Hal Ridley Jr. of Bridge City running in the Green Party. No candidate has emerged with an advantage in the 36th District republican Primary. The district covers nine counties, from Orange to Houston. Half of the districts population, 712,000, is in Harris County. The remainder is spread across the other eight counties. That doesn’t give rural counties much of a chance. Example, in 2012, in the race Stockman won, half the vote came from Harris County. One thing I found in common is that they are all against Obama and for shutting down the border and are all for gun rights. Very little on a possible platform for the future from any of them. The candidate with the most money is Tea Party member Ben Streusand. Dr. Brian Babin of Woodville is the best known locally also known here is Doug Centille, former chief of staff for U.S. Rep Kevin Brady. I hear there is one candidate who is against the flood insurance plan that will hurt Orange County and devastate the Bridge City area with extremely high insurance rates. Many will be forced to move away. Out of town investors will buy up the houses for rentals. I must find out who that candidate is. We need a congressman on our side. What I intend to do, not only in the congressional races but also in local races, is to Google the candidates and find out the most I can about each one. I suggest you do the same. That’s the only way you can be an informed voter. Check their political ads in our paper then check them out by Googling their names. You can separate the rice from the chaff and not end up with another Steve Stockman. I believe anyone who gets as little as 15 percent of the vote in the GOP Primary will make the May 27 runoff. Locally, with only four contested races, I look for only 14,000 votes to be cast. A very important race for county judge will pull the wagon. Early voting ends Fri. Election Day is next Tues., March 4.


 It’s plain to see why Ted Nugent is alienating so many, especially women, from both parties, and independent voters. Nugent, a draft dodger, came up with an elaborate scheme to dodge the draft and the Vietnam War and he has admitted to sleeping with underage girls while on tour. According to Nugent, Pres. Obama is a ‘Subhuman Mongrel,” something he would be arrested for saying in some other countries. He refers to Hilary Clinton as a ‘Bitch” and even worse. He calls feminist “Fat Pigs.” Nugent can hardly get out a sentence without a curse word. He says there is nothing wrong with using the “N” word. I’m sure some of his followers agree. His music is filled with sexual innuendo. One of his albums, “Love Grenade” featured a nude woman on the cover, tied up like a Thanksgiving turkey on a platter with vegetables and a hand grenade in her mouth. It’s obvious this guy has no respect for women. I think Greg Abbott has underestimated the resentment his association with Nugent has with women of all parties. Many in November will go into the voting booth and vote for Wendy Davis. Abbott, campaigning with Nugent, I suspect to attract the weird right, is a bone-headed move. Davis is a long shot but if what I’m hearing from women is true, Wendy will make them look at their whole card, come with plenty money and bring out all the big guns to save Abbott. Women don’t forget.


 Former Bridge City Judge Guy O’Neal Rascoe, 81, died Sat., Feb. 28, after a lengthy illness. A native of Haynesville, La., born Feb. 6, 1923. He had been a resident of Bridge City for 54 years. He served as municipal judge 16 years. He was a WWII Army veteran. He retired from U.S. Steel after 31 years and was a Master Mason. He is survived by wife Roxie and four children. *****Darryl Brinson is named executive editor of the Record Newspapers. He replaces Jerry Childress, who was appointed Veterans Service Officer. *****Russell and Stephanie Turkel are the proud parents of a new baby girl. Mya Rose was born Sat., Feb. 28. She has a three years old sister Zoe. Grandparents are Dr. Arlene and Richard Turkel and Cathleen and Ron Ledbetter. Uncle Scott Turkel came from Austin to welcome the new baby. (Editor’s note: Boy, that doesn’t seem that long ago. Those two girls are 13 and 10 already.)*****Jimmy Molley celebrates his 84th birthday with a large party. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Sybil Goulas Scales, 72, of Bridge City, died Feb. 28, 2004. Service was held March 1 at St. Henry Catholic Church. Sue is survived by husband Buster, sons Jimmy, Johnny and Kendal, daughters Christy, Nancy and Cyndi, Susan and Jodie. ***Service was held for Mildred Reed Doyle, 80, of Orange. She died Feb. 29. Service was held March 2. She is survived by husband Jessie, six daughters, Sue, Mary Lynn, Anita, Cindy, Ann and Shelie and son, Mike Doyle.***Bernice Holms Harris, 88, of Orange, died Sat., Feb. 28. For years she was manager of the Anderson Elem. School Cafeteria. She is survived by sons Keith and Larry Weatherby and daughter Linda Womack. ***Charles M. Burks, 82, died Feb. 28. ***Jack Roberts, 92, died Feb. 22. ***Laurence Winfree, 92, died Feb. 25. Service was held Sat., Feb. 28. His funeral procession from Dorman Funeral Home following his horse-drawn hearse which he had built, to Winfree Cemetery, where he was laid to rest beside his wife Gladys. (Editor’s note: Since then, son Lester “Buckshot” Winfree has joined his mom and dad in death.)*****Orange Christian Services is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Services was organized March 3, 1979 and was originally housed at the old St. Mary School building. Today, in 2004, they have 45 churches of 10 dominations. (Editor’s note: This year, in 2014, they are 35 years old. Congratulations.)

 40 Years Ago-1974

 Fire Chief Henry Stanfield retires after 42 years active service to orange Fire Department. In 1928, when he was 13-years-old, Henry started hanging out at the fire house, located between Fourth Street and Main in Orange. He took up residence at the station that same year. He became a fireman at age 21. *****Once again the people of Bridge City are forced to make an important decision. The citizens will vote on a home rule charter on April 6. *****Jo Amodeo goes to Washington for treatments for her hearing. Former Newton County sheriff Curtis Humphries was there at the same place, accompanying his grandson who is also under going acupuncture for hearing.*****Jim Ehlert, formerly of Quick Car Wash, is now selling cars for Harmon Chevrolet.*****The Mike Pasternak’s and Marty and R.J. Conway have just returned from a weeks stay in Acapulco.*****Charlie Dupre is the new sales manager at Butler-Baker Pontiac..*****Mac Hughes has opened a new sign company on Texas Ave. in Bridge City.*****Carl Thibodeaux of West Orange Pharmacy is collecting old prescription bottles.*****The latest craze is “streaking.”*****Dick Manuel is up and about after being injured in a car wreck. He’s a long way from being recovered however. *****Doug Patterson, one of the best baseball pitchers to ever come out of Orange County, left for pro-ball spring training in Florida.*****Moe Litton is working on forming a BCHS Bass Club.*****Gary Savoy will celebrate another birthday this week.*****Buddy Moore of West Orange is the new publisher of the Kountze News. Archie made the paper famous and Buddy is from the same mold. *****Sergeant Thomas Segura of Bridge City, stationed at Karot Royal Air Force Base in Thailand, is presented the Airman of the Quarter plaque.*****The Little Cypress track team features Ricky Smith, Tom Day, Clint Plant, Dennis Neie, Steve Romeis and is coached by Larry Warner.*****Indicted for obstruction of justice are H.R. Haldman, John Ethrilichman, John Mitchell and Robert Mardian. (Editor’s note: All were convicted the following January. Mardian’s conviction was later reversed. The rest served jail time.)


We were sorry to hear of the untimely death of Bonnie Pepper Peveto, 72. Bonnie passed away Tuesday, Feb. 18, at her home. Services were held last Saturday, Feb. 22. Bonnie was such a beautiful, nice lady and had many friends. She had taught special education at Orangefield and was a longtime employee for Orange County Road and Bridge. Lately, she had worked part time for James Stringer. Our condolences go out to sons, Dean and Chad, daughter, Dana and their families. May she rest in peace. *****Last week I wrote that the U.S. would earn nearly 30 medals, meaning 28 or 29. I also asked if anything could prevent Russia from being number one. Apparently not. The U.S. got 28, it wasn’t enough, Russia earned 33 medals. The U.S. got only nine gold, Russia 13. The U.S. was fourth in gold medals. Not too good. *****For the last few Sundays, 93-year-old Leon Hale hasn’t had a column in the Chronicle. No reason has been given as to why but it must be health problems. In his last column, three weeks ago, he didn’t mention being under the weather. The wise old columnist is a favorite of mine, also Glen Oliver and Neighbor Cox. Hale was one of Judge Joe Parkhurst’s professors at Sam Houston.*****Finally arrested in Mexico after escaping 13 years ago was drug lord “El Chapo” Gusman. The billionaire was the boss of the Sinaloa Cartel, the world’s largest exporter of drugs. The United States wants to extradite the 56 year old. They fear another escape in Mexico. Drug wars will start in Mexico for control. This is no time to visit.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day: On Feb. 26, our buddy of many years, everyone’s friend, Moe Litton celebrates another birthday. ***Joining him is Anita Murchison, Zachary Gilliam, Marilyn Powell, Claudia Williams and Betty Sherman.*****Feb. 27 is a special day for a special lady, the girl from Rye, Bill’s better half, Ellen Nickum.***Also, lifelong friend, Anna Belle Rost marks number 79 on this day. The girl from Abbeville has aged well.***Also, friends Greta Brinson, David Claybar and Butch Choate all celebrate along with Chelsea Clinton, 34 and Michael Bolton 61.*****On Feb. 28, LaVerne McDonald, Kurt Reeves and Royce Prendergast all celebrate with Mario Andretti, 74.*****Feb. 29, Logan Dubose, a special guy, much like his dad Johnny celebrates. He is the grandson of Joyce and John Dubose and has grown up into a handsome young man.***Also, celebrating is Darryl and Greta’s son, Will Brinson.*****On March 1, Jennifer Thomas, John Gooch, Robert Foster and Monica Wilson all celebrate also with Justin Bieber, 20.*****On March 2, Graig Nugent, Kay Butler and Tommy Andrus all celebrate on Texas Independence Day.*****On March 3, pretty, full bodied Tammy Tini, at the Express Mart celebrates along with Lori Bonds, Carolyn Miller and Joan Broussard. This would have also been the birthday of our late friend, Franklin Scales. *****On March 4, Buddy’s better half, Carolyn Sheppard, former teacher celebrates. Also, celebrating on this day is Darrell Evans, Jo Young and Travis Reeves.*****Next Tuesday is Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday” and the following day, Ash Wednesday, will begin 40 days of the Lenten season ending Easter Sunday. Lenten season has changed a lot since I was a boy.*****We were glad to hear that Brother Harrell is doing fine since having quadruple heart bypass. Other ministers have been subbing for him at his Pentecostal Church. *****Gene Smith took over a bad situation at the Veterans office and has turned things around. He diligently works at managing the VA office. It’s a big job and Gene doesn’t play games. If he says he needs help to efficiently take care of the veterans and stay away from a bad back log, he’s not playing, he’s serious. In six weeks the commissioners’ court needs to do the right thing for our veterans and let him replace the departed employee. *****One of the most active community guys I know is Port Commissioner Keith Wallace. The guy is everywhere doing good deeds and has time to look after his Reliable Cleaners. Keith will do to ridge the range with.

 Birthdays This Week

 Anita Murchison, Betty Sherman, Kayden Meulemans, Braelyn Baugh, Michael Gray, Claudia Williams, Eleanor Shult, Marilyn Powell, Zachary Gilliam, Amanda Beeson,Jeffrey Fregia, Beth Lee, Ellen Nickum, Bailey Noah, Beth Mathews, Butch Choate, David Claybar, Gretta Brinson,James Wilkinson, Lindsey Moreau, Sarah Havens, AllishaBonneaux, LaVerne McDonald, Anna Marshall, Randy Lowe, Bob Moore, Amy Ball, Kathy McKenzie, Kurt Reeves, Royce Pendergast, Ginger Romero, Logan Dubose, Will Brinson, Kevin Jones, George Cassidy, Jennifer Thomas, John Gooch, Louise Hamilton, Monica Wilson, Robert Foster, Aiyana Bland, Kay Butler, Craig Nugent, Apryl Carter, Tommy Andrus, Brittany Waguespack, Lola Duncan, Lori Bonds, Joan Broussard, Andy Pryor, Donna Sullivan, Carolyn Miller, Vickie Parish, Darrell Evans, Jo Young, Frances Brood, Travis Reeves, Barron Nimitz and Carolyn Sheppard.


 Tee-Not Dupuis hitch hiked from Kaplan to Lafayette him, to attend da big Mardi Gras celebration. Tee-Not him, he don’t know much bout big city life. He was walk down dis alley wen two robbers jump him. Tee-Not, wat is strong him, put up one heck of a fight but da robbers finally got da best of him.

They emptied Tee-Not’s pockets only to be disappointed.

One of dem robbers say, “You stupid Cajun, you got youself beat up an almost killed fighting for just $2 in you pocket.”

Shaking his head Tee-Not said, “I’m not stupid like you say, me, I have a hundred dollar in my sock me.”


It was a slow start to the election season, folks didn’t seem to have any interest. Then, thanks to Jerry Wilson and Kenneth Young, TV cameras came from everywhere and in a few hours everyone knew we were having an election. I have known those two dudes for many years. Ken has been a friend for over 50 years. He and his late wife Joyce raised their three kids in Bridge City and Ken helped to establish the Little League program. Along with a handful of guys he worked every day to build the fields and concession stand.  After Ike came he moved to Vidor. Ken was always involved in local politics and helped elect John Dubose mayor and county commissioner. Over the last few years however, he’s gone further to the extreme right than anyone I know. If anyone is to the left of Ted Cruz and Steve Stockman he brands them RINO. He calls Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Sen. Coryn and others RINO’s. He provoked Jerry by calling him a RINO with homemade signs. In all fairness Jerry was Republican before it was cool. He and Ken have been at odds for years. Ken knows Jerry has a short fuse and his sack is short a few marbles. Ken shouldn’t have been surprised that Jerry exploded after the personal attacks. I’m fond of Ken, everyone knows that, but he has to share in the blame. Jerry was absolutely wrong but it should be a city case and fine. Ken should give it up and let the youngsters take over. If Jerry is elected party chairman it should be interesting in the years ahead. David nicknamed Jerry “Rocky.” Now he can take the name like Hamilton took the name “Tuffy” and be forever known as“Rocky” Wilson. Better yet, if he loses why don’t he do like Ken, fold his tent and call it a day. Those two old boys over the years have kept local politics interesting. They are both strong personalities that were bound to collide. Another chapter in Orange County politics. *****I’ve got to get out of here. Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover, including the ads and patronize our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.