Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Feb. 28, through the morning of March 3:

Forgery/counterfeiting, 811 Strickland Dr.
Warrant service, 6th and W. Hart Ave.
Fail to register as sex offender, 1906 Sholars St.
Warrant service, 14th and W. John Ave.
Forgery/counterfeiting, 2610 IH-10
Aggravated assault, 3015 18th St.
Warrant service, 201 8th St.
Warrant service, 1600 16th St.
Warrant service, Allie Payne and Hwy. 87
Traffic accident, 7112 IH-10
Warrant service, 1605 16th St.
Miscellaneous incidents, FM 105 and past 44th St.
Warrant service, 300 Burton Ave.
Traffic accident, 1600 16th St.
Forgery/counterfeiting, 2610 IH-10
Damaged property, 204 Bluebonnet Rd.
Forgery/counterfeiting, 2610 IH-10
Traffic arrest, 2600 MLK Dr.
Warrant service, 1203 14th St.
Public intoxication, 3701 N. 16th St.
Damaged property, 505 Gardenia Ave.
Larceny from vehicle, 210 College St.
DUI/alcohol, 16th and Locke Ave.
Miscellaneous incidents, 2900 IH-10/EconoLodge