First Baptist Church in Bridge City is offering an exciting new program. The Learn and Grow Summer Program is designed to keep children active during the summer months and to create a learning environment that is functional for special needs children. This program is for all church members’ children, special needs or typically developing, ages 3-13 and the doors are open to any special needs child from the community. One of the main goals of First Baptist  is to provide affordable childcare. They understand the summer months can be a difficult time for special needs kids and their families. Children needing a safe and fun place to spend time this summer can look forward to a variety of experiences.

They will offer group instruction, individualized learning opportunities, a sensory friendly environment, games, crafts and more! Children will be offered snacks during the day, a lunch provided by their parents, and a nap time per request of the parent.        Stations will be set up for children to rotate to during the day. Stations will include a bible story, music, sensory area, social skills area, fine motor, gross motor, and art activities. First Baptist is excited to offer this program and provide children with a fun summer experience!

Two empty classrooms at the church, located at 200 W. Roundbunch Road, will be put to good use as the main rooms, providing access to the gym, music room and playground.

“The program is meant to be fun for kids,” says Program Coordinator Lauren McGee.

McGee has a B. S. in Applied Behavior Analysis with a minor in Psychology. She has eight years of experience as a Behavior Therapist and she is passionate about her work. She has worked with cognitive, social and language challenges on all ends of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also volunteered in 2008 for the Special Olympics as a Texas Certified Tennis Coach.

Assistant Crystal Little will be working with McGee. Preschool directors will be interviewed if more staff is needed.

McGee will be providing many different learning opportunities necessary to function in everyday life. She will be meeting with parents on an individual basis. Parents will get a daily log of what their child individually accomplishes each day.

Enrollment begins April 28th and ends May 23rd. There is a registration fee of $100. First months payment is due at the time of enrollment.

The program begins the Monday following the last day of school and will end August 15th. You can enroll your child for two, three, or five days a week.  Children will be offered snacks during the day, a lunch provided by their parents and a nap time per request of parents. Drop off starts at 7:15 p.m. and pick up will be from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please contact me at (409)658-5731 or for your rates based on the number of children you would like to participate and I will be happy to help you decide if this program will best suit your family’s needs.