The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of five more people wanted for various crimes in the area. They are Robert Gehagan, wanted for two counts of aggravated sexual assault; Ruben Rodriquez Escobedo wanted for failure to register as a sex offender; Ashton Clay Leblanc Jr. is wanted for felony driving while intoxicated, Motion to Revoke Probation, no bond; Misty Lorraine Shay is wanted for credit card abuse on a motion to impose guilt; Bobby Lee Benoit is wanted on a warrant for felony DWI, MTRP, no bond; and Jessie Wayne Wyatt on a felony warrant of injury to a child, MTRP, no bond.

Anyone with any information on these people are asked to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 409-883-2612.

They join a list of wanted people in Orange County. However, for one family, they hope someone will come forward with the location of a man who killed their mother. After 20 years of allegedly abusing his wife, Rogelio Vazquez began a life on the run after reportedly murdering his wife, Sugie.

The mother of three children was 38 years old at the time of her death. She was ready to start a life on her own to raise her children alone rather than to keep enduring the physical and mental abuse of her turbulent marriage.

Like several times before she told her husband she was leaving. But, she would not live long enough to regret her decision. Her body was discovered in a Newton County pond on May 16, 1997.The property where her body was found belonged to her husband’s employer.

Autopsy reports concluded she died of blunt force trauma to her head in addition to being stabbed twice.

Rogelio Guerra Vasquez, now 55 years old, is believed to have gone back to Mexico.

But, long before her life ended suddenly, Sugie Vasquez would meet her future husband in Orange when he moved to the area. Rogelio who is a Mexican National, did not speak English when he first arrived. They fell in love and married in September of 1976. But, the honeymoon was short-lived and the relationship took a turn for the worse when he became increasingly controlling and abusive.

Finally, Sugie had enough of the abuse and a breaking point finally came for her. She had discovered her husband was cheating on her. So, she packed up the children and moved into her mother’s house. However, Rogelio pleaded with her and she complied by going back home. But the ride home was quickly back to the same old thing. He would threaten her if she ever left again he would kill her, according to family members. Sugie would gather her courage and leave him again to be free of her abusive life. However, Rogelio like other abusive husbands turned on the charm and made promises he wouldn’t keep.

After one of these events, their life appeared to be somewhat normal. The family had moved to a different house in the neighborhood in order to make a new start. The youngest of the Vasquez children hugged her father for what she thought seemed like the first time. She thought to herself maybe this time would be different. But, their lives once again fell into the same patterns.

To the outside world everything appeared to be great. But, behind closed doors, life was chaotic to say the least. The Vasquez children had a strained relationship with their father and would often leave the room when he came home from work.

Like many times before, the violence grew increasingly worse and spiraled out of control. Sugie began to make plans for her escape, but Rogelio made plans of his own. On the day of the murder, Rogelio reportedly told his boss his wife was leaving him and he had decided to return to Mexico. Later that day, the couple would get into another argument. Sugie would not live long enough to make her escape. For some unknown reason, they decided to go to the store together. This would be the last time Sugie’s children would see her alive. Before he left, Rogelio took a long hard look at his children before he walked out on their lives.

The vehicle thought to be the place where Sugie was last alive was found in the back yard parked behind the house she shared with her killer. Inside investigators would find her blood.

The next day a missing person report was filed with the Orange Police Department. Rogelio’s brother, Robert Vasquez, would allegedly tell investigators his brother had indeed committed the murder. He also told them where the body could be found.

After an investigation was conducted, a warrant for Rogelio’s arrest for the murder of his wife.

Anyone with information on Rogelio Vasquez is urged to call OPD at 409-883-1026.