America’s Got Talent finalists, Lightwire Theater presents DiNO-Light, as created by Corbian Visual Arts and Dance,Thursday, March 20, at 9:30 & 11:30 AM. Tickets are available for $4 each by calling the Lutcher Theater Box Office at 886-5535.

Truly unique and visually dazzling, electroluminescent, larger–than-life, glow-in-the-dark creatures light up the darkness in a heart-rending original tale. Audiences all over the world have praised DiNO for its cutting edge blend of puppetry, technology, and dance.

Professor Henslow, a famous scientist who has magical powers, is alone in his workshop putting together his latest creation, DiNO. After some difficulties, a few minor adjustments, and a wave of his magic wand, DiNO is brought to life.

DiNO is a wild and primitive creature. Although Professor Henslow teaches him to walk, DiNO’s animal instincts eventually take over as he succumbs to his predatory nature. Realizing that he is suddenly in danger, Professor Henslow cleverly responds by making a heart and bravely placing it in DiNO’s chest. The beast is immediately transformed into a loving creature and a lasting bond is created between the two.

Some time later, Professor Henslow and DiNO are enjoying the beautiful outdoors when DiNO becomes distracted by some fireflies and wanders off. Professor Henslow and DiNO are each sad as they cannot find one another, but DiNO soon makes a friend in Verla, a gangly ostrich who teaches him to dance. Before long he meets a great many creatures; Peche, the beautiful blue fish, and Brutus, the menacing red dinosaur, to name a few.

DiNO learns something new about himself and the world around him from each experience with every creature he meets. In the end, when Brutus threatens Professor Henslow, DiNO is forced to make a decision that will alter his life forever and ultimately lead him to discover the true meaning of love.

Creators Ian Carney and Corbin Popp met while dancing in Twyla Tharp’s Broadway show Movin’ Out. An immediate connection was made as they discovered their mutual love of art, theater and technology. After coming across a product called EL wire, the lights turned on. “EL wire” is short for electroluminescent wire: Unlike black lights, the technology can be powered by batteries and requires no theatrical lighting. The possibilities seemed endless. Together with their wives Eleanor and Whitney they began to develop puppetry based creatures that quickly gained personality.

Lightwire Theater visits Orange as part of the Lutcher Incredible Kids Events 2013-14 Series, which is designed to accommodate area school field trips as well as the public. Suited best for grades two-six, young patrons can expect DiNO-Light to enhance skills in Language Art, Science and Theater. Lightwire Theater was last seen at the Lutcher in October 2013 in their glowing rendition of The Ugly Duckling.

Lutcher Incredible Kids Events is sponsored by Printpack Inc. The Frances Ann Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts is located at 707 Main, Orange.