There have been recent big changes made in the Bridge City Independent School District Athletic Department.

According to Mike King, BCISD superintendent, Coach Cris Stump will be the head coach of the football program for grades 7th through 12th. In the past he acted as the athletic director for all sports.

“He will now just oversee the football program,” King said.

In addition, Richard Briggs, who has been the high school principal, will become the new athletic director. From now through the end of the school year, Briggs will do “double duty” as the principal and athletic director.

BCISD has plans to hire a new principal before the start of the 2014-15 school year.

In his new position, Briggs will oversee all sports, both girls and boys, in grades 7th through 12th. This will include the physical education program.

Briggs brings to the program about 20 years of coaching experience, according to King.

“The board is very excited to be making these changes,” King said. “We feel this is a good opportunity to have an individual oversee all sports for both girls and boys in grades 7 through 12 including the P.E. program. We also feel it is a good idea to have an individual over just the football program to focus on the needs of the program.”