Sarah McDow is serious about her students succeeding in school and on the STAAR test. To make sure they are prepared, she’s holding STAAR Boot Camp in her fifth grade math class.

Monday, March 17, the Math STAAR boot camp kicked off and will be going for two weeks.  Students are reviewing all of the material in each math objective that will be on the STAAR test.  There is some drill and a lot of review.  This will involve students working in small groups, independently, and there will also be “clinics” that reteach material to students who need that help.

All of McDow’s students signed a “Mission Acceptance” statement titled “Operation: STAAR Wars.”  The document states, “Your mission: Pass the STAAR Test and enter the sixth grade.” It lists the work and objectives to be met and ends with the statement, “I choose to accept this mission and will work to defeat the STAAR test and advance to sixth grade,” and ends with the student’s signature.

McDow’s strategy included a battle plan (bulletin board) with the objectives and students names will be posted as they pass each Objective.  The “Special Forces” section of the board is reserved for students who pass all five objective quizzes. According to Ms. McDow, “I am hoping this will help motivate students to work hard and give them focus.” Fifth graders getting to wear camo to school and having a “mission” to complete is a creative way to engage the students in learning.

Attached Photos: Madison Brinkley, Tanner Breaux, Cooper McGraw, Ms. McDow, Seth Gribble, and Layne Dunbar.