Orangefield Junior High traveled to Bridge City for the Cardinal Relays Thursday night and came away with 3rd place in both grades. The field events were cancelled due to the weather earlier this week, but the 7th grade came away with 67 points. The Bobcats who placed last night were: in the 2400m – LaPointe 6th; 400m relay team of Rach, Bradley, Freeman, and Gonzales- 4th; 800m run- Blake Bradley 2nd; 110m hurdles- Lane Rach 1st; 800m relay team of Pickard, Blackwell, LaPointe, and Gonzales 5th; 200m hurdles- Lane Rach 1st, James Freeman 3rd; 1200m run- Blake Bradley 2nd; 1600m relay team of Pickard, Waggoner, Gonzales, and Freeman 3rd.

The 8th grade finished with 86 points on the night. The Bobcats who placed were: 2400m- Drew Worthy 2nd, Luke Penningtion 3rd, Jacob Rainey 6th; 400m relay team of Dischler, Teeples, Freeman, and Louvier; 800m- Ryan Deutsch 2nd; Trenton Potter 4th; 800m relay team of Clanton, Worthy, Teeples, and Flanagan; 400m dash- Ryan Deutsch 5th; 200m hurdles Justin Flanagan 5th; Raydon Clanton 6th; 200m- Justin Flanagan 6th; 1200m- Drew Worthy 1st; Luke Pennington 2nd; Trenton Potter 4th; 1600m relay team of Patronis, Teeples, Deutsch, and Louvier 3rd.