I was saddened to learn about the fire at the historic downtown Orange First Baptist Church that the Stark Foundation had been restoring. I’m sure they will start over and move on. It is a favorite Orange building of mine. *****A bad mudslide in Washington State destroyed houses in Snohomish County. The death toll as of Tuesday was 14 but many more are unaccounted for. The amount of mud could cover 70 football fields, 100 feet deep.*****The announcement by the Malaysian Prime Minister that Flight 370, the Boeing 777 had plunged into the Indian Ocean and none on board survived answered the question that, to me, seemed obvious. It also opens up lots of questions that may never be answered. At this time, it would be difficult for Hollywood to make a movie about the mystery of Flight 370 without a lot of speculating.*****Meanwhile, the G8 is now the G7 after President Obama and leaders of the world’s largest economies declared Monday that Russia will be excluded from the group of eight. Russia was supposed to host the G8 this summer; instead the G7 leaders will meet in Brussels. No one can predict what ego maniac Vladimir Putin will do next but one thing the American people and our legislatures need to do on all national security issues is stand behind our Commander-in-Chief. Already, instead of blaming Putin and his aggression, they’re laying the blame on our government. We can fight on domestic issues but when it comes to foreign issues, we’d better be united like we always have been. One nation united. *****I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
We lost Bobby Taylor, 79, last Saturday after a long and tough battle with cancer. He andBarbara, the Georgia girl he married many years ago, fought the good fight together. In and out of the hospital was constant over the last couple of years. They were true partners, side by side, extending Bobby’s life for as long as they could. Barbara was a trooper but it was bound to have taken its toll. Bobby is at peace now, no more suffering. He was a friend to everyone who knew him. Over the last few months that he was in the hospital family members brought him The Record that he looked forward to reading. I always enjoyed our visits and over the last years, I had chronicled his up and downs. He had been a deputy constable under John Ford for many years. He enjoyed and was serious about his work. He stayed on when Constable Mark Philpott became constable but by then Bobby’s health started fading and the long battle had started. For the most part we didn’t agree on national politics but locally we often saw eye-to-eye. When he sited bad government he always pointed it out. The Beaumont School District was an example. It always made me laugh because I knew what he was going to say. What a guy. If you ever met him, you will never forget him and his great personality. I’ve been blessed that our paths crossed. My sincere condolences to Barbara, family and friends. Visitation at Cowboy Church Saturday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. A memorial service will be held 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to Cowboy Church are requested. Please see obituary. Goodbye Bobby thanks for your loyalty and friendship. May you rest in peace.
10 Years Ago-2004
The Record profiles a family venture, Terrell’s Tree Service. Ronnie Terrell is co-owner with his brother Charles. Ronnie says it’s a young man’s sport. Nineteen year old Bryan Lawrence is the six man crew ‘climber.’ Bryan spends many days in the top of pine trees 75 to 100 feet above the ground. The youngsters are all very talented. Ronnie was out making the rounds after just being released from the hospital after a sudden life threatening Gall Bladder surgery. Ronnie jokingly says his nine year old son Corey is the company’s supervisor. (Editor’s note: Terrell Tree Service is still going strong. They’re experts in the field and those youngsters do amazing work.)*****Lisa Nash, general manager of DERA rediscovered the ‘Walking Cane Sycamore Tree’ not far from the club house. The tree was featured in a story by Randy Beeson in a 1974 story. *****Deputy Sheriff Mark Philpottannounces for Bridge City Council Place 2. He’s a 17 year resident of Bridge City where he and wife Babette have three sons. *****Sheriff Mike White was rushed to the hospital after a bad scare where a stint was inserted. The Sheriff is reported to be doing well. *****The Bridge City High baseball Cardinals are off to a great start. The team, coached by Billy Bryant, is 15-3 and 5-0 in district. The Cards beat Hardin Friday 11-1. Bridge City’s pitcher threw a no-hitter. Darrel Stephens is now 3-0. ***** Orangefield Bobcat pitcher, Clay Bourgeois, pitched a one-hitter in a shutout against Buna 5-0. *****Bridge City’s Kody Duplechin won the “A” singles title at the Silsbee tennis tournament. Kody soundly defeated all comers. Millard “Neighbor” Cox is his proud grandfather.
35 Years Ago-1979
Griffin’s Smart Apparel for Men moves from downtown Plaza, 709 Green Ave., to new location at 2284 MacArthur next to Gerland’s.*****Come April 6, Edna V. DeMary, (Mrs. Flex), will be 85-years-old. She makes her home at 904 Cherry Ave. with her daughterAnnabel and son-in-law Arthur Anderson. She has eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Miss Edna has lived an exciting life with Felix and could tell an interesting story. *****Craig Corder will be 9 years-old on April 9, 1979. That’s a lot of number nines. *****Tina Bendy will be 14 next week. Also on April 9, Barbara Gail Brown will reach age 18. *****Brent Alford, a West Orange grad, has been signed on at the Houston Alley Theater to understudy in the upcoming production of “Side by Side.”*****Bill’sDiscount Furniture is located at 301 Border Street. Bill and Harvey’s advertising slogan is, “We have darn good furniture.”*****Mary Behnke and Dr. Joe Ben Welch run for re-election to West Orange-Cove school district. *****The Bridge City High class of ‘79 chooses class superlatives. Class favorites are Traci Taylor and Kenny Ronsonette; Best All Around, Alice Martinez and Kirk Harmon; Most Likely to Succeed, Holli Day and David Dutschmann; Friendliest, Nina Scales and Brian Murphy.*****Pam Crew, counselor at the Orange Tourist Bureau, doesn’t only have a beautiful smile, she has the personality to go with it as she greets the thousands of tourist who enter our state.*****Some of the CB handles making the rounds are Tugboat Mama, Blue Max, Snuff Gully, Cowboy, Salt Shaker, Bug Hunter, Lady Godiva, Double Bubble, Lady Bronco, Doc Feel Good and Coon Skinner.
40 years ago-1974
Morris Collier celebrates a birthday on April 4. Also on April 4 Mary Copeland was born in 1885 and Nancy Steadom in 1893. *****Mount Sinai Baptist adult choir sponsors musical. Pastor is The Reverend Calvin C. Jones, Russell Bottley is president. Daniel James, pianist. *****American Party candidate for Texas governor Sam McDonnell, visits area. Billy Cole is his county chairman. *****Jack Luther is the big guy who ownsNelson’s Auto Service. *****Charlie Bullock is manager of Ames Fried Chicken. Jim Ames is owner. *****Sunday night, March 31, at 8 p.m., Joan Greco and Ed Lovelacetied the knot at the Lutheran church. The reception was held at the Orange House. Joan was a beautiful bride; Ed was his same old self. The bride and groom went up to their suite when the clock struck midnight on April Fool’s Day. *****Betty Harmon loads the bus with kids and heads out for Garner State Park. *****Buzzy Gunn goes on diet, loses 20 pounds.Dayle and Buzz are trimming down for their annual summer trip to the Florida beach. *****Sue Collins has surgery. *****Inez Hearn is the new manager of Montgomery Wards. *****Jerry Reid and Bonita Blanda Davis were wed Friday night. *****Bill Towns runs for re-election to school board at Bridge City.
Congratulations to everyone‘s friend, Gina Mannino who recently received her doctorate from Lamar University. From now on we will have to get used to calling her Doctor Mannino. We‘re proud of our Bridge City grad, she was someone special even before she became a doctor.*****The Swamp Pop show at the VFW, featuring Jivin’ Gene and the Gulf Coast Boys, drew a sellout capacity crowd. People were turned away and the place holds 750 folks. *****I ran into Brandy Slaughter the other day. She was off work last week after being hospitalized with an infection. I believe she’s back in the saddle this week. *****I believe Richard Briggs has found his nitch as athletic director at Bridge City. I may be wrong but I don’t believe being a principle was Richard’s cup of tea, even though he’s doing a great job. His appointment as AD brings up some questions in my mind, however I guess they will be answered in time.*****Sheriff Keith Merritt has always thought a lot about former Bridge City Chief Joey Hargrave and was glad Joey came to work for him. Last I heard Joey was a full fledged nurse. I guess that wasn’t his cup of tea. Once you’re a pistol packer it’s hard to get away from it. *****I consider myself an expert when it comes to Mayhaw jelly. I believe Mayhaw makes the world’s best jelly. We published a story onWilliam Moore and his Mayhaw farm last week. I find his homemade jelly to be one of the best I’ve eaten. Mayhaw jelly makes great gifts for friends away from the area. They will love it. *****I was just thinking about Ms. Jewel. She would never believe what that boy did.Donna says, “Jack Dorman will probably turn over in his grave.” That folks is an inside story. *****Judge David Peck was spotted at Gary’s Café in Bridge City Saturdaymorning. He sneaked into town so he wouldn’t have to buy breakfast for Dunn and Philpott. He bought three breakfast orders for himself. Gary’s Café is a great place to dine anytime. *****Baylor Bears keep Texas in the hunt as all other Texas teams fall. The Bears made it to the sweet 16 by crushing Creighton and their star Doug McDermott, the nation’s leading scorer. Baylor beat the nation’s most productive offense to cruise to an easy 85-55 victory. The Bears head into the Sweet-16 against Wisconsin Thursday. Congrats to SFA on a great season. The Lumber Jacks were outmanned 77-60 by UCLA.*****On Friday, an article in USA Today about Seattle free safety Earl Thomas of Orange stated, “Some regard the two-time All Pro as the keystone of the NFL’s best defense. If Jairus Byrd (New Orleans Saints) is worth $9 million a year, six years for $56 million, there is little doubt Thomas will become the first at his position whose yearly salary averages eight figures.”*****Country music Hall of Famer Merle Haggard will be the focus of two tributes next month. One for an album of his hits, recorded by current country artist and the other from the Academy of Country Music. “Working Man’s Poet, a Tribute to Merle Haggard” will be out April 1. It features Luke Bryan, Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith and others. During the 49th Country Music Awards on April 6, Haggard’s 77 birthday, he will be the recipient of a music artist tribute segment and will receive the ACM’s Crystal Milestone award, honoring him for 50 years in country music. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will co-host. “Working Man’s Poet” will be available through itunes and sold only at Wal-Mart.*****Longview, in East Texas, paid $16,150 to end their contract with rocker Ted Nugent, who was to be the headliner at their Fourth of July celebration. In January, Nugent called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” It cost the city half of Nugent’s contract fee to keep him out of town. In the past, Nugent suggested that immigrates, in the country illegally, should be treated like “indentured servants” until they earned citizenship. Longview gave him the money and said, “Adios.”*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays. On March 26, our lawyer friendJoe Alford, whose roots run deep in West Orange, a longtime ago former Assistant DA and now practicing attorney celebrates this Wednesday. ***Also celebrating is our Bridge City friends Sherry Stevens and Marjorie Fields. *****Rocker Steven Tyler will turn 66 on this day. *****March 27 finds Ruth Platt, Dale Forse, Nancy Crew and Billy “The Postman” LeLeux celebrating. They share birthdays with Mariah Carey, 44 and Fergie,39.*****On March 28, a super guy, a special buddy Garrett Gros celebrates.*** Also the twins Brittany and Tiffany Leverett celebrate their special day their sister Jamie Leverett Barber celebrates two days later so I suspect they just have one big party. Those beautiful ladies share birthday with Lady Gaga, 28 and Julia Stiles, 33. ***This would have beenRayford Spurgeon’s birthday. He passed away last Saturday, March 22. *****March 29, on this day Al Granger adds a year to his age. We enjoyed a nice visit with Al last week. He’s always interesting. ***Ivalyn Anderson, the widow of our late friend Rev. Leo, celebrates on this day. I understand she’s in a nursing home. We wish her a great day.***They share a birthday with Celine Dion, 46 and Piers Morgan, 49, who is on his way out at CNN.***We remember a special lady, Annabel Anderson, who died on this day in 2012 at the age of 90. I know she’s with the angels. *****On March 30, longtime retired educator Terry Stuebing, Ella’s other half, celebrates. So does Karen Bergeron, Rhonda Titter Fenton and Lisa Smith. ***We also remember on this day a special friend G.L. “Red” Garrett, who died in 2010. He was friend Beth Rach’s dad. *****On March 31, Terry Seal and Sandra Jonescelebrate their special day. *****April 1 is April Fool’s Day but some very smart folks celebrate birthdays on this day. Happy birthday to Tracie Ray, Pam Savoy, Angie Sellers, Allison Asbury, Steve Adams and Elizabeth Weir. It is also the ‘National Day of Prayer’ and the 83rd birthday of McDonald Baptist Church. Best wishes to all. Please see complete birthday list. *****It’s time for me to get in touch with our buddy Todd “Big Daddy” Landry. It’s getting to be crawfish time and my Cajun taste buds are yarning for the Louisiana lobster that’s made its way to Texas and “Big Daddy’s” farm.
Da state of Louisiana was taking some bids for carpenter work on one of the state’s historical buildings. Joe Morceaux, from Carencro, look da job over, him. After measuring and figuring his bid, Morceaux said, “I can do it, me, for $9,000.” I need $4,000 for da material, $4,000 for my crew and dat leave $1,000 profit for me.
“Tex” Walker, from Texas him, look at da job. He measures and calculated, him, dat he could do dat little job for $7,000; $3,000 for materials, $3,000 for labor and still make himself $1,000.
Last bidder, Alsid Fuselier, (I’m not sure if he is kin to Tony or not) from Breaux Bridge, steps up dire and witout looking at da job, he says to Roy Theriot, da government man wat is taking da bids, he say, “Me, I do dat job for $27,000.”
Surprised Theriot, da bid man, ax him to explain his bid.
“It’s like dis, Fuselier says, “$10,000 for me, $10,000 for you and we hire dat dere Texan for the utta $7,000.
I’ve come to the end of the line one more week. As you can tell, over the past week I haven’t gotten around much. I’ve been grounded for most of it. I’m surprised I haven’t heard fromQuincy Procell. He was Bobby Taylor’s neighbor for many years. I’m sure he will be at the service. I’ve also missed seeing Christy Kourey the last few weeks.*****I’ve been enjoying some of the best deer sausage I’ve ever eaten, a gift from Sheriff Keith Merritt and prettyMarlene.*****By the way, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Peggy’s on the Bayou, Hwy. 62, this week, next week at Robert’s. Everyone is always welcome. *****Spring is here and a lot of yards took a beating over the winter. If your place needs a good yard doctor I suggest you call Pete at Coastal Landscaping, 738-2010.  Ask for Pete,he brings an entire crew of professionals and they make your place look like it’s right out of Southern Living.*****We thank you for your correspondence and kind words. The Recordreaches more people in Orange County than all the other newspapers combined. There is no better way to reach the consumers in our trade area then advertising in The Record. Try us, we guarantee results. Smart advertisers who want to keep business right here at home would be wise to let us carry their message to local consumers. That benefits everyone. Gotta close shop, my time is up. Thanks for yours. Take care and God bless.