To the people who will be reading this in the archives 20, 30 or more years from now here’s some of the things making news and of interest on April 2, 2014. The mystery of Malaysia air flight 370 that disappeared on March 8 with 239 people aboard is still not found. It is believed the plane went down in the Indian Ocean, thousand of miles from its destination. The reason for the airliner flying off course may never be known.*****Bodies are still being recovered in Washington State mudslide. Twenty-three bodies have been found and 90 residents are unaccounted for.*****Major League baseball kicks off another season. Meanwhile, colleges, high schools and Little League baseball is being played around the nation. It is the all-American sport that many families enjoy.*****March Madness college basketball is down to April’s “Final Four.” Wisconsin will face a very stubborn Kentucky team. Number one seed Florida takes on UConn. The winners will meet for the national championship. For the most part, the playoffs have been great, close games that brought many upsets.*****Los Angeles, California had another small earthquake. By the time some of you reading this many years down the road may have witnessed California falling off into the Pacific Ocean.*****The Affordable Care Act, that you are enjoying today, reached its seven million start up, sign up on March 31, 2014 despite radical opposition in the beginning, I’m sure it’s hard for you to believe in 2034 that at one time the U.S. didn’t have universal health care.*****We have just come off the coldest, wettest winter on the Gulf Coast in many years but it was a very bad winter in the rest of the nation also. The big worry next to come on the Gulf Coast is hurricane season. It is an extra worry as insurance companies and the government combine to deny affordable flood insurance to Gulf Coast residents.*****Meanwhile we are looking forward to a nice, southern spring and a very hot summer.*****Oh, by the way, Texas, for a few years thanks to gerrymandering, had gone Republican but around 2020 it started turning blue and is solid Democratic today. Just a few thoughts.*****Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
10 Years Ago-2004
BCISD Superintend Sam Lucia and assistant Joe Chenella, display the Nelda and H.J. Lutcher StarkFoundation’s grant award. The grant for $423,275 will produce for a host of technological advancement in education for the new Bridge City High School.*****Former Orangefield Bobcat Nebraska pole vaulted Eric Eshbach won the Texas relays with a leap of 18 feet, 4.5. inches. Eric beat all college and pro-valters. The win qualified him for the Olympic trials. The Austin meet was attended by 22,000 many from Orange County. None more excited than his grandmother Dot Eshbach and Eric’s adopted auntie Margaret Saint. Eric spotted his high school coach Joe Hester in the stands, ran up the steps and picked him up and shook him.*****Congrats toRev. Lance and Kim Faultkner on the arrival of their new baby boy on Sunday, April 4. Rev. Lance is the basketball coach of Bridge City High and pastor of Church the Rock.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Wendy Leigh Mericle, 18 year old LCM senior, died April 13 after an auto accident. Service was held April 6 at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. She is survived by her mother Nancy, brother Bryan and grandmother Lena Gaudet. *****Clifford H. Hopper, 90, of Bridge City, died March 31. Funeral service was held April 5 at St. Mark Luthern Church. A native of New Jersey, he was owner and operator at Hopper Lumber Co. in Bridge City. He was preceded in death by his wife Clara. He is survived by several nieces and nephews. Pallbearers were Jim Rucker, Kelly Rucker, Chris Juaneaux, Billy Garrett, Eric Weeder and Leon Parish.*****Paul Caillier, 80, of West Orange, died April 5 at his residence. Service was held at St. Mary Catholic Church April 7. *****Shellie Mae Geldard, 83, died April 15. Arrangements are pending. *****Bridge City sport’s siblings Benjamin “Ben” Myers, 17 and his 14-year-old sister Samantha “Sam” Myers, are both baseball players for BC High and both of their teams are state ranked in the top 10. The boy’s team, No. 9, and girl’s softball team is No. 1 in the state. Their mother Julia said the family past time keeps them on the road. Husband Archie attends Ben’s games while she and Sam are going in different directions. Older brother Adam, 23, is in a band “Stale Mind” and he is also moving from gig to gig. “We’re a family on the go,” Julia says. (Editor’s note: Both Ben and Sam were star athletes. I enjoyed watching Ben as a catcher for the Cardinals.*****County Commissioner Owen Burton and wife Nelda will serve as parade marshals during the 23rd annual Mauriceville Crawfish Festival.
35 Years Ago-1979
Johnny Dorman, former schoolteacher, is a candidate for trustee on the Orangefield school board. He is also a former custodian and bus driver in the district.*****Texas Gov. Bill Clements proclaims April 2 to April 6 as Texas Industrial Week. Orange Mayor Major Inman, Mayor A.R. Morgan of Pinehurst and Mayor Glenn Sealeof West Orange all proclaimed the same date. A reception for industry leaders takes place April 5 at Sunset Grove Country Club.*****A.J. Judice and Roy Dunn make a tour of Cajun country. After dropping Roy’s mom off in Lafayette, he and A.J. were guest of former Bridge City natives, J.P. and Lloyd Thibodeaux. They were taken on a tour of Acadiania. They visited Roy’s boyhood home in Abbeville and A.J.’s in Loreauville. A big supper was held at boat builder Roy Breaux’s place in Loreauville.*****Flo and Gen Edgerly will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next week.*****Miss Sherry Curl, Little Cypress-Mauriceville student, is the new Sheriff’s Posse queen and runner-up at the Dogwood Festival.*****Happy Birthday to Janet Griffin and Trella Darby.*****Ed Lovelace purchases two radio stations in Beeville. The population is 49 percent Mexican, 18 percent German, one percent Black, the rest Anglo Saxon. The AM and FM station will carry country on one and Spanish on the other. *****Bill James and Bill Van win re-elections to the Bridge City school board. All three incumbents in Bridge City city council race, Bruce Wright, N.J. Vicknair and Don Caillouet won.*****Juliet and Charles Patton have a new grandson born to daughter Marilyn.*****Sherri Stallhut became a teenager April 5. Stephanne Pelham is 12 on April 5. Gary Guauthier turns 21 in a few days.*****Don Rascoe of Bridge City, who has lived in Baltimore, Maryland for several years, visits mom, dad and family in Bridge City.*****Representatives of the Bridge City Fire Department, 73 in all, attended the district convention held in Groves. They took first place in both six-man and six-ladies pamper teams. *****F.C.A. sponsors Houston Oilers-Bridge City coach’s basketball games. Top scorers for the Oilers were Mike Barber and Steve Kiner. Coach Al Barbre was high scorer for B.C. Coach Troy Woodall was named outstanding player.*****The four high-point Bridge City FHA girls going to Fort Worth areBecky Hargrave, Melanie Van, Alice Martinez and Gay Lingo.
40 Years Ago-1974
A $1,000 four-year certificate of deposit at Orange Savings pays 7.50 percent. A 90-day certificate pays 5.75 percent. A day-in-day-out, $5 minimum, pays 5.25 percent.*****Last year the Bridge City mile-rely team placed third in the state with a time of 3.19. Returning to this year’s team are Bo Worrell, David Guidry and Mark Truncale. Raymond Salazar replaces Larry Hagler, who graduated. Coach Bob Puntes also has high hopes for the area’s best pole vaulter, Raymond Ridley, who has a season high of 13-feet, 7-inches and often makes 14 feet in practice. (Editor’s note: Remember that was before the fiberglass, bending poles of today. Cane poles didn’t give much.)*****David Guidry runs the 330 hurdles in 39 seconds. Other hurdlers are David Weishaar, Billy James and Steve Hock. Distant men are Thad Thompson and Truncale. Desi Ramsey and Wayne Beard run the mile. Robbie Truncale is an alternate in distant runs,. In field events are Ridley, Lanston Fall, Graig Morrisshot-put: Danny Long discus.*****Michael P. Keogh is a candidate for director of the Bridge City Water Board.*****C. Arnold Buxton is running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1.*****A complete meal at Ames Fried Chicken, including coleslaw, potato salad and drink goes for $1. 
Bobby Taylor would have been proud to know that hundreds of people filled Cowboy Church  to pay their last respects. He also would have been proud of his family who greeted everyone who came. I was impressed with his son Kenneth, a good looking youngster, who showed deep appreciation for everyone who came. Former Constable John Ford spoke at the memorial and Constable Mark Philpott, who Bobby served under, visited with the crowd. Pearl Burgess, 93-years-old, attended and honored Bobby with a poem which was recited at the service and also printed on the program. We spotted Quincy Procell and his wife who were longtime neighbors of the Taylor’s. Nelda Burton was introducing people to one another. By the way, Nelda is a candidate for an open seat on the Mauriceville water board. Her first venture in politics. She is usually the bridesmaid, not the bride.*****A few folks we know who are celebrating birthdays this week. On April 12, Arline Dodge and Margaret Richter, along with Barbara Riddick and Nevella Toal celebrate.*****On April 3, officer Lannie Claybar, Cindy Mitchell and Linda Currie celebrate.*****April 4, our friends Burl laSalle, Joe Peery and Al DeRoche, former Record ad executive, celebrate.*****Celebrating on April 5, is Nancy McWhorter, our longtime recipe writer, who lived in Bridge City for many years but has now moved away and also Carl Himel, Janet Bland and Libby Harrison.*****April 6 finds pretty Cyndie Chauvin, one of the Scales girls, married to the notoriousVance “Big Red” Chauvin celebrates. So does Helen Lockin, Shirley Hayes and John Green. On this day the U.S. entered WWI, in 1917.*****Celebrating on April 7, is Wayne McPherson, Linda Juneau, Janet Anderson and Brenda McPherson.*****On April 8, “The Strutter” Cathy Riley celebrates along with Lindsey Etheridge, Lorene Zoch, Melissa Pittman and Brandy Block.***On this day in 1974, Hank Aaron hit his record 715 home run off of pitcher Al Downing.*****Belated happy birthday to longtime friend Earl Church, who celebrated his 85th birthday Monday. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete birthday list.*****I’ve just remembered that two great guys I’ve known for many years. Gerald Morris and Sharon Bearden, were across the street neighbors when they were kids in Riverside. The government sold the complex and the residents were forced to leave. Sharon, as our district attorney, bought in some assistants that went on to do well for themselves. There probably were more but those I remember were Don Burgess, who came to Orange wearing a cowboy hat and a big red beard, who went on to be a District and Appellant Court Judge; Judge Pat Clark, an Orange boy, became a longtime District Judge; Jim Jenkins went on to be a federal prosecutor; Jim Wallace has been a longtime District Judge in Houston; Mike Shuff, longtime Court-at-Law Judge and attorney Joe Alford, longtime practicing Orange attorney, a good one, also the pride of West Orange, he and Sharon are the only two still fighting the daily grind.*****The Mauriceville Crawfish Festival will be held April 11-12-13. It is always a great time, with a parade, booths, music, lots of food and all the trimmings. I remember when Owen Burton, Wesley Arabie and Amos Roy launched the first festival. Amos was the first Texas crawfish farmer. He was the granddaddy of Texas crawfish farming. Amos enlisted the help of Burton and Arabie and in 1981 the first Texas Crawfish Festival was held. Burton, Joe Heinen, Frenchie and others started producing crawfish. One of the first meetings was held at the Crawfish Bucket Restaurant in Nederland, owned by Roy Dunn and Heinin. Today,Amos is gone, died several years ago, Burton gave up crawfish farming, Heinin moved away but because of their effort in the early 1980’s, the Texas legislature officially proclaimed Mauriceville the “Crawfish Capital of Texas.” Since that early day, the money raised stayed in the community. It paid for 15 acres of land that is now home to the Orange County Livestock Show, a community center has been built and playing fields for youth football, etc. has been added. Support the festival by attending.*****We ran into Jarvis and Linda Buckley at Big Daddy’scrawfish outlet. They still live in the Cove but have a place in Galveston. Due to health problems Todd “Big Daddy” Landry has retired but his son Peyton is doing a great job running the operation.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Peggy’s last week. With Owen, Nova Dee and Donna a lot of stories were told. ConstableDavid Cagle, a nice guy, really enjoyed the stories but no one likes stories any better than Judge Janice however, she missed last week while attending classes in San Antonio. Some one said Judge Menard has attended enough schooling to teach the class. This week the group will dine at Robert’s and at Novrozsky’s next. Everyone is always welcome.
At a trial in the Cajun town of New Iberia, Vernon Chauvin, da prosecuting attorney, call his first witness to da stand. Ms. Maude Premeaux put her hand on da Bible and swore to tell da truth, da whole truth and nutting but da truth, so help her God. Ms. Premeaux her, is a retired school teacher. She was proper, well dressed, well-spoken and poised.
Prosecuter Chauvin approach Ms. Maude and axe, “Ms Premeaux, do you know me?”
Ms. Maude responded, “Why yes, I know you, Mr. Chauvin, I’ve known you since you were a young boy and frankly, you’ve been a big disappointment to me. You lie, cheat on your lovely wife Agnes, manipulate people and talk bad bout dem behind their backs. You haven’t da sense to realize you will never amount to anyting more than a two-bit, paper pushing shyster. Yes, I know you quite well.”
Prosecutor Chauvin, him, was stunned. He couldn’t even tink for a few minutes. Den slowly he backed away, fearing da look on da judge and da jurors face, not to mention da court reporter wat had documented every word. Not knowing wat else to do he pointed at Clovis Bourdreaux, da defense attorney, across da room and axe, “Ms. Premeaux, do you know da attorney for da defense?”
Shaking her head yes, Ms. Maude replied, “Why yes I do, I’ve known Mr. Boudreaux since he was a youngster too. He’s lazy, bigoted, and has a terrible drinking problem. Da man can’t build or keep a normal relationship, his law practice is one of da worst in all of da state, not to mention he cheated on his wife Laura wit tree different women. Yes, you bet I know him.”
Lawyer Boudreaux him, nearly fainted and sat slumped in his chair, looking at the floor. Laughter mixed with gasps roared in da courtroom and da place was on da verge of chaos. At dat point, Judge Babineaux brought da courtroom to order and he call bot dem counselors to approach da bench, dem. In a very quite voice, Judge Babineaux say, “If either of you half-ass lawyers axe Ms. Premeaux if she knows me, you will go to jail for contempt of court.”
For over 50 years The Record has been the one media that has urged citizens to shop at home when possible. It benefits everyone and keeps local sales taxes in the area. The idea to “Shop Orange County” is not new, in fact, we have never tried to sell advertising out of the county and have depended on our local family of advertisers to bring you this free paper and the advertiser’s sales message.*****Here’s one of Orange County’s best kept secrets. Local consumers looking for a real deal on a new or used auto can find it right here. Cecil’s Chrysler, Dodge,located on IH-10 at MLK operates with a low overhead, an efficient operation allowing the savings to be passed on to the buyer. What citizens don’t realize is that Cecil has other Chrysler dealerships so over 300 new cars are available to our local dealership overnight. You can’t make a better deal anywhere between here and Houston. Stop by the dealership and let Pat Camfield and crew show you how they can save you money and give you hometown service. All they ask is that you visit them before you buy. Stop by for a down home visit with some folks who will treat you like family. You’ll discover Orange County’s best kept secret and keep your tax dollars at home. Did you know that in Texas sales taxes are deductible on your income tax returns. Only about 20 percent of Texans take advantage of it. However, the provision is hanging in the balance and could expire Dec. 31, if congress doesn’t act. The deductions are worth $1 billion a year to Texans. Congress needs to reinstate it.*****I’ve gotta shut down for another time. Thanks for coming along. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.