Another week rolls around and not much is being, said with the exception of CNN, about the Malaysia Flight 370 that disappeared with 239 aboard or the mudslide in Washington State. Fort Hood was staggered by a second mass shooting that left four dead including Ivan Lopez, a base soldier, who killed himself after killing three and injuring 13 others. What irked me is how the politicians converged on the base for national publicity on a  tragedy. Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan was convicted and sentenced to death last year in the Nov. 5, 2009 attack that killed 13 people. The base has had its share of sorrow.*****Jeb Bush is not yet ready to jump into the 2016 race. He will make his decision before the end of the year. Jeb will have a hard time getting the nomination. He’s the only GOP candidate who sounds sane. The extremist on the far right will cut him up over his immigration ideas. Already he is being branded a RINO by Tea Party groups. Bush said that illegal workers are entering the country to put food on the table for their families. He associated it to “An act of love” to provide for their families and keep the family together.*****The UConn Huskies tops Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 to claim their third title in Texas over the last 11 years. The Lone Star state is good to the Huskies despite Kentucky having three players from Texas. The Huskies speed was just too much for every team they faced in the NCAA tournament. Kentucky’s future looks bright however, with five freshmen starters. The Wildcat twins, Andrew and Aaron Harrison, from Travis High School, were held in check for the first time all season.*****Every short guys hero, Mickey Rooney, 93, died April 6. Throughout my entire life Mickey was always around. In the pre-war years 1939-40-41, he was the country’s biggest box office attraction. He was born Joe Yule, Jr. and began his film career as a toddler in his first film, in 1926, at age 6. Of all of his many movies still around today the most well known is “National Velvet,” filmed in 1944, with 11-year-old Elizabeth Taylor. He had many hit movies and the five-foot three-inchRooney was married eight times to some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women including Ava Gardner. Mickey was a survivor through many ups and downs.*****I still have a long way to go and little time left to do it. Please hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal brought harsh criticism from some Republicans, including Sarah Palin. Ryan proposes slashing the federal safety net, beefing up military spending and reducing taxes for the wealthy. The blueprint from Ryan is expected to be met with stiff opposition not only from Democrats but from hard line Republicans. However, Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget will provide voters with a clear choice of party priorities. Ryan’s core ideas have come to define the GOP party’s approach. Cut federal spending on Medicare, Medicaid and programs that make up the safety net while reducing top individuals and corporate tax rates. Ryan proposes turning the Medicare health system into a voucher program for future seniors by providing a fixed amount of cash to purchase or go towards a policy that would not cover the full cost. While protecting the Pentagon budget. Ryan shifts the burden of reduction onto domestic programs. Ryan has also proposed defunding the Affordable Health Care Act and privatizing Social Security. Some Republicans who are running for re-election see Ryan’s budget as a heavy load to carry into the November elections.
We were indeed saddened to hear of the death of Lennis Hubbard, 79, who passed away Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Many lawmen considered Lennis to be one of the best investigators to ever work in Orange County. Not only did he work for the Sheriff’s Department, he was a special investigator under District Attorney Sharon Bearden. Lennis worked on some of the most brutal murders in the county’s history. Hubbard wasn’t your typical ‘by the book’ investigator, he was a hound that stayed on the trail of a crime until he solved it. He was tough but also very personable. A good salesman who gained the confidence of everyone he approached. Unfortunately, I received the notice of his death after our deadline, otherwise I’m sure we would have had statements from Bearden, Wilson Roberts and others who worked with and praised his work. He will long be remembered as one of the best. Funeral arrangements are pending at Dorman Funeral Home. I for one will never forget him. He was a class guy, a friend whose work I greatly admired.
10 Years Ago-2004
Jay Trahan is keeping the Cajun music tradition and culture going. He has written some new material and has put out a new CD titled “Cade’s Waltz.” His father-in-law Doug Childress produced the CD. “Cade’s Waltz” was originally written Jan. 21, 2001, while he and wife Carla were awaiting the birth of their son Cade who was born June 5, a month before he was due. A dozen other songs are on the CD. Jay got his first accordion from his dad when he was 17. His influence was neighbor Jackie Callier, an award winning Cajun artist. (Editor’s note: I lost my “Cade’s Waltz” CD during Ike. Today Jay is doing a great job for the city of Orange as Director of Economic Development..)*****Judge Grover Halliburton and Franklin Scales are both out of hospital after suffering a heart attack three weeks ago. On his way home from hospital his wife Sarah had to take him to early vote. The election judge came to the car to allow him to vote. (Editor’s note: Grover and Franklin are now gone. I miss them both.)*****CBS reports that President George W. Bush has spent over 230 days at his Crawford Ranch, has taken 78 trips to Camp David and five trips to the family compound at Kennebunkport, plus his 78 fund-raising trips. CBS says 40 percent of his time has been spent away from Washington. (Editor’s note: I don’t believe George W. liked Washington much.)*****The Little Cypress Fire Department gets their first responder ambulance, donated by Gold Star Ambulance. The fire department went from working out of the back of pickup trucks to a first class vehicle. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Eve J. Swire, 88, died April 7. ***Kenneth M. Reed, 74, of Orange died April 8. ***Tammy Romero, 41, died April 9. ***Jerold “Jerry” Horton, 71, died April 12. Jerry was a native of Italy, Texas. He was retired from Crown Zellerbach. This writer knew Jerry really well and visited with him at his home place in Italy, where his mother lived. His sister Doris was Mrs. Clarence Kyte. Jerry had been a U.S. Air Force staff sergeant. He was one the special people we crossed paths with and called friend. 
35 Years Ago-1979
First Savings Association of Orange now offering a six-month Money Market Certificate paying 9.49 percent.*****Pam Hoosier will celebrate her 19th birthday in a few days.*****Sandra Choate will be 11 years old on April 18.*****Doug Helen, Dana and Dougie Harrington returned from Colorado. They enjoyed the spring time at Doug’s dad, Sen. Harrington’s, little paradise in the Colorado mountains.*****Orange attorney Marlin Thompson has taken to flying all over the country in a private plane, practicing his trade. He’s an expert in asbestosis related cases. (Editor’s note:Thompson, his wife and Dewey Cox were later killed in an Arkansas plane accident.)*****The Bridge City Funeral Home is located at 800 Highland. Lawrence Helton is funeral director. *****Frenchie’s Discount Furniture is located at 411Donnell, Orange. *****Orange Texas is featured in a new 100-page, digest size, East Texas Vacation Guide, just released for national distribution. The guide distributes 140,000 copies at travel shows. The Orange section features the Presbyterian Church, Stark Museum, Brown Center, Farmer’s Mercantile and Delta Downs.
40 Year Ago-1974
Nettie Brown retires after 18 years at Orange Memorial Hospital. *****Sen. D. Roy Harrington presents Homestead Exemption Bill. Harrington was also able to get the open beach bill adopted in the General provision Committee. *****The Bridge City Cardinalettes volleyball 10-AAA District champs lost to Channelview in the final of the Regional Tournament. Bridge City won district for the second year in a row. All district players on the team are: Donna Calvert, Joyce Mann, Phyllis Shaw, Jana Russell and Rhonda Schexnider, Debra Wagner, Candy Etheridge and Vickie Martinez. Barbara Landry is the coach. *****Larry Gunter, longtime sheriff’s office dispatcher, is running for Justice of the Peace of Precinct 2. *****Claude J. Broussard is running for County Commissioner, Precinct 2. *****Also running in the same race is Glen Peveto. *****County Judge Grover Halliburton runs for re-election. *****Donald Gunn is running for Constable of Precinct 2. Marlin Shelton is the Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2.*****Houston Baker is denied entrance to Court of Two Sister’s restaurant in New Orleans because he was wearing jeans.*****Former Little Cypress-Mauriceville football coach Jim Crosland is now coaching with the Chicago Fire of the World Football League.
I finally got out some and ran into some of the natives. Mary Bryant is still her nice, sweet self. She says son Billy is at Big Sandy, that’s the hometown of pro-football coach Lovie Smith. She doesn’t get to see Matt much. We recalled how patriotic her late husband Casey was. He would tear up when he heard the National Anthem. *****Our friend Mary Ann Cruse fell a couple of weeks ago and was transported to hospital with what she thought was a broker shoulder. She was badly bruised is all. She’s not driving but still on the go. *****We had a nice visit with Dr. Rod Fisette. He and his brothers have always been among my favorite people. *****My buddy Margie Stephens is again fighting kidney stones. I thought I had problems until I heard hers. Her medication now is apple cider, mixed with a fair portion of beer. I don’t know if it helps pass the stones but she can get high while waiting. *****Gerald Morris and pretty wife Julia were out grocery shopping. I wonder what is the trick to getting your wife to accompany you on a shopping trip. I do the shopping, while she mows the lawn. *****I ran into my longtime friend Marilyn Vaughn Smith, Gene’s better half. For several years now Marilyn has been fighting the good fight. It’s been a long haul but she’s getting around now. For many years Marilyn was Wayne Peveto’s legal secretary. Keep on keeping on. ****I ran into Jimmy LeBlanc at the Catholic’s Friday catfish fry at St. Henry’s.  His folks owned the Buccaneer Restaurant on Cow Bayou, just as you entered Bridge City coming from Orange back in the 1940’s and 50’s. I’ll never forget that place where I ate my first restaurant prepared seafood.*****Speaking of seafood, Peggy’s on the Bayou has sold the Hwy. 62 location and Betty is back with Peggy and Richard at the original place on East Roundbunch at Cow Bayou.*****Jeremy Luno had been looking to buy a new car when he discovered Cecil’s Chrysler. He found just what he wanted at a great price and drove away in his new 200 Chrysler. Jeremy said “The folks were really nice, no pressure, they want to sell cars to the homefolks. I beat the price I could get in Beaumont right here at home.”*****Karen Jo lives in mosquito alley but she has a weapon. She calls the folks at Pestco and lives “Skeeter” free, however, it might be time for the county to spray in some areas where the pest are getting thick.*****A few folks we know having birthdays this week. On April 9, Trey Dubose, Terri Brent, Barbara Allen and Kristi Trahan share birthdays. *****On April 10, Devera and Bobby Cormier’s youngun’,  Janet Montagne, bride of Johnny Jr., celebrates. ***Also Barbara and Dr. David Olson’s pretty daughter, Dr. Katie Olson, celebrates on this day. *****On April 11, a great guy, David Thacker, coach Dwight‘s boy, celebrates as doesMelodie McClain’s 7-year-old grandson, Novah Richardson. Also celebrating are Patsy Evans, Jackie Schell and Becky Myers. *****On April 12, Jill Lemoine, Roy Mazzagate III, Jaclyn James and Kathy Vessel celebrate. AlsoVince Gill turns 57 and David Letterman will be 67 on this date. On April 12, 1861, the Civil War started. It lasted four years and ended June 22, 1865.*****Connie Angelle is a year older on April 13, as is Roy Farias, Gene Bellard, and our buddy Jo Ann Collins. This would have been the late Virginia Fox’s birthday. This day is also Palm Sunday. *****On April 14, Coach Phillip Elmore, Larry McClure, Reatha Bradberry, Christy Swanson and Sam “Sambo” Carpenter, Jr. celebrate.***This would have been the birthday of our late friend Constable Parker P.T. Thompson, who died Sept. 2, 2007.*****On April 15, a beautiful lady Linda Claybar celebrates as does April Allen, Debbie Aarons and Patrick Cook. This day is also tax day. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.*****John Dubose, candidate for Orange county judge, has been losing many of his big signs. He doesn’t believe it is malicious, it’s probably happening to other candidates also. Folks are stealing the stakes the signs are hooked on to. He lost a dozen in the Vidor area and one large sign in downtown West Orange over the weekend. Those signs and stakes cost a lot of money. If you see anyone stealing them call the police.*****The U.S. Senate voted 59-38 Monday to extend jobless benefits. A band of Republicans swiftly appealed to a reluctant speaker John Boehner to permit election year action in the House as well. It is a hard sell since the wealthy Koch brothers are against it.*****According to the “Smoking Gun web site. the Rev. Al Sharpton was an FBI informant who had extensive dealings with Mafia figures in New York in the 1980’s. He secretly recorded their conversations using a briefcase with hidden electronic equipment rigged by the FBI.*****Sleepy Smith, at First Realty, is doing his part to help new home building in Orange. He has drastically lowered the price on some very nice home sites in Concord subdivision, a nice place to live. See ad.*****County election administrator, Tina Jo Barrowand husband Jarvis, as of April 10, have survived three years of marriage. Good for them. The first years are the hardest because of the adjustments. It gets a little bumpy after around 20 years.*****George Strait was once again the fan favorite. He won the ACM “Entertainer of the Year” awardSunday, 25 years after his first win. The big news out of the show is that next year the biggest ACM show ever is planned at AT&T Stadium, home of the Cowboys. The Country Music Awards show is the best of all award shows.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Novrozsky’s this week and back to Robert’s next. We invite everyone to come join this gathering for a good meal and great fellowship..
Wen Oris Comeaux walked into Tee Boy’s Bar and Grill he noticed his friend Mayo Boudreaux was sitting by hisself at da end of da bar. Wen he walked up to Boudreaux, he could tell dat he was really tying one on.
Oris say to his friend, “Mayo, why you getting so drunk you?”
Boudreaux answer, “Well Cuzz, I had it all me, I had money, a beautiful home, a nice car, a big Harley bike, two pirogues and a beautiful woman, den jus like dat, it was all gone.”
Comeaux say, “Really, what happen hanh?”
Boudreaux took another drink, tears run down his cheeks and he say, “My wife, Stella Mae, she find out her.”
Our up and down weather this week is very nice. It’s yard working time if you have the time that is. George, at David Self Tractor, in Buna, tells me that the fair weather has brought out many Mahindra Tractor shoppers and folks looking for mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, leaf blowers etc. Believe me, you always get a good deal with George on America’s number one selling tractor. It’s worth the short drive to Buna. You’ll be amazed at all the stock, plus they are NAPA dealer. Tell George we sent you.*****Read us cover to cover and when you shop our family of advertisers thank them for bringing you this paper free each week. We thank you for your time and loyalty. Stay in touch, check us out on our website at therecordlive.com. My time is up and I made it through another week and beat the deadline. Take care and God bless.