The Uganda Children’s Choir will preform at 6 p.m., Thursday at the Riverfront Pavilion in downtown Orange,. Everyone is welcome.  North Orange Baptist Church in partnership with the City of Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau proudly bring this choir from southwest Uganda, Africa, to sing, dance and share stories free of charge to the community. Families are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or a blanket, food and beverages and enjoy an evening by the river listening to this unique choir share in song.

The Ugandan Children’s Choir is on a tour called “Rooted in Love” and is sponsored by Parental Care Ministries (PCM), a non-profit organization in Southwest Uganda and PCM USA based in Tyler, Texas. The organization’s Director of Ministry Operations is Justin Hayes, an Orange, Texas native and LCM graduate.

It has been the goal of PCM for years to be able to bring the joy expressed by this choir to the people of the United States. Whether the choir is singing, dancing or showing their skills on the drums we hope that people will feel the love they are conveying. Love for music, love for other people and love for their God.

PCM ministries began in 1997 by Pastor Emmanuel Nnyanzi. With 30 adopted children already living in their small home in Uganda, one would think the Pastor and his wife, Sarah, were doing all they could to address the orphan needs in their community. They felt God calling them to sell their house and car to build a boarding school/orphanage, thus the humble beginnings of PC M. Around the time God was leading them to take another leap of faith, He intersects their lives with  pediatrician, Dr. Barret and his wife from Tyler, Texas.

Dr. Mark Barret had been praying about taking his family on vacation to Hawaii but was led by the Lord to go and visit his friend in Uganda.

”It was one of those decisions in life where people are asking you what in the world are you doing?” he said. “We just knew we had a brother  there in Uganda that we loved.”

When Dr. Barret and his wife got to Uganda they saw the work Pastor Emmanuel was doing and wanted to help. They saw children sleeping on the ground with no beds. They saw a need for more classrooms and even water was scarce. They all prayed about it and had faith that God would provide the means for them to help with continuing the mission work.  Dr. Barret knew his friend had sold everything to help the needy and take care of the Pastors there doing God’ work.

“It was powerful for me to see that example,” he said. “of how we should  hold everything we own with an open hand and be ready to release it to the Lord for His purpose.”

They decided to begin a partnership ministry in the states. In 2008, Dr. Barret and wife began reaching out to friends and churches in their community and were able to begin sponsoring some Uganda children. By 2010 the ministry was growing and needed some assistance. Justin and Christie Hayes, both from the Golden Triangle but living in Tyler, felt led to come on staff with PCM to help expand the work they were doing.

Justin Hayes  graduated from  Little Cypress Mauriceville HS in 1995 and Christie White Hayes graduated from Port Neches Grove HS in 1996. After graduating from East Texas Baptist University they married and had three children, while serving the Lord in Tyler. Through their doctor visits with Dr. Barret, they became aware of the Uganda ministry and began volunteering their time and eventually resigned from student ministry to help with the needs of PCM.

PCM now operates five schools providing food, clothing and education to over 1,600 orphans and needy children. They are committed to equipping pastors and churches in the region to spread the message of Christ. Currently, supporting over 60 Ugandan pastors and churches.

“Several individuals have traveled with our ministry to Uganda and have experienced the true joy of worshiping with the children there,” explains  Hayes.

For more information on the Ugandan Children’s Choir call the PCM office at 903-526-0499 or visit their website at